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HUGH M. RAUPE Commercial Standard Life FORT WORTH PE 8-215 Protection Savings Retirement WE MUSTN’T give up hope, Mr. Dugger. I know there are times when you, like me, with the limited perspective of the common man, can’t see the wisdom in our President’s actions. If you want my opinion, we’re going to have our Hundred Days. It won’t be next year or the next, but after that, you never can tell. I kind of figure Mr. Kennedy is waiting around toward the end of 1968 to get things moving, when the pressure’s off and he can show his true stuff. Maybe it will be called the Last Hundred Days. won’t be as colorful or progressive as hundred, but I can one thing. It will almost anything did. You fans put smoke it. C.D. Perhaps it or explosive FDR’s first Calvin Coolidge ever fair-weather Kennedy that in your pipe and guarantee you put to shame Revision Sirs: Perhaps the emblem of the “Youth Force for God and Freedom” will be somewhat more familiar to the public in the altered form which I enclose. If even this alteration fails to penetrate some minds, the slogan “In God We Trust” might be changed to Deutschland Uber Alles. Jay Earl Anderson Jr., Kent. Youth Force FOR GOD AND FREEDOM `Simple and Deadly’ DALLAS She was 19, pregnant, and recently divorced; someone had told her of a way of causing an abortion without outside help. That was two weeks ago. She died last week after she made a second attempt to lose her unwanted baby. The name is unimportant; it is enough to say that she lived in Seagoville outside of Dallas, and died on the way to Baylor Hospital in the city. SHERIFF’S deputies answered the call at the home of her parents in Seagoville and followed the sequence of events to the hospital, where family and friends somehow became reluctant to talk about the cause of death or what led to it. She had been divorced six weeks, and had been pregnant for about twice that time. Her solution was to follow the advice of a woman in a cafe. Back in April she and a friend had heard that stranger tell of a simple way to get rid of an unborn, unwanted child. Her friend was in that condition at that time and followed the stranger’s advice. Somehow she survived. The process was simple, crude, and deadly. Two friends tried it and one of them is alive today. Justice of the Peace Bill Richburg ordered an autopsy after the death. The findings were pathetic. The girl died as a result of a self Tower, News, War WASHINGTON Senator John Tower, in the course of placing in the Congressional Record an editorial in the Dallas Morning News against disarmament, presented his views on that subject in straightforward language. This generally unnoticed event limns the Texas senator’s apparently permanent alliance with the far right in the U.S. “At an earlier time in our history,” he said, “while engaged in conflict with an avowed enemy, as we are with the Communists today, suggestions of disarmament concessions would have seemed ludicrous and treasonous. “Our Founding Fathers saw that the prerequisite for a free America was victory over England. Victory alone could and did preserve the Union at the time of the War Between the States. Our determination to achieve victory carried us successfully through World War I and World War II. “But this decade, in the view of some, has seen the repeal of such logic,” said Senator Tower. “Although bold words have not been lacking, our actions have too often been halfhearted, defeatist, designed only to hold onto the status quo, to appease the hungry Russian bear, to retreat with dignity and good humor. “A few years ago we debated whether to stop Communist ex _-..0011Nmoraw But a friend who knows Texas politics explained to me that Mr. Kennedy couldn’t just go in and make a fool out of his Vice President, Mr. Johnson, whose opinion it was, I believe, that Mr. Yarborough wouldn’t make quite as good a governor as someone else who was also running. “That’s politics,” my friend said, “you can’t just go running into a state like a bull in a China closet and endorse whoever you like personally. You’ve got to have respect for Vice Presidents’ and congressmen’s feelings too.” “to BE IT,” I said, and pulled 4-7 my hat a little bit tighter than usual down over my ears. Then all of a sudden here comes Mr. Kennedy, already trying to maintain harmony with the business community, deploring extremism on both sides, and he gives these telephone and telegraph people our space communications industry over the protest of a bunch of liberal senators up there in Washington. I told a friend it didn’t seem right that the telephone and telegraph people should get a monopoly industry handed over to them like that, especially after the sassy way some of those telephone women who try to sell you a pink and blue polka-dotted telephone treat the taxpayer. My friend smiled indulgently at me and pointed out that it wasn’t a monopoly. That was just what some .of the ultra-liberal senators called it who didn’t want anything constructive to pass into law. So, here we are. My friend Mr. Dugger wrote a piece in the paper this week about how Kennedy wasn’t quite up to snuff, but if my friend Mr. Dugger could just talk to this other friend of mine, I think he would see that Mr. Kennedy is being just as liberal and progressive as a President can be without hurting anybody’s feelings, which would be tragic for everyone concerned. Church and State Sirs: Thank you for “Public Schools and the Youth Crusade” in the August 10 issue. Mr. Dugger did a good job showing the inconsistencies in the muddled thinking of the Rev. Walter Kerr. It is to the health of both church and state that the distinction between patriotism and faith be maintained. Youth Force for God and Freedom will contribute to that confusion, and it will do so in proportion to the extent that it attains the goals set for it. Let us hope it falls. The general public might like to know that the Rev. Kerr is acting on his own initiative and authority, not that of the Methodist Church, in creating and promoting the crusade. David C. Paul, P. 0. Box 608, Lytle. Sex on Sunday Sirs: I noticed something of an editorial against me in your last issue. Your article was apparently based upon a repetitious, inaccurate series of articles published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Before you editorialize against anybody on any subject, I think it would be helpful for you to get the facts. Your statement is hearsay three times removed and not in keeping with the usual high standards of the Texas Observer. I have not chosen to enforce the Sunday law on a religious basis. The legislature simply handed me this law. Your surface stroke criticism of closing laws is, at least, some evidence to me that you have not properly considered the economic and social factors involved. Now, in your terms I call you one. Yours is “inappropriate indignation!” For fear that you may cause me to lose many friends throughout the state by this irresponsible editorial, obviously written on the spur of the moment, let the record reflect that I have never objected to sex on Sunday or any other day. Doug Crouch, Criminal District Attorney, Tarrant County. Injustice Sirs: You do a great injustice to yourself, your paper, and your readers when you take an editorial swipe at District Attorney Doug Crouch of Tarrant County. Mr. Crouch’s reputation throughout this state as both a lawmaker and a law-enforcer is unexcelled. It is grossly unfair to present so petty a picture to those readers who are not familiar with his outstanding career. LEGALS CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO William Everett Little, Defendant, in the hereinafter styled and numbered cause: hereby commanded to appear before the 98th District Court of Travis County, Texas, to be held at the courthouse of said county in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, at or before 10 o’clock A.M. of the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuance hereof; that is to say, at or before, 10 o’clock A.M. of Monday the 1st day of October, 1962, and answer the petition of plaintiff in Cause Number 126,451, in which Georgia Marie Little is Plaintiff and William Everett Little is Defendant, filed in said Court on the 10th day of May, 1962, and the nature of which said suit is as follows: Being an action and prayer for judgment in favor of plaintiff and against defendant for decree of divorce dissolving the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now existing between said parties : Plaintiff alleges that during the time she and defendant lived together, defendant was guilty of excesses, cruel treatment and outrages toward plaintiff of such a nature as to render their living together insupportable. Against Connally Sirs: Let no one await with eagerness the outcome of the state Democratic convention in El Paso. It will be a love fest of phony “unity and harmony.” Those who expect Connally to kick the liberals in the teeth as he did at San Antonio in ’58 and at Dallas and Fort Worth in ’56 are looking in _vain. He will fall all over himself with sweetness and light toward the liberals. He wants our votes, and he knows that what happened to Blakley can well happen to him too. I can predict now what will be In the platform adopted at El Paso. It will not be anti-labor, it will not be full of ringing conservative phrases, but It will be utter meaningless. It will be long on water conservation, unity in the party, attacks on the Republicans. It will endorse a state department of labor; indeed, the labor plank in the platform will be almost identical with Connally’s speech at the AFL-CIO conveneon. But so what? Connally is the corporate candidate who knows that he can only be elected with the votes of liberals, Negroes, Latins, union members, and brass collar Yarborough Democrats. The only issue to be decided in November is, shall the corporation candidate be elected under the Democratic Party label or shall we elect a Republican governor and forge ahead under the twoparty system? Bill Wright, Co-Chairman, Tex. ans For A Two-Party Texas. That during the marriage between plaintiff and defendant, they have had born to them, as issue of such marriage, one child to-wit: RICHARD WILLIAM LITTLE, a boy, one year of age. That the plaintiff and defendant own no community property. Plaintiff prays for judgment dissolving said marriage; that the plaintiff have the care, custody, control, and education of the said child, and that a proper and suitable provision be made for his support and maintenance until he reaches the age of eighteen years; and for such other and further relief as the Court shall deem proper to grant. All of which more fully appears from PLAINTIFF’S ORIGINAL PETITl ‘N on file in this office and whic.a reference is here made for all intents and purposes. If this sitation is not served within 90 days after date of its issuance, it shall be returned unserved. WITNESS, 0. T. MARTIN JR., Clerk of the District Courts of Travis County, Texas. Issued and given under my hand and seal of said Court at office in the City of Austin, this the 16th day of August, 1962. 0. T. MARTIN, JR. Clerk of the District Courts, Travis County, Texas By: JOHN DICKSON, Deputy Hundred Days It wasn’t too long after that when the President gave Mr. Don Yarborough the old cold shoulder treatment. That was in the governor’s race here in my own home state, and I thought that was pretty unfair, because Mr. Yarborough is one of the most outspoken New Frontiersmen in the whole country. Why, if Mr. Yarborough had been elected down here in the boondocks, Mr. Kennedy would have had a hard time just holding back the Hundred Days. People hadn’t heard anybody talk as straight and hard as Mr. Yarborough since way back in the Thirties. inflicted abortion attempt one that managed to kill her, but did not accomplish the abortion. Perhaps she had an idea of what she was doing, because she joked with her friend about her condition. “I’m going to leave you my car and will my kids to my mother,” she told the girl who had already been through the experience. She added, “I’m going to the hospital tonight.” It was a true and tragic statement of fact. Her friend said she thought the girl was joking. “She had been with me when I went through it and I didn’t think she would do it,” she told the deputies. But she did, and the crude and ineffectual toolsa bicycle pump and some plastic tubing from a window air conditioner were found wrapped in towels in the bathroom of her home. BY THE END of the week the investigation had been com pleted. Her parents, former husband, and new boy friend denied any knowledge of her pregnancy. They said they did not know of any attempt at abortion. Sheriff Bill Decker remarked that it was a sad but routine matter. He said that no criminal charges were contemplated in the case. The veteran lawmen’s reply to questions on the matter summed up the attitude of all those involved in the investigation: “Who would you charge?” E.C. pansion by preventive war. Today the debate is between resistance and surrender.” Senator Tower then placed into the Record the News editorial of August 8, which, since he said it “fairly represents the point of view of the overwhelming major