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oldwitor in 864 rights bill, obviously figured all he has to do is keep running against Ralph. Dallas UPI reported that Dr. Davis wants to “get out of the lousy UN,” that Bush, opposed to unilateral withdrawal from the UN, nevertheless thinks it has “failed miserably,” and that Morris wants the U.S. to stop paying its UN dues. Jack Cox told UPI: the UN is “doomed to failure,” and “Our purpose would be better served if we were not a member.” On the UN, the Republican candidates offer relative degrees of hostility. The Gallup poll last year showed nine out of ten Americans favoring US membership in the UN. poor National COPE, labor’s political arm, sent Phil M. Weightman to the Texas Council of Voters convention, the Negro group in the Texas Coalition, in Fort Worth. Weightman, a Negro, read a written statement advocating a Negro-labor alliance. Weightman said he read it “for the record,” giving grounds for conjecture that it was meant to imply a presidential request that the Negroes not endorse Don Yarborough, but that Weightman was just, for his part, delivering a message he didn’t like. The delegates apparently didn’t get the message. V The Texas Teamsters’ conference has endorsed both the Yarboroughs, Albert Fuentes, Dan Sullivan, and John White for the offices they seek, Carlos Moore, the teamsters’ North Texas political director, tells the Observer. There’s been no publicity. V Despite labor-originating attempts to head off Don Yarborough with them, the Harris County Democrats met 1200 strong and, with Chris Dixie, labor attorney, in the chair, endorsed the liberal candidates for state offices and a ticket of candidates in Harris County. V Don Yarborough’s campaign is now under way in earnest. He evangelized a couple hundred fans out of an announced $400 in Austin, went onto TV for half an hour and delivered his by now almost-stock condemnations of Connally’s record on loan sharks, education, secrecy, national issues. He drew 350 to a $50 a plate dinner in Houston. He took on an Oklahoma newsman as his PR man and Bill McIntyre of Navasota as his campaign manager. He is “on the road” all the time. Connally, in contrast, has not yet started stumping. The Conventions V Gov. Connally is quietly bracing for a struggle to take over the precinct, county, and state conventions. His brother Merrill Connally of Floresville is in charge of it. Delegates to the June state Demo cratic convention will be the same delegates who will constitute the August convention. In 1962 so many “Democrats” voted for precincts have lost oting strength in the Democratic conventions this year, and the liberal precincts have gained. That’s the basis of Connally’s call for delegates loyal to Johnson in June and Connally in Sep tember. If he succeeds in getting delegates who are conservative, Johnson could be embarassed when, in the June convention, labor and liberal delegates demand statelevel endorsement of such things as civil rights and medicare. If the delegate majority are liberal enough to endorse such programs, they might be liberal enough to write a liberal state platform in September, too, since they’ll be the same people. If Connally is renominated and wins the convention, he could appeal to liberals to shut up in June to avoid embarassing the President and then have his way with the majority in September. If he is renominated and loses the convention, no telling; it could become humiliating for him politically. The question in the foreground is what impression the Democratic delegation from Johnson’s home state will make on the country. Bryant Scoring V The Baxton Bryant-Earle Cabell pri mary race for the Dallas Democratic congressional nomination is developing into a serious contest, which many Democrats did not think it would. Cabell has had to go on the defensive about having voted for Bruce Alger for Congress in 1958, which he has admitted he did. Bryant is also cuffing Cabell around because he attended a Republican precinct workers’ meeting in 1960. Cabell’s explanation is he didn’t know it was a political meeting. V Rep. Kika de la Garza, Mission, is run ning for Congress in South Texas as an open admirer of Cong. Joe Kilgore, the conservative Democrat incumbent, but denies Rep. Lindsey Rodriguez’ charge that Nixon wants to unleash the exiles, it’s true, and we were just about to add “Dick and Trujillo for Cuban Caudillo” to our snappy line of bumper stickers, when Goldwater announced he not only wants to unleash the missiles, he wants to man them, as well. This is certainly gung-hoer than Nixon, and besides, out here in the West, we allus stick to them as sticks to us, even if New Hampshire don’t appreciate us. We have, we admit, received some requests, in the straightforward form of mutilated stickers, that we discontinue our best-selling line, “Goldwater in 1864,” so we have taken a professional marketing approach to the problem. First, we employed Bush, Bavaria, Davis-Morris St. Moritz, and Cox-Sox, the Republicans’ Answer to the Belden Pole-Axe, and we have learned that the more Goldwater stuffs his foot in his mouth, the more Texas Republicans realize that he is the very tangled-up, never-say umfluffluff, straightbackward spokesman of muffled alarm they have been looking for. Just the other day, according to a top-secret report from BBDMSMCS, the Texas GOP got an urgent request from Rockefeller to let him off the hook in the Texas presidential primary, but they decided the Observer’s special “Goldwater In 1864” stickersthree by thirteen inch beauties, on a sickly green background suitable for framing invasions to took like uncontrollable enthusiasm among the nativesthat, as we were saying, these slick stickers have given he’s a Goldwater-type conservative. Rodriguez, a liberal, pledges to Johnson’s program top, side and bottom. v Ex-Rep. Allen Glenn is managing Rep. Max Carriker’s campaign against incumbent Cong. Omar Burleson. Carriker is one of the five candidates for Congress state-level labor and liberals are watching hopefully. The others: Rodriguez, .Bryant, Rep. Malcom McGregor in El Paso, and Benton Musslewhite in East Texas. V State Sen. Don Kennard leads in a private poll in his contest in Fort Worth. Doyle Willis, candidate at large \(ruled off the city council when he an nounced for the Senate and now ruled off the Senate ballot because he was a city den, third. Gladden is running as a more March 20, 1964 11 J. W. “TOMMY” TUCKER Appraisal of Real Estate 3317 Montrose Boulevard Houston, Texas 77006 JAckson 4-2211 the Goldwater campaign in Texas such a boost, this was just the time to require Rockefeller to stand up and see if he can send outraged Texas spinsterhood as much as Goldwater can. We have not yet hired a copywriter in this division of Observer Enterprises, Inc., as must be apparent from this unfortunately circumlocutory blurb, but we do wish to inform you, anyway, that we have been flooded with orders against cur “Goldwater in 1864” stickers, which are now in their 3,000sdth printing \(not counthelp to mail in the additional orders that we are requesting. Got that? Bahleave the syntax to the eggheads and send the dough. That, as every businessman knows, is what separates the bucks from the does \(a little joke to soften lots of 1,000 stickers or more for forwarding to Barry Goldwater’s Arizona store, which has been proposed as the Western marketing outlet for Goldwater fans who have been dead 100 years. 4$ 1.00 10$ 2.00 40$ 5.00 100$10.00 500$40.00 1,000$80.00 server, 504 W. 24th St., Austin, Tex.