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IN TEXAS BEER IS A NATURAL As natural as the wholesome grains and tangy hops from which it is brewed, beer is Texas’ traditional beverage of moderation light, sparkling, delicious. And naturally, the Brewing Industry is proud of the good living it provides for so many folks in Texas. Not only for employees of the Brewing Industry itself, but also for the farmers and other suppliers of beer’s natural ingredients. In Texas, beer belongs enjoy it. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. TEXAS DIVISION the high school snagged when a House committee decided it wanted five of the members named by the speaker and five by the lieutenant governor. Connally is represented as adamant ; he says one man can make more balanced appointments. G.O.P. sniping at Connally has included the observation, by Rep. Morgan, that Connally is hiding behind this commission, pleasing conservatives with it by spending only $50,000, while pleasing liberals by appearing to do something about higher education. The commission would not report until later next year. Texas Assn. of College Teachers asked Connally to support a political bill of rights for college teachers, but did not get a commitment. Eckhardt’s bill to prohibit regents and school boards from firing anyone in school systems but the top administrators had a long hearing, at which Rupert Koeninger [Obs. Nov. 30, 1962] spoke, after which the bill was jammed into a hostile subcommittee. The El Paso senator, Frank Owen, has a similar bill in the Senate. Rep. Maud Isaacks, El Paso, and 45 other legislators proposed protections for teachers who engage in politics. Written charges and court review for fired teachers was proposed by Rep. Ronald Roberts, Hillsboro. The Texas State Teachers’ Assn. program to provide teachers five days’ sick leave is not expected to be contested, but trouble is in the air about T.S.T.A.’s teacher retirement proposals, under which educational personnel now active would receive about 90 percent of the new benefits, the presently retired teachers \(2,000 or so of whom receive only $1,200 or criticism of the actuarial soundness of the teachers’ retirement system, which such benefits would test further. MAINAIVVYWVVVVVVVVVVVVVVNINAAINAINIVVVVNAMAI MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 Over Miss Isaacks’ vehement objections, the House moved toward renaming the teachers’ college at Canyon West Texas State University. \(To reinforce her point that the word “university” was being demeaned, Rep. Jim Cotten, Weatherford, proposed changing the name of Weatherford Junior College to Weatherford Junior tee has approved four new four-year colleges, rough treatment awaits them from Senator Bill Moore and from the economy-minded House. Rep. W. T. Dungan, McKinney, the instigator of the textbook inquiries, may have started a new fight of similar kind with his proposal to require high schools to teach “capitalism vs. communism.” At a House hearing, a Tyler businessman who said he belonged to the Christian anti-communism crusade proposed, for the course, questions and answers prepared by the National Assn. of Manufacturers. Labor An operation which withdrew Sen. Charles Herring from service for a while delayed a Senate showdown on Texas A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s all-out fight against the confirmation of J. Ed Lyles as labor representative on the Texas Employment Cmsn. Hank Brown, labor president, contends that Lyles, required by law to be partisan to labor, apparently has not dissented at all from the pro-employer T.E.C. majority. Brown says that despite a legislative increase in jobless comp benefits in 1962 from $28 to $37, T.E.C. disqualifications of claimants cut beneficiaries 9 percent, February 21, 1963 13