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Liberty strides the land and I forgive you, federal government, your taste for architectural horror, almost I forgive you your corruption of the lovely English tongue, from “compartmentalization” to “finalization.” My euphoria results from a decision of the National Labor Relations Board approving a recommendation of one of its field examinersan anonymous Horatio holding a bridge against Yahoos, practicers of comstockery, and witch burners. Horatio examines in Illinois. Recently an employee of the Thor Power Tool Co., Aurora, Ill., complained he had been fired for having called the plant superintendent a “horse’s ass” after a grievance meeting. This employee was the grievance committee chairman of his machinists union local. Said Horatio \(and the NLRB as it upheld “. it cannot be uncommon for employees in conversing with one another on union matters to express uncomplimentary views concerning their employer’s behavior. “And the phrase ‘horse’s ass’ is surely not unknown in such context.” Did Paine speak plainer? Brann? Bierce? Franklin Jones? Even to savor possible extensions of this precedent is heady wine. May we expect judgments approving the calling of Bull Connor by a Quaint Anglo-Saxon Expletive? Will we win the right to cuss collectivelyor is it the collective cussthe whole House Un-American Activities ComEpithets? And the Texas targets suitable for plain and fancy verbal blistering! ‘Even now there squats under the Capitol’s red dome a 181-headed monster. The scholarly among us may wish to begin the study of Arabic, the better to spice and [email protected] curses. Arabic surpasses English in its flight of profane imagery. I walked with a British soldier through Port Said in early 1945. As we passed a sidewalk stall, there was a rapid exchange between my Arabic-speaking companion and the stall’s proprietor: Editor Archer Fullingim lets go with Both Barrels in the Kountze News: Why does the governor want a fouryear term now when he didn’t four years ago? Remember when he ran against Price Daniel and he said over and over that Price had been governor too long and that if he were elected he would see to it that no governor could serve more than four years. That’s how good a promise of John Connally is. Oh between now and the time we vote on the amendments to the Constitution, we are going to hear and read a billion dollars’ worth of propaganda paid for by the Texas lobbyists for the Big Money and the Big Rich who cooked up the fouryear idea. But let us make up our minds right now to vote against that amendment that would give Connally power to destroy the public school system as we know it today, power to keep his foot on the necks of the old folks, power to operate the universities for the sole benefit of big business and radical right wing conservatives, power to veto more medical schools for the state, power to take water from East Texas streams and channel it by canal to South Texas and West Texas. Oh Connally has beautiful plans for the future fbr Big Money and his rich friends who finance his campaigns, but he is not for us poor white trash. He wants to keep “God curse your father, 0 Englishman.” “I wish you the same, old man . . . and which of your mother’s 999 admirers was your father?” You’re a horse’s ass! And you’re another! Salaam. On the other hand, language study may not be necessary. I overheard my wife admonishing one of her children the other day. “Shut,” she said, “your E-flat mouth.” When I laughed, she turned on me. “And youkindly step to hell.” Love that First Amendment. us down. He wants the now bankrupt school districts in Texasand all are in that shapeto buy textbooks and pay most of salaries for teachers. Well, let’s show John Connally next November that he can’t get by with it. It is well known that Connally wants to make local school districts pay most of what the state is now paying. Typical of Connally’s grab for power was the way he vetoed the medical school for Texas Tech at Lubbock. Let us look at the medical school situation in Texas for a moment. Way back in 1880, the state May 14, 1965 15 Love That First Amendment Lyman Jones Fullingim on Politics, 1966 MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each the Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. Good discussion. You’re welcome. Informal, no dues. MONDAY LUNCHEON CLUB meets on 3rd floor, McFarlin Auditorium, S.M.U., Dallas, each Monday at 12:00 noon. Join us if you are in town. WORK PARTIES every Sunday afternoon in Austin, 2:00 p.m., Texas Society to Abolish Capital Punishment, 3014 Washington Square. ITEMS for this feature cost, for the first entry, 7c a word, and for each subsequent entry, 5c a word. We must receive them one week before the date of the issue in which they are to be published.