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Enjoy the big D Hotel, 3 blocks from Turnpike on U.S. 80 & 77. 400 air 1111114conditioned rooms, suites … FAMILY PLAN \(Children undining … ample parking … Bus to downtown areas at door. stay at the 1-1CDTE L. DALLAS Wood at Houston & Record Streets Across from Union Terminal Phone Riverside 2-6101 1,7 Dialogue If I Were Governor If I were governor, I would set aside the death penalty every time it was denianded by the courts, and would submit to the legislature an executive petition asking that capital punishment be forbidden by law. . Ifor oneshall never place myself in the position of having to shoulder the sins of another because I helped take his life before he was ready to go.Russell Purifoy, 2001 Woodard, Abilene, Tex. Free Voters’ Tyranny? Senator Tower says that the liberal “sometimes appears to border on contempt for the ability of people in a society to regulate themselves.” Is it unsporting to suggest that perhaps liberals are offering people a new way to regulate themselves? Maybe for the first time in history those who lack the economic resources to influence their physical environment have found that this influence may be exercised by a government on their behalf as they dictate through the polls in free and democratic elections. The conservative should well fear the federal government, for the so-called “little man” has learned to make his voice heard in the national government. Perhaps the most damaging of the senator’s errors is his assumption that a market regulated economy exists in the United States at present, or at least existed until very recently. \(May we assume that he implies the existence of such immediately prior to the establishment of in the automobile industry? In steel? In oil? In aircraft? In broadcasting? American liberalism does not seek to deny freedom of choice, but rather to make this choice available to those lacking economic power. Why is it tyrannical in character if it is subject to the final sanction of the free voter? . . . The senator proposes that government should by its inaction promote the welfare of those groups having sufficient economic ‘power to control their circumstances, and at the same time decline to promote or assist by positive action the wellbeing of those groups lacking influential powers save those afforded them in voting. Charles Elliott, 110 Stadium Pk., Iowa City, Ia. \(Mr. Elliott has two degrees in government from Texas Tech in Lubbock and is now connected with the State UniApril 18, 1963 15 MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 AMERICAN INCOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF INDIANA Underwriters of the American Income Labor Disability Policy Executive Offices: P. 0. Box 208 Waco, Texas Bernard Rapoport, President