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NEW ORLEANS … imagine, an intriguing new motel in the heart of the French Quarter … enjoy the comforts of the present in the tranquil’ beauty of the Old World Charm of the Vieux Carre. Pool, patio, bar and lounge ., . free parking of course. TEL: 524-9636 MOTOR HOTEL 3 blocks east of famed Jackson Square at 1001 Rue Chartres 1 El Paso, has two benefits-restricting jobless comp bills. Sen. Murray Watson, Mart, proposes to let employers extend workmen’s comp to employees not now covered and to let insured hurt workers choose their own hospitals and doctors. Welfare The tenor of the session on welfare was set when the House rejected Hollowell’s two amendments to the appropriations bill The governor’s new department of mental health may be set up, now that objections from leaders of work in mental retardation are mollified by plans to allow them a separate administrative entity within the department. A bill to commit the state to eight new schools for the retarded has been introduced. The Senate approved putting the state’s handling of the poverty act under the State Welfare Dept. Sen. Criss Cole, Houston, who is blind, and Rep. Floyd have bills to improve the state’s programs for the blind. The governor’s drive for an anti-TB program in Texas has advanced through the Senate public health panel. A House committee has approved licensing and setting standards for private homes for unmarried pregnant girls and women. Morality, Etc. Sen. Moore wants to take the “Saturday” out of the blue law prohibiting cer 12 The Texas Observer tain sales on both Saturday and Sunday ; that is, he wants to prohibit these sales on Sundays o n 1 y. The Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’Rith in Houston condemns this measure as “the use of the police power of the state to impose an economic penalty for the exercise of religious freedom,” since Jews do not observe Sabbath on Sunday. Perhaps the most interesting of the “morality” bill introduced is Rep. Bob Bass’. The DeKalb representative wants to equalize the Texas law that permits cuckolded males to kill men they find with their wives, or apparently with their wives; Bass wants to give wives the same right to kill women they find with, or aphusbands. Other bills bearing on morality, etc., would outlaw common law marriage \(Miller, who calls such a marriage “second period before divorce is permitted \(Rep. peeping torn mentally ill or put him in jail one to three years \(Rep. Gene Hendryx, hospitals and go free therefrom only if they had been there as long as they would have been in prison \(Rep. Dudley Mann, Jr., or beget more than one illegitimate let the mother of an illegitiMate child its father is not supporting file a paternity suit within two years of its birth \(Cory from suit for reporting apparent brutality to report crimes they see on pain of guilt of a misdemeanor \(Watson: Sen. Calhoun asked him if the bill should be renamed crease penalties for assaulting policemen and make it criminal to falsely accuse peace officers of brutality \(Rep. Henry Grover, movies more severe \(Reps. Don Garrison, Miller, Floyd, and Lee Duggan, Jr., Housrequire policemen to attend approved training schools \(Rep. Travis Peeler, Corpus ten-year penalties \(Rep. Bill Clayton, crimes of felonious nature to the public and the press \(Reps. Charlie Jungmichael, let juveniles be tried in adults’ courts if they are 14 or older and the crime they are accused of was of felonious nature persons under 21 to attempt to buy booze Rep. V. E. Red Berry, San Antonio, has introduced a local-option horse racing bill for nine counties; Rep. Jake Johnson, San Antonio, has introduced a little-bottle liquor-by-the-drink saloon bill. These have little chance to rival the major bills introduced on -these two subjects. Taxation Rep. John Traeger, Seguin, is carrying the Texas Municipal League’s bill to authorize cities to -pass sales taxes of 1/2 to 1 percent. Five mayors testified for it in House committee \(Lester Palmer, Austin; Judson Williams, El Paso; W. Lee Byrd, Abilene; Kemper Williams, Jr., Victoria; and Hank CIO secretary-treasurer, and Nate Slough, executive of the Texas Industrial Union Council, opposed it. Ex-Rep. Louis Anderson, Midland, snappedthe Texas Municipal League for lobbying for a city sales tax when the league is financed out of city revenues. Last Monday the House tax committee reported the bill to the House with the recommendation that it pass. Rep. Miller is handling the governor’s penny-increase tax on cigarettes. Rep. Jim Wade, Dallas, says the vendors will go up five cents a pack, to 40 cents, anyway, so let’s tax cigarettes a nickle more a pack, raise $50 million, _ and give the teachers all they want. Rep. Ben Atwell, House tax chairman, has introduced the committee on state and local tax policy’s recommendations for repeal of the sales tax exemptions on farm machinery and on telephone and telegraph services; revision of the inheritance tax ; repeal of the chain store tax; exemption of natural gas in exploration and production in the same field where it was produced from the natural gas tax ; and repeal of the admissions tax \(net gain, $12 powerful figure on taxation this session, is committed to push these measures. During