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The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 Coast to Coast on ABC Check your paper for local time Texas AFL-CIO recommends EDWARD P. MORGAN and the news SPONSORED BY AFL-CIO receive from crude oil that is produced from leases and imported into the United States?” Yarborough asked. Last Saturday in Odessa, Bush said the audit of his Zapata Offshore and of George and Barbara Bush personally proved that he is not an oil importer, showing Yarborought to be a “reckless demagogue.” Bush said the audit showed that neither he nor his wife had participated in overseas oil production or importation during the twoyear period ending Sept. 30 and that in the ten years since the firm was founded, neither it nor its consolidated subsidiaries has imported oil or produced oil or gas outside the United States. 12 The Texas Observer Last-Minute Bombs George Bush says Sen. Yarborough may throw some “hand grenade” into the campaign in the closing hours. Yarborough says he has nothing of the sort planned, but he had heard “that they’re trying some kind of smear” at the last minute, but that “it’ll be a dud because it’ll be false.” Bush told’ ‘a breakfast group in Fort Worth last week, “It doesn’t matter on the Estes thing whether Sen. Yarborough got this money,” that is, the $50,000 in the story told by Billie Sol Estes. “It’s been pointed out that he didn’t receive it. The Justice Department gave him a clean bill of health. I say the question is the involvementthere is a close tie between my opponent and Estes. We don’t want a man with this tie.” Later in the day, Bush said, “I’ve heard rumors that perhaps Billie Sol would come back and say he’s told a falsehood all along. It makes no difference to me whether it’s $50,000 as alleged or the $8,700 Yarborough admitted taking. . . . I ask this question: What is the price of a United States senator?” \(The $8,700 was an allusion to the total of political contributions Yarborough specified he received from Estes, all of it before Estes got in any trouble and At a night rally in Fort Worth, Bush said, as to the $50,000, “I really in my heart don’t care” whether the sum passed. He re peated, “What is the price of a United States senator?” Bush also asks why Yarborough voted not to continue the Bobby Baker investigation. On Baker in San Antonio, Yarborough told reporters, “I’ll just say frankly I never trusted Bobby Baker. I was awfully glad to see him leave there. The Senate is a better place without him there.” Bush charges that the McClellan report on the Estes case shows a close Estes-Yarborough tie. Yarborough said the report says neither he nor any other federal officials were guilty of any wrong-doing. “If there is an ounce of honesty in George Bush, he would apologize for what he has said about the charges against me. They are based on falsehoods and lies,” Yarborough said in Dallas. The U.S. Justice Department, acting on the basis of what it said was a full and exhaustive investigation \(presumably by branded the $50,000 story told by Estes and two others as false”without any foundation in fact.” Other Developments There have been, in this as in every major race, many side developments. Sen. George McGovern, D.-S.D., came to Texas to say Yarborough’s re-election is “absolutely critical” and “the most important Senate race in the United States in 1964.” George Weaver, assistant secretary