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eggs. The records in question pertain to a state land deal in which convicted land scandal figure B. R. Sheffield of. Brady has a role. Responding, Albert Fay, member from Texas of the Republican National Cmte., promised the GOP would field “an excellent candidate” against Sadler. Meetings are being held in some cities Austin and Dallas to designate members of the Texas Liberal Democrats’ statewide steering committee and go forward with the work of that organization. The stress within its ranks over whether it’s an issues-first, a candidates-first, or a mixed issues-and-candidates organization continues. Bill Gardner of the Post interpreted the state meeting as evidence that “the leading spirits in TLD are two well-known Texas labor lawyers” who made it obvious they didn’t want to do anything “to upset”President JohhsOnChris Dixie and Otto Mullinax. Nothing new has developed in the Tex as Liberal” Party corner except com ment. Andrew Kopkind in his New Repub lic piece on Texas saw the T.L.P. as “the one plan which has some hope of denting the Connally consensus” in Texas and said 10 The Texas Observer “This is the year to try it.” Carolyn Chandler reported in the Hays County Citizen on the basis of conversation with Bill Malone, who signed the legal papers as chairman of the T.L.P., that “he did it merely as a favor to the conspirators who were too chicken to publicly back up their own action in calling for the formation of the party.” Gov. Connally at his press conference last month said he was “a little confused” over recent organizations of political liberals in Texas. Some Texas dailies editorialized in substance that liberals have a right to form a party if they want to but ought to know it’s doomed. The next test of its reality will be whether candidates notify Malone by the Feb. 7 deadline that they want its nomination for the November election. &oor In skunking challenger Lewis Cutrer for mayor of Houston three-and-a-half to-one, incumbent Louie Welch spent $100, 000, compared to Cutrer’s pre-election re port of $54,000 in contributions \(compar Houston voters, asked for the fifth time to approve a hospital district, finally did, with the whole city voting aye, the peripheral county no. IEmbarassment and angerthose are some of the emotional results at present of the indictment of Attorney Asberry Butler, Negro member of the Houston school board and one of its three liberal-voting members, on a charge of felony theft by false pretext through illegally obtaining $1,250 from an insurance company in an insurance claim lawsuit. Butler says he is not guilty and hiS political enemies are trying to get him off the school board. The chairman of the board and spokesman of its four-person majority is reportedly intending to install a Negro conservative in Butler’s place should Butler be convicted. Deepening the emotions this case is arousing is the involvement of an unsuccessful Negro candidate in the Nov. 20 city council elections, Dr. C. W. Thompson, whose testimony appears to be part of the case against Butler. Republicans, Liberals Texas Republicans have put out a two color pamphlet arguing that Texas, “The fifth largest state in populationbut 35th in personal income, 44th in literacy, 34th in education, 33rd in family buying power”is dominated by one party and needs two. . . . One of the Texas Republicans’ “fact sheets” is dedicated to a report on the Students for a Democratic Society under the category, “left wing extremism.” . . . Another such sheet says that the Republican situation in Texas is good. Points: GOP officeholders in Texas increased from 32 in 18 counties in ’62 to 34 in. 22 counties in ’64 despite the Johnson landslide; the total vote cast for GOP congressional candidates increased from 91,000 in ’58 to 820,000 in ’64 \(not counting at-large races, of creased from 15,000 in -’58 to 143,000 in ’64; and there are in Texas 34 college Young Republican clubs, including the largest one in the U.S., the 1,300-member U.T. chapter, and 135 GOP women’s clubs in 79 counties with 5,800 members. . . . In our last political intelligence we said the U.T. Young Democrats have started a project to send books to Paul Quinn College. Tilt!it’s the Young Republicans. . . appears to the Observer that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is running columnist Barry Goldwater more regularly than any other metropolitian daily in Texas . . . Dallas Times-Herald says Dudley Sharp ‘of Houston, ex-Eisenhower cabinet member, may be the GOP’s candidate for governor. g# Federal Judge Sarah Hughes of Dallas has urged the U.S. Senate to ratify UN agreements protecting the rights of women. . . . Jack Skaggs, county Democratic chairman in Harlingen, has been leading a fight against the Rio Hondo school district’s extra fees levied against students, in which he sees the shifting of costs to head taxes on students. . . . James Turman, former moderate-liberal House Speaker in Austin, is the new assistant commissioner for field services of the U.S. Office of Education. . . . The “Bimonthly Star,” a mimeographed newsletter put out by liberals in Baytown, now has a circulation of about 400 and is bugging various city fathers there on civic and political matters. AMERICAN INCOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF INDIANA Underwriters of the American Income Labor Disability Policy Executive Offices: P.O. Box 208 Waco, , Texas Bernard Rapoport, President