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intrigue and spying for the C.I.A., so that his smiles are skimpy and few. Even Dick Tracy seems to be trying to tell us something in adventures attendant to Moonmaid, though he seems to lose his nerve on the hair-pin turns. I think ole Dick is trying to say that this particular Moonmaid is trustworthy, noble, kind, goodand tame. But don’t, I feel he is saying to me via trusty wrist-radio, trust them as A Race or next thing they’ll be wanting to marry us or go to school with us. God help the Earth Man. Observations Patzcuaro, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico Patzcuaro is a town where 12,000 people live, a Spanish colonial town of adobe walls and adobe-tile roofs on the bank of the lake around which the ancient Tarascan Indians made their lives and their straw sculptures of power and superstition. It is in the state of Michoacan, in Mexico. Walk down a street, by the rows of sheds, open at the middle for courtyards, all of them connected by the common walls, and the thought may occur to you, of the children and the other people walking and idling along the cobblestones, “This is the only home they have. They cannot go any other place. This is the only home they have.” Buses are cheap in Mexico, and many of the people go to Mexico City, but there things cost more, and although they make more, they have less. Sometimes they come back to Patzcuaro, in the crotch of hills, only a little above the lake by the same name, where the fishermen take the small whitefish in their nets, and charge a peso or two to let tourists make pictures of them as they. fish. There are not many tourists, because while they come through in droves, they flow through quickly, overnight, as though through Patzcuaro’s alimentary system, if it had one. Mostly they stop at the Posada de Don Vasco, feast there at night while the musicians play sporadically and well ~rh u1z Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 I’L ABNER ALONE flaunts the times by going right on to sourly assay all men as bordering on the insane, poking fun at our love of war and suffering and snobbery while professing to revere all living things. I have this instinctive barking in the genes which tells me I should clasp Li’l Abner to palpitating breast and call him Friend, only he is just a little too much like my ole buddy Jim Wright: too blue-eyed and goody-goody to strike whole chords. Michoacan just outside the dining room door in the courtyard garden, take the tourist trip to the island of Janitzio in the morning, climbing to the statue of Morelos and inside him to the top, and go on their ways, to Mazatlan. and Cuernavaca and Acapulco. The front porch of the Posada has become one of my favorite places in the world. You can sit there in the mornings, the morning warm free with you, or in the afternoons, now during the rainy season with the wind in the ash trees that line the avenue and the rain that crashes down in thunder, and even though you are not staying there at night, they are glad to have you there, bring you coffee when you ask for it, and do not look at you oddly because you sit there a long time doing nothing, or reading. You may think, they would not be so nice if you didn’t look like a tourist, and take meals there some evenings; but I think they might, unless you were very poor looking. The manager came and sat with me one afternoon, and we talked about his years in El Paso, and his return TEXAS STYLE FOOTBALL An Illustrated History of the Southwest Conference. Seventy years: The Complete, Colorful Story of the Great Players, the Great Coaches, the Rivalries, and the Top Games. Over 375 Photographs and Diagrams., By the , Top Sportscaster, KERN TIPS List Price $15.95 Pre-Christmas $12.50 Mailed “post free” anywhere for $12.00 when payment is sent with order. DGARNER & SMITH BOOKSTORE 2116 GUADALUPE AUSTIN, TEXAS, 78705 Phone: GR 7-0925 ing to his native Mexico. Americans, he said, have forgotten how to live, “They are becoming too practical.” The loveliest Indian girl I have ever seen works there, is kind to you, and smileswith her soul. The avenue ascends slowly, in between the double row of ash trees, \(I think they across into Patzcuaro, and halfway up a clayey hill there are some apartments, and my wife and I did stay in one, with Gary and Celia, our children, to pine fires in the evening this summer, and meals we made from things we bought in the market, and brought home and washed, if they were vegetables or fruits, in plain detergent, or cooked to a fare-thee-well, amoebas. There was a skylight, the light was bright enough to read by mornings, there was a cobblestone terrace, one could sit propped against a wall above the lake, and see the city just about level, off to the left; and Michoacan, Michoacan, ancient, violent, green, wet, and brooding, all around, to the horizons, sucking down into its fertile harmonics even the vagrant sky, which once one day it made of one piece with itself, the mountains, the sky, and Michoacan a single windswept rainworn oval to be inside, aware of breething. ONE MORNING my boy and a friend of ours and I went down to the ramp where the tourist boats are moored and waited. A family of Indians came October 2, 1964 11 THREE “SPOTS” You Can’t Afford There’s a world of fun in Phoenix and you’re in the center of it all at the WESTWARD HO. Right downtown , with everything close at hand. Fine rooms andsuites, luxury pool and gardens, superb dining and entertainment rooms. Air-conditioned. Free parking. 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