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TO: Sarah Payne, Business Manager, Texas Observer, 504 W. 24th St., Austin, Texas Please send the Observer as a Christmas gift to the following people: Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your and the interests of imperialism,” he said, and added a call for “a broad people’s coalition against fascism, racism and poverty.” As Stanford saw it, the role of the left this year consisted in nothing more than a vote for LBJ. The “Goldwater conspiracy” had to be smashed. Just once during Stanford’s accounting was there a hint of heckling. One of the Cubans, wearing a white shirt open at the neck and later identified as a member of the Cuban Student Directorate, met a Stanford contention with a loud but polite: “I beg your pardon.” After Stanford’s talk, moderator Levy announced that questions would be welcomed at the end of the formal speeches. “I see we have a few unfriendly visitors who have been highly hostile in the past,” said Levy. “Don’t we have freedom of speech?” Subscriptions for $4 Subscriptions to the Observer can be bought by groups at a cost of $4 a year, provided ten or more subscrip tions are entered at one time. If you belong to a group that might be in terested in this, perhaps you will want to take the matter up with the others. Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your Name Address City, State \(Check here if you want us to sign your Please attach an extra sheet if necessary. This offer does not apply to renewals, except for renewals of previous Christmas gift subscriptions. Enclosed Signed: Name Address City, State rasped a voice from the rear of the room. As if to punctuate that querulous question, the man in the white shirt suddenly leaped toward Stanford, fist cocked and voice booming: “Speak up. I am for Cuba too.” A countrymanthe white shirt’s brother, we later learnedstepped to the podium and waved an invisible red cape at Stanford. “No one in a communist country can do what he can do,” he announced grandly. Someone else yelled : “He’s for Russia.” So quickly that they seemed to spring out of the walls, more Cubans jumped forward and unfurled a banner: “Communists kill Americans in Vietnam.” Flustered and florid, Levy struggled for control. “In the future,” he said, “we will have the police here. Those who claim to represent free speech won’t give it to us.” For twenty minutes the demonstrators shouted and milled aimlessly about the podium; it became impossible to tell the speakers without a program. The white shirt led the chorus: “Communists. Communists. Murderers. Murderers.” Stanford sat rather bemused, passively puffing on his pipe. A man whose book collection was rifled by the legal authorities might expect little better from the masses. MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each the Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. The TRAVIS COUNTY LIBERAL DEMO-CRATS meet at Saengerrunde Hall, Scholz’ Garten, at 8 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays. You’re invited. 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