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Let ’em Eat Grass Austin Ed C. Burris is the executive vice president and a principal lobbyist of the Texas Manufacturers’ Assn. He writes a column each month on the back page of Texas Industry, the T.M.A. house organ. In the current issue he deplores federal relief programs, the war on poverty, the mass transit law, and medicare. He concludes his column: “Could not those who are charged with the power of government, which deals with the lives of its citizens, approach the subject with the same balanced wisdom and philosophy that 4 has been expressed by the U.S. National Park Service and. U.S. Wildlife and Fish Service which deals with animals. It posted many signs like the following: It is a mistaken kindness to feed any wildlife here and it is prohibited to do so because there is ample natural food. Artificial feeding encourages vulnerability to disease, dependence upon man, and an unnatural situation. Has not this vast system of federal expenditures, designed to supplant the initiatives and the energies and the self-reliance of the individual, tended to destroy the sinew of the human being in the same fathion that such domestic-type feeding has upon wildlife? There is a lesson to be learned from wildlife in this respect if only we had the wisdom to understand.” agency. The ten-passenger Lockheed Lode , star is to be used for law enforcement by the Texas Rangers. It’s the second airplane Byrd has given the agency ; the other one was a Twin Beech, in 1958. .V To vote in 1965 in local and any spe cial state elections, citizens must pay their poll taxes by Jan. 31. Local drives are in progress. V Sen. Paul Douglas, D.-Ill., and Sen. John Tower, R.-Tex., will debate Feb. 19-20 during a conference on the topic, “Poverty in the Midst of Plenty,” at the University of Texas. V About one million acres of state-owned land, 800,000 of them in the Gulf of Mexico, will be offered for oil and gas leasing Feb. 2 by the Texas General Land Office. V The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Ap peals in New Orleans has upheld an award of $817,200the market value of seven-eighths of the oil produced for 13 years on the oil lease in questionin favor of aggrieved oil companies against H. L. Long, oil operator, and others financially interested in his lease. The judgment was entered in Tyler in 1963 on a jury finding that Long knowingly drilled slanted oil wells. V County Judge Leo Darley of Uvalde County has ruled in favor of a defendant in a test case against the State Parks and Wildlife Cmsn.’s decision to close the stream beds of Uvalde, Zavala, and Dimmit counties to public hunting. Darley said the commission “abused its discretion” by doing this. V’ The Belden Poll’s recent soundings: John Connally would beat Sen. Tower for U.S. senator, 68-19%, but Tower would beat Cong. Jim Wright, Fort Worth, 35-29, or ex-Cong. Joe Kilgore, Austin, 36-25. President Johnson’s popularity in Texas is down to 73% approval; Sen. Ralph YarV Harper’s, of which ex-Observer’ edi tor Willie Morris is an editor, ran four articles by Austin men in its January issue Larry Goodwyn’s report on St. Augustine race trouble, Frank Wardlaw’s report on a blacklist apparently being used against foreign intellectuals by U.S. immigration authorities, Larry King’s story on being a second banana among Washington politicians, and Sen. Yarborough’s appeal for enactment of his educational GI bill for cold war veterans. . . . Morris’ piece on the Observer in the tenth anniversary issue [Obs. Dec. 11] appeared subsequently in slightly modified form in the New Republic. Roger Shattuck’s piece in the same issue has been reprinted in the Daily Texan at the University of Texas and. will be reprinted February in Current, the distinguished reprint magazine. V H. L. Hunt, the Life Line patron and Dallas oillionaire, continues to make The Wages of Sin “‘I’m not worried,’ said Mr. [Ben Jack] Cage as he draped a long leg over the arm of a sofa in the living room of his apartment overlooking Copacabana Beach.” From a recent dispatch from Rio de Janeiro in The New York Times. news when the New York Times re-interviews him. This time, confirming to the Times his program to secretly promote political candidates without even their knowledge, Hunt said “we are losing our freedom and national sovereignty.” The Times called attention to his document proposing a “Constructive Republican Plan,” which includes statements that “. . . whites, however free from racial prejudice, will be forced into the Republican Party by the Negro population . . .” and that “If . . . Caucasians, motivated by a spirit of fairness, lose perspective and become anxious to enthrone another color as the superior race, the Chinese . . . will be willing to accept the laurels and authority.” In this context it was interesting to see, in a column in the Houston Chronicle, the same H. L. Hunt relating that when he was younger, “a Jew, a Frenchman, and an Irishman” endorsed a note for money he needed. . . . In a letter to the Dallas Times-Herald, Hunt said Life Line “is not being subjected to an Internal Revenue SerVice crackdown.”. . . The Houston Chronicle is running columnist B. Goldwater again. . . . Dallas right wing commentator Dan Smoot’s million-dollar libel suit against a League of Women Voters in Ohio for criticizing his commentaries has been thrown out of court. . . . John Stanford of San Antonio is mailing out literature espousing communist doctrine again. V Cty. Cmsr. Albert Pena of San An tonio may mount a campaign this spring against that city’s Good Government League. Pena attacks Bob Sawtelle, GGL strategist and a lawyer, for representing the city water board, urban renewal, and the city public service board, as well as receiving a fee from HemisFair and, Pena charges, favorable consideration for his friends at, city hall on projects where bids are not required. Philip J. Montalbo, attorney, ‘has announced for city . council on an anti-GGL platform with similar slams at Sawtelle. The San Antonio press sizes up an intensive poll tax prive Pena is assisting as part of his 1965 program. . . . Pena, by the way, recently joined a picket line of a local electrical union striking against Friedrich Refrigerators, Inc., in San Antonio. .V There were reports that Bill Sinkin, liberal San Antonio businessman, resigned as president of HemisFairthe project for a hemispheric fair in. San Antonio in 1968because Gov. Connally did not look kindly on his role in it; but Sinkin’s reasons were personal and business reasons, not Connally’s attitude toward him. V In Dallas, after the Citizens’ Charter Assn. hedgingly allowed that it might support a Negro for city council, Negro attorney C. B. Bunkley, who ran for that job in 1959 and lost, said he is considering running again. As though in answer, the Dallas Charter League, rival to the association in city politics, let it be known that Mrs. Ann Chud, attorneys Ed Winn and Joe Bailey Humphreys, and Mrs. Betty McKool, wife of Mike McKoolall prominent loyalist Dallas Democratshave assumed prominent roles in the league. The leader of the C.C.A., Tom Unis, then let go with a blast the city will keep “the same stable leadership as before.” V Dallas Democrats were riven by the question whether to remove and censure Bush-backing Democratic precinct chairmen of their executive committee. The tory and loyalist wings held pre-meeting caucuses; the tories boycotted the meeting; chairman Bill Clark declared “no quorum”; loyalist secretary-treasurer Dan Weiser said there was a quorum, and the loyalists removed two precinct chairmen and censured five more. Clark says it’s all illegal. V Fort Worth Mayor Bayard Friedman announced he will not run again and warmly backs Mayor Pro Tem Willard Barr, the publisher of a labor paper, to succeed him. The Star-Telegram asked D.A. Doug Crouch to resign, and he told the paper he would not, after a man who was mad at Crouch rammed Crouch’s car and shot a deputy guarding Crouch’s home at 4 a.m. V The Dec. 25 political intelligence item that persons close to Billie Sol Estes’ appeal from his state conviction think his chances of reversal by the U.S. Supreme Court are good did not come from his attorneys. January 22,.1965 9