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MEMORANDUM TO SUBSCRIBERS Please notify us promptly about anything irregular in your receipt of the Observer. If we do not have a subscription representative in your area and you want to be it, please drop the editor a line. The representatives are listed in the masthead on page 2. If your favorite news stand does not handle the Observer, you might ask him if he will, and let us know. Be sure to allow us three weeks if possible for changes of address. Thank you. SARAH PAYNE, Business Manager The Texas Observer Some 4000 Texans gathered in Austin recently for a “RALPH YARBOROUGH APPRECIATION DINNER” as their way of saying “thanks” for our Senior Senator’s years of service to the people of Texas. His entire career, as a teacher, lawyer, soldier, judge and United States Senator, has been one of service to others. Senator Ralph Yarborough serves Texas today as a member of three important Senate Committees, Chairman of three vital Senate Sub-Committees. He will continue to represent our State with distinction and honor during his second six-year term. against Alger, has accused Cabell of supporting Alger in 1958 against Sanders, and Cabell has admitted it. At one public meeting, Cabell asked Bryant, who is a minister on inactive status, if he would bar a past sinner from his church. Bryant replied he would not, but he wouldn’t make him pastor either. BRYANT HAS ACCUSED Cabell of attending a meeting of GOP precinct workers in 1960. In this accusation he has been joined by Peter O’Donnell, the Texas GOP chairman, who is probably pulling for Bryant on the theory he would be easier for Alger to beat than Cabell. Cabell admits he went to the meeting but didn’t know it was a meeting of precinct workers. Bryant also accuses Cabell of attending one of the National Indignation Convention rallies that were held in Dallas to protest the training of Yugoslavian pilots in the U.S. This was the immediate context recently as Bryant and Cabell both spoke before about 2,500 Dallas Democrats in a North Dallas meeting hall. “Let’s get rid of Bruce Alger,” Cabell said to the crowd. Dallas does not want to be represented by “nuts,” he said, and he added “that when I use the term nuts I’m referring to nuts at both end of the spectrum. And I say when we’re out to beat Bruce Alger, we’re not going to beat him with another nut.” Cabell concluded his extremely short statement that he should be nominated to “prove the Democratic Party is not made up of nuts on either end of the spectrum.” Each time he said “nuts,” he said it with an italicizing tone of voice. Bryant, following him, handled it this way. “If you nominate my opponent, you will not be nominating a nut,” he said. “I think he’s a very outstanding businessman, and I think he’s been a wonderful member of the Republican Party. . . . I am the only real Democrat in this race.” Bryant said he is for beating Alger, but he is also for supporting Johnson, “the present civil rights program, including public accommodationsperiod,” medicare under social security, the war on poverty, a Youth Conservation Corps. And, he said, “I’m for the U.N.” If Cabell goes to Congress, Bryant says, there’ll still be only one congressman in the United States who is opposed to the federal school milk program, but he’ll be a Democrat instead of a Republican. Bryant accused Cabell then of welcoming Gen. Edwin Walker back to Dallas af -ter the late President Kennedy had fired him and with sitting on the platform and to applauding Walker “as he accused the U.N. of betraying the U.S.” He said Cabell presented Walker a hat, but when Adlai Stevenson came to town, Cabell got out of town. “If he was going to present Gen. Walker a hat, the least he could have done was to give Adlai Stevenson a helmet,” Bryant said. Bryant has now accused Cabell of approving purchase of the Dallas bus system from private interests for $5.5 million when its assessed valuation was only $3.5