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IN TEXAS BEER IS A NATURAL From nature’s light grain comes sparkling, light beer … Texas’ traditional beverage of moderation it’s light, sparkling, delicious. And naturally, the brewing industry in Texas considers it noteworthy that it contributes more than twenty million dollars to the state in excise taxes each year plus additional millions in licenses and permit fees. These millions of dollars help support our public schools, farm roads, old age pensions, teacher retirement funds and help needy children and blind citizens. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. TEXAS DIVISION istic and suicidal to indulge ourselves in these “trivial” matters, but rather what we need are more “fiestas, celebrations, carnivals, bullfights” and thus more ignorance, apathy, laziness, and indifference? I find the latter to be a more serious internal danger. Even assuming that the continuing arms race will inevitably produce a civilizationending nuclear holocaust, Dugger’s and Shattuck’s solutions are as equally disastrous. Renouncing the use of nuclear weapons completely offensively and dewould deprive us of our retaliatory deterrent and would encourage, not discourage, the communists to use nuclear weapons. The communists’ avowed, constant, and primary objective is to conquer us, and to them the end justifies the means. Is there any reason for believing that the communists would in the absence of a fear of nuclear retaliation exercise voluntary nuclear self-restraint? Contrary to Mr. Dugger, I cannot for one minute accept the thought of the communists controlling this nation. Speaking theoretically and in absolutes, I submit that life without freedom is not a moral force. More practically speaking, because of modern controls of any government and more particularly because of communist brutality, a communist tyranny over the U.S. would virtually mean for us the end of freedom and for that matter civilization as we know it \(as well as the extermination of millions of us who are deemed I find myself incapable of exercising the foresight of Mr. Dugger in projecting into the future to envisage the possibility of freedom emerging centuries following a communist tyranny over us. Again very DON BROWN Sun Life of Canada Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 GLENDALE FUNERAL HOME 1015 Federal Road Houston 15 Phone: GL 3-6373 We Honor All Burial Insurance Ed R. WatsonPresident practically speaking, unless we believe deeply that freedom is worth fighting and dying for, we will certainly lose it by default. Walter E. Boyd, Jr., attorney, 813 Peoples National Bank Bldg., Tyler, Tex. Self-conscious and Mute The last issue of the Observer is most thought-provoking. I do thank you for the report on the discussion at the University of Texas on the arms race. It is reassuring to know that some people who are being educated are also taking hold of some of the grave issues of our times. Bertrand Russell’s “The Doctrine of Extermination” has in it much food for thought. I have noticed recently the expression, “overkill.” That in itself might give us pause to think where we are heading. Ronnie Dugger’s “Now the Time Has Come” is so very splendid. “Now the time has come when, at least to the extent of renouncing nuclear weapons, we too must wage love on our enemies.” It is reassuring that here and there one will find those who believe that we can dare to follow Christ’s admonitions, even when we are maybe afraid. Recently a minister said to me that we must dare to follow His way the way of love and doing good to our enemiesor quit calling ourselves Christians. It is a bit frightening to hear of the hate and suspicion that is broadcast in the name of Christianity, while we who see the incongruity are self-conscious and mute. Thanks for stirring us up to think. Mrs. A. A. Luckenbach, Odem, Tex. Bah! Pots and Kettles! Chandler Davidson’s “Zoroaster Complex” makes a number of excellent points. Lamentably, he falls into the motive trap. His question, “Are our motives purer than the Russians’?”, called forth the normal response from Jack Cargill, Jr., in your last issueof course they are. History since World War II proves it. That should put them back at it, hammer and tongs. Bah! gentlemen. Pots and kettles. All the big and little wrongs of history cannot be righted as a pre-condition of peaceful co-existence. We must seize hold of the opportunity for a test ban as a first step to disarmament as men and women of July 12, 1963 15