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he Texas Observer AN INDEPENDENT FORTNIGHTLY 25c the lobby’s domicile text by Fletcher the third house illustration by Erickson is the big house a house of many mansions rooms of every sort & variety furnished in any style, for any taste, for any purpose op> e. g., eating & bedding & drinking & gambling informing & disseminating & party giving 11111Eaa _aalb upstairs completely modern kitchens bathrooms of the twenties upper middle class living rooms in nice rooms at the front vice-presidents of Kiwanis, Rotary & Optimist clubs leaders of boy scout troops but in the attic & in the cellar & the subcellar & some mysterious, dubious & secret tunnels vinegarones crawl, amorphous critters creep, cynical cockroaches grovel in front of the house plantings of blue bonnets but no mazuma bush flowering centuries & grands, tenners & five spots thrusts toward the legislator a crisp green boutonniere & no fin fingering legislator, palm oil sweaty eagerly and venally grasps for some green fodder holds out his hands for green gratuities behind the house in the unkempt back yard bordered by the refuse clogged polluted creek banked by poison oak, where cooters crawl among the rocks, among devaluated wampum shards, lettuce & cabbage, beans & kale grow near the basement trapdoor, edged with bricks cart wheel toadstools emerge from the scent of the doughy moss skunk cabbages & stink weed defeat the gardener something smells: the slop bucket fills: the pole cats run wutzi! dad gum it! haw! gee! haw! sooks! wutzi! wutzi! Byron’s Big Day -Page 3