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Hunting A Printer ? Try FFUTURA said in a Dallas speech that the legislature may have to choose between increasing the sales tax rate, eliminating the sales tax exemption on groceries, farm machinery, and drugs, and passing a state income tax. These, he said, are the only three practical ways of raising the $150 million that will be needed. According to the new-born “Houston Tribune,” a conservative weekly, in a story on an exclusive interview with Smith, the lieutenant governor “feels that new tax money should come through elimination of present sales tax exemptions.” The Tribune also said Smith indicated he is opposed to repealing the state property tax, a repeal the governor devoutly seeks. Answering a League of Women Voters questionaire, Smith said water pollution is “probably the most urgent problem today” in Texas government. “Understanding and compromise of viewpoints are necessary, although not at the cost of unnecessary delay or threats to the public health,” he said. g. State Sen. Charles Herring, Austin, intends to introduce a constitutional amendment to reform stiff residence requirements that are preventing many people from voting. 12 The Texas Observer In many cases the Observer makes a very good Christmas gift, and a fairly inexpensive one. We shrink from the commercialism’ of Christmas, too, and therefore hope this way of doing something real with a gift may appeal to you this year, as it does each year to large numbers of our_ readers. If you have meant to give someone the Observer this is a practical time to do it, too, becaute of our Christmas rates. For the first gift subscription, the usual $5 rate applies; for the second one, $4.50; for the third and for each subsequent gift subscription, $4. You can send ten gift subscriptions for $40. We will send a straightforward, wellprinted gift announcement in color to each of the recipients, and we will hand-sign these with your name as the giver, if you so specify in the relevant place on the forms below. Thank you, and Merry You Know What. TO: Sarah Payne, Business Manager, Texas Observer, 504 W. 24th St., Austin, Texas Please send the Observer as a Christmas gift to the following people: Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your V Acting on the basis of a rider enacted by the legislature in September, 1963, that architects on state projects must be approved by the governor, the University of Texas board of regents, noting that Connally had not approved a Republican’s architectural firm for a project in El Paso, dropped the firm, 4-3. The minority members were very upset, Rabbi Levi Olan charging, for instance, that the governor’s silence and the board’s decision “threatens the academic integrity” of Texas Western, a branch of the University at El Paso. V The Houston Post has published three separate editorials attacking State Rep. Charles Whitfield for being one of the attorneys in a lawsuit filed against the new contract between the city of Houston and the Trinity River Authority. The Post in effect suggests Whitfield is letting his name be used so that a legislative continuance can be obtained as soon as the legislature convenes. Advocates of the contract insist the delay is intolerable, and the Post agrees. V Speaking in Corpus Christi, L. P. Sturgeon, director of public relations for the Texas State Teachers Assn., gave an indication how seriously the teachers’ lobby takes its demand for a $45 a month teachers’ pay raise. Sturgeon said the raise is the most important piece of legis Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your Name Address City, State 0 \(Check here if you want us to sign your Please attach an extra sheet if necessary. This offer does not apply to renewals, except for renewals of previous Christmas gift subscriptions. Enclosed Signed: Name Address City, State lation ever presented by T.S.T.A.; “is needed more than any [raise] previously requested ; is opposed by the Texas Research League with an argument that amounts to “a cruel hoax”; and could be financed out of surplus, without new taxes. vf The Upshur REA Co-Op has settled out-of-court on the lawsuit that threatened to deny it the right to generate electric power, agreeing .instead to take its power, in effect, from a private utility. . . . The phantom political writer of the Dallas News’ Weathervane, “Lorrie Brooks,” says Dallas D. A. Henry Wade may get a federal judgeship. . . . The Observer advises readers to discount, about 99.44%, recurrent rumors Sen. Yarborough might be offered and accept such a judgeship. . . . The Birchers’ Houston coordinator, Phillip Blair Jones, made a political speech in a Bellaire high school classroom, causing protests. . . . Gov. Connally’s endorsement of the “Douglas MacArthur Academy of Freedom” by setting aside Nov. 9-15 as a “week” for it is featured in a newspaper advertisement paid for by a conservative Dallas man. . . . Jim Wright, columnist for the Dallas News, felt it necessary to columnize against the Nazis upon receiving rebukes from “some local admirers of Adolph Hitler.” V The Texas League of Women Voters has reprinted, in a four-page pamphlet, discussions in the Observer within the past year on the Missouri Plan of judicial selec tion: communications from Texas Chief Justice Robert W. Calvert and former As sociate Justice W. St. John Garwood and “The Old Missouri Plan, Another View,” by Charles Alan Wright. In a book of edi torial endorsements of Johnson, “The Na tion Speaks Out for the President,” the Democratic National Committee included Wright’s “A Republican Makes Up His Mind” in the Aug. 21 Observer and the Ob server editorial of Sept. 4. Willie Morris, an editor at Harper’s now, has had essays in Commentary the last two months, one on his explorations in a John Birch cell in Austin, the other on “Legislating in Texas.” Correction. On page eleven of our last issue, we mentioned that Sen. Ralph Yarborough answered two Dallas News questions. In fact, these questions were addressed to the senator, not by the Dallas News, but by members of the Bryan Jaycees, whom he was at the time addressing. 1:1 pacwarszowNsuommmgzawrszeutastiammmrszEtKrettomfamimrtsztmomms4avarstasaqszn 714e Obsetvet as a etttistwas cite