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YARBOROUGH ON SELMA Iil #########444########1 Dialogue advice to LBJ: Moderation in the extreme is no virtue.” The U.S. Senate Rules Cmte. has re leased an FBI report that seeks to discredit certain sensational testimony by insurance agent Don Reynolds involving a $100,000 payoff and sex parties. Republicans, including Sen. John Williams of Delaware, attack the Democratic majority for acting as defense counsel instead of truthseekers. i/ The Houston Post reported that Walter Jenkins is living in an Austin apartment. Negroes in Politics vor In Dallas, Mrs. Elizabeth Blessing, city councilwoman and Yarborough supporter, has announced for mayor against Erik Jonsson, president of Texas Instiuments and the incumbent. Both are running with slates for the council; Jonsson’s group decided against including a Negro after, it was candidly admitted, counting Negro poll taxes, but Mrs. Blessing’s includes Negro attorney C. B. Bunkley, running for an at-large position. George Allen, Negro insuranceman who was passed up as a candidate by the power structure’s slate, has announced he’ll run as an independent against incumbent Joe Moody, who is on Mrs. Blessing’s slate. vo In Austin, George Hammond, Negro realtor, owner of a retail beer and wine business, and student in government at Huston-Tillotson College, is running for city council against Louis Shanks, a conservative furniture store owner. poor In San Antonio, Rev. C. W. Black an nounced for city council again, and led a sympathy march to the Alamo for the Selma Negroes. To counter this, the Good Government League is running Rev. S. H. James, a Negro, with the support of conservative Negro publisher Valmo Bellinger. Two Negroes are running for city council in Fort Worth, Rev. L. C. Henegan and Dr. Edward W. Guinn. And Negroes are running locally in East and West Texas, tooin Palestine, for city council, and in Midland, for city council and for school trustee. 16 The Texas Observer fro In Houston, where two Negroes are on the school board, Cty. Judge Bill El liott hired Miss Barbara Jordan, Negro at torney, as an assistant. . . . Rep. Paul Floyd, Houston, had been making gains in the regard of Negro voters there until he The day after the cavalry charge and beatings of Negro marchers in Selma, Ala., U.S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough said, on the Senate floor and later on networks: “We cannot win the war for liberty and democracy and freedom of opportunity around the world by losing it at home. Every lash of a bull whip on human flesh in Alabama will cost us in treasure, and likely in blood, all around the world. The tragic events in Alabama yesterday, on what should have been a day of prayer and meditation, the First Sunday in Lent, will hurt us more than losing two battles in Viet Nam. “As a Southerner in the tradition of George Washington, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson, I abhor this brutality which so smears the good name of one of the fairest sections of our land. Shame on you, George Wallace, for the wet ropes that bruised the muscles, for the bull whips which cut the flesh, clubs that broke the Rep. Wilson: Loud About Little Never in the history of political journalism has so much been shrieked so loudly about so little. Charlie Wilson, state representative, Angelina and Trinity Counties, Tex. Rep. Lack for the Old The Texas Observer shows me as “present and not voting” on Rep. Bill Hollowell’s amendment to the appropriations bill to increase old age assistance. However, I was at home in Kountze with the flu that day, and the official House Journal . . . shows . . . that I was “absent and excused.” Apparently someone pressed the “present and not voting” button at my desk in my absence and you must have taken your information from the unofficial talley sheet, and not from the official House Journal. In three terms in the legislature I have consistently voted for every measure to increase old age and welfare assistance and would have most certainly voted for Rep. Hollowell’s amendment had I been physically able to attend the House session that day. I surely would appreciate a correction. introduced a redistricting bill that Negro leaders in Houston believe is designed to split up their strength into three roughly equal parts and thus weaken them politically. bones, for the tear gas that blinded, burned, and choked into insensibility. “These Americans so brutally attacked yesterday sought only their constitutional right to vote. They did not resist arrest. While I do not condone lawlessness or defiance of law and order, I abhor the violent and brutal attack upon Americans who attempt only to march peacefully. “George Wallace should pattern his conduct on that of real Southerners, like George Washington, G e or g e Mason, George Wythe, and Alabama’s own Justice Hugo Black. Let him join great spirits like Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee with a vision for the future. He needs to atone for the shame he has brought to Alabama, to my beloved Southland, and the injury he has brought to the Nation.” Later a spokesman said Yarborough had received the largest spontaneous response to his statement that he has received since being in Washington and that it’s 3-to-1 favorable. Emmett Lack, state representative, Kountze, Tex. \(The House Journal shows Rep. Lack A Fascist Flag A fascist flag is being raised over every state-supported institution of higher learning in Texas. Let the doorways of their buildings be draped in crepe in mourning for the death of democracy. We criticize other countries for slanting their educational programs toward ideologies they advocate. Have Texans a right to do so when our institutions are controlled by a governing board appointed by one man? Heaven help the professor who dares to teach his students to think for themselves! Lucia Trent, Box 3047, Austin, Tex. A Question Do you think this state will ever recover from the creeping domination of our schools and other public agencies taking place in Austin under our present governor?Jane E. Howell, 2514 W. Clarendon Dr., Dallas, Tex. ”