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ANY 2 283. GREAT RELIGIONS OF MODERN MAN: Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism. A massive home library presenting the meanings and contemporary significance of the world’s major faiths-with extensive selections from their great writings. Retail $24.00 305. THE WORLD OF PSYCHOLOGY Exploring the whole range of motives underlying man’s behavior his perceptions, myths, dreams, fears; his love, hate, and guilt; his ventures into selfdiscovery this massive compendium of theories, case studies, and works from world literature contains essential writings by Plato, Freud, Dostoevsky, Jung, Nietzsche, Kafka, Huxley, Fromm, Sartre, and more than 70 other foremost writers. Retail $17.50 323. THE MASKS OF GOD: Primitive, Oriental, and Occidental Mythology Joseph Campbell The oldest truths of man’s inner life seen in the light of a new science to which psychology, anthropol ogy, and archaeology contribute. Retail $21.45 267. THE WORLD OF LAW edited by Ephraim London From the writings of judges and lawyers, novelists, playwrights, philosophers and prophets, an exciting library of literature about and in law. Among the 90 authors represented are Douglas, Camus, Hand, Faulkner, Brandeis, Miller, Cervantes, Frankfurter, Gandhi, James, Rabelais, Swift, Shaw, Zola and Holmes. Retail $17.50 309. THE AMERICAN IMAGE edited by Ernest R. May Society, Foreign Policy, Political Process, Economy. A basic 4-volume library of significant writings on American Civilization from Jefferson and Lincoln, to Roosevelt and Kennedy, from Twain and James to Reisman and Baldwin. Retail $20.00 332. ALIENATION: The Cultural Climate of Our Time. edited by Gerald Sykes Alienated man his relentless search for personal identity; rarely has the cultural predicament of modern man been depicted so vividly or comprehensively. Ninety-eight selections from literature, philosophy, psychology, religion, drama, sociology, poetry, and personal narrative expose the harrowing reality of alienation as the universal condition of our time. Retail $15.00 289. THE GREAT AGES OF WESTERN PHILOSOPHY The major writings of the great philosophers through history to today accompanied by interpretive com mentaries to reveal the development of philosophy from St. Augustine to James, Sartre, and Russell. Retail $15.00 344. THE WORLD OF PSYCHOANALYSIS More than 80 leading psychoanalysts and creative writers from Freud and Jung to Menninger and Bettelheim, from Dostoevsky and Proust to Updike and Roth explore the heights and depths of the human psyche: its growth and development, its regression and neurosis individually, within the family, and its profound impact on human society. Retail $15.00 322. THE WORLD OF LOVE The full scope and depth of human love from its experience, meanings, and pathologies to its social and moral aspects explored in the great writings of over 100 philosophers, psychologists, theologians, anthropologists and novelists including Menninger, Proust, Freud, Aristotle, Fromm, Adler, Malinowski, Dostoevski, and James. Retail $17.50 St,ik 01′ Catholicism \(. 413 4444,14.114 ,F1F tTrfmrw ’14 4.M. 041 44 44 isi “3 lb Ri..!:;.r1 \(. nortrrif Are akanlialts/M tAahMitite tiwwelly 4 8 t r_ifootameilmY ..skearrA, EU law liersesa OF THESE VALUABLE REFERENCE WORKS FOR ONLY 54.95 \(as many as 10 volumes… combined 43,1 *MUD MI WOWS VA rm.:sot, nrKot., 1.41411.4 t t tiv, 1 11 11F otfAT ACES GREAT AGE.; OF pT WESTERN W F.S ay./ rHiu/sorm YHILONOMY 1 411111 Art OF TRT Act or SILLIES ENUGHTENIEEN1 aroarde arta rut Ai Of Tee *Lt Of ADVENTURE MGR IE. Y !anima Ur. st ICE OP TNII 441 Ot REASON ANALYSIS taafahow Raft 14 14 t ,LAW L W 1………”..11111.11111n.,anal” A, t, treTav si “PURA itrn*Atst .:t.oxtuov The Book Find Club, Inc. B65-9T0 One Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10016 Please enroll me as a member of the Book Find Club and send the two reference works indicated, by number, in the boxes below, billing me for only $4.95 \(plus a small charge for postage and among the wide range of Selections and Alternates that will be made available to me at membership savings. I may cancel my membership at any time after buying these four books. If I continue as a member I will earn a bonus credit with each additional purchase, and for every three credits, I will receive a certificate that can be redeemed for a FREE book of my choice from the bonus selection list. INDICATE BY NUMBER THE REFERENCE WORKS CHOSEN MR. MRS. 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