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Sue Perry is Plaintiff and Darrell Issued and given under my hand Anthony Perry is defendant, filed and the seal of said Court at office in said Court on the 1st day of November, 1961, and the nature of which said suit is as follows: I be required to contribute a rea Being an action and prayer for sonable amount of money for care judgment in favor of Plaintiff and I and maintenance of said minor against defendant for decree of children, and to have such further divorce dissolving the bonds of relief, special and general, as the matrimony heretofore and now Court shall deem proper to grant. existing between said parties; All of which more fully appears Plaintiff alleges that defendant j from Plaintiff’s Original Petition was guilty of cruel treatment to-ion file in this office, and which reference is here made for all intents and purposes; If this citation is not served within 90 days after date of its issuance, it shall be returned unserved. WITNESS, 0. T. MARTIN, JR., Clerk of the District Courts of Travis County, Texas. Issued and given under my hand and the seal of said Court at office in the City of Austin, this the 1st day of December, 1961. 0. T. MARTIN, JR., Clerk of the District Courts, Travis County, Texas. By A. E. JONES, Deputy. Notice is hereby given that Albert Ward & Rip Ward, d-b-a Ward Sonora, Texas, has dissolved the said partnership and will do business under the name of Ward Sonora, Texas. Albert Ward, President LEGALS , Court on the 7th day of July, 1961, fendant, in the hereinafter styled and the nature of which said suit and numbered cause: CITATION BY PUBLICATION is as follows: ‘ You are hereby commanded to THE STATE OF TEXAS Being an appeal from an order appear before the 98th District TO F. M. Beaty Defendant, in t he hereinafter styled and numbered cause: You are hereby commanded to appear before the 126th District Court of Travis County, Texas, to be held at the courthouse of said county in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, at or before 10 o’clock A. M. of the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuan c e hereof; that is to say, at or before, 10 o’clock A. M. of Monday the 29th day of January, 1962, and answer the petition of plaintiff in Cause in the City of Austin, this the 13th Number 122,793, in which Alumiday of January, 1961. num Company of America, Crown 0. T. MARTIN, JR. Cent ral Petroleum Corporation Clerk of the District Courts, and Carl E. Siegesmund are Plain Travis County, Texas tiffs and F. M. Beaty, the Railroad By A. E. JONES, Deputy Commission of Texas and its mem bers, William J. Murray, Jr., Ern CITATION BY PUBLICATION est 0. Thompson and Ben RamTHE STATE OF TEXAS sey are defendants, filed in said TO Darrell Anthony Perry De ward plaintiff of such a nature as to render their further living together insupportable; plaintiff alleges that two children were born of this marriage, to-wit: Rhonda Gene Perry, age 16 months, and Robin Susanne Perry, age 4 months, and plaintiff asks the Court for custody of the said minor children and that defendant be ordered to pay and contribute a reasonable amount each month for the care and maintenance of said minor children; Plaintiff alleges that no community property was acquired during this marriage; plaintiff prays for judgment of divorce from defendant, for the custody of the aforesaid minor children, and for defendant THE CHALLENGE What Manner of Men Are We Here? the ugliest manifestation of the problem.” Art and Politics But if you asked me, I believe my one greatest criticism of communism is this: the demand it makes on the full surrender of the self-respect of individual, of the free human being, of human dignity. . . . Under communism “there is no such thing,” Silone said, “as an adversary in good faith.” Nowhere has this demand of full surrender been so tragic, so very sad, and so illustrative, as it has with the writer. I believe that art is more than just the workof,–a –“Ei -eati’W`individual spe ing the truths of human exi ence. . . . Art is, by its very creative nature, both a buttress to and an expression of liberty. To demand of the writer a strict utilitarian political ideology is one of the greatest of social crimes. . . . That is why the story of Boris Pasternakwhich, the John Birch Society tells me, was a communist plotis one of the most stirring and most monumental stories of this century, the story of the battle of the individual conscien’e against all the spiritual totalitarianisms of a mad and inhumane century. One Western novelist who turned briefly to communism made the trip to Russia and, in a conversation with a leading Russian novelist, told her why she ought to deplore the atmosphere of intimidation under which Soviet writers lived. “Liberty,” the Western novelist told the Russian, “is the possibility of doubting, the possibility of making a mistake, the possibility of searching and experimenting, the possibility of saying `no’ to any authorityliterary, artistic, philosophic, religious, social, and even political.” And the Russian functionary replied: “But that, my friend, is counter-revolution.” The Issue Stated This, then, is something of the liberal case against communism. There is the belief, which has never been absent from liberal thought since the Greeks, that on the political level men must meet as human beings and equals . . . the belief that mankind is no mere abstraction, to be hedged in by dialectics . . the belief that the end never justifies the means. The president of the liberal organization, Americans for Democratic Action, said the issue for the liberal movement against communism “is between those who believe in personal rights and individual dignity and those who do not.” And in many, many ways, this statement, and mown personal case against communism, is the liberal objection to totalitarianism of all kinds, of all ages. Is it such a great surprise that a substantial number of ex-communists, either expelled from the Party or leaving of their own accord, embraced German or Italian fascism 25 years agoor that so many former fascists in Europe went over to the totalitarian doctrine of communism when the war was over? But we must not stop here. We must not lose sight of the main issue. In the wake of communism, those Americans who remain smug and complacent about themselves and about their own society and about the great ferment stirring in the world about them are fool THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 4 Dec. 29, 1961 isn and short-sighted beyond words. Communism offers the best -reason we have ever had, does It not, for abolishing those many restrictions on personal, political, and economic liberty in all democracies? What manner of men are we here? Are we not aware of the way we treat our Negroes in the South? The way we treat our Latins in Texas? That Texans are supporting in East Texas a way of life, an entrenched set of injustices, that by any decent human standards are outrageous? Do we not know of the oppressions and insecurities which exist right here at home? And where, I ask, do we stand as an enlightened democracy against the forces of international communism if we are not willing to make our own society more fair and more humane? Do we know that, right here in Texas, one-third of the entire city of San Antonio has been judge a slum? That at our own state university, the largest university In the South, Negro students are not even allowed to go out for varsity sports? Do we know the extent to which the business lobby dominates our state legislature? I have watched it at work, and believe me when I say: it is a flagrant travesty of the whole democratic process. Do we know that the state of Texas does not even have a state home for neglected and dependent Negro children? And that there have been many cases in the past in which these neglected and dependent Negro children have been sent to the reform schoolbecause there was nowhere else to send them? Do we know that the industrialaccident toll in Texas is one of the highestif not the highest in the nation, and that Texas, alone of all the large industrial states, does not even have an inthistrial safety law, doesn’t even have a state agency charged with collecting facts and figures on industrial accidents? Do we know that thestate of Texas ranks 50th among the 50 states in vocational rehabilitation programs? Thatthe caliber of social welfare services in Texas is among the very lowest in the country, and is only saved from comparative disgrace by the semifeudal Southern states over to the east? Do we know the sorry condition of education in so many of our schools? That in spending per pupil we rank 32nd in the nation, and that we are only able to do this well because we accept more federal aid for schools than any other state except California and Virginia? On the national level, do we know that Soviet Russia is turning out four times more doctors of medicine a year than the United States? That they produce several times more engineers and physi cists? We are either going to have to learn some unpleasant truths about ourselvesor else learn some Russian. What about the generally low level of our popular culture in the United States? Our absolutely abominable television and radio? Take a stop-watch sometime and time the commercials over the span of an hour or so. Is this the culmination of our grand American civilization? Selling lipstick, under-arm deodorants, and spray toenail polish along with some of the emptiest and stalest so-called entertainment known to man? What has happened to Jefferson’s dream of the enlightened and educated individual in our enlightened democracy? And what about internationally? Why do we condemn the Stalinist horrors but not those of equal outlaws and villains like Batista and Trujillo? And have we paid any attention to the gradual lightening of . the Khrushchev regime in the la:st five years? It is still an affront to free peoples, true, but how much have we really heard about the changes that may be taking place? We Americans call dictatorships ‘part of the free world’ if they are anti Russian: Chiang Kai Shek, Salazar, Franco. We are horrified of the Soviet terror in Hungary, but what about the French terror in Algeria? And on and on. III. Now, only an idiot or a tired, severely depressed person wants war in this day and age. Communism is going to be with us for a whileand in the meantime, with Western democracy on trial all over the world, the battle is going to be fought, is being fought, among the impoverished and uncommitted. billions. Those fetid slums that I saw across the river the first day I was in El Paso are, in this Christmas season, almost symbolic of the bitter poverty that encircles our nation. It would be the height of folly to underestimate the basic appeal of the communist doctrinein Africa, in Asia, in South America. The Russians and the Chinese have made some astounding material gainsat the cost, true, of much human exploitation, at the cost also of human freedom as we know itbut for these peoples, what is the meaning of Western democracy? For so many of them, Western democracy quite simply means White Ascendency. Outside of India, where a wise and enlightened Western statesmanship helped achieve equality, communism usually means freedom among the colored races. The Chinese or Latin American intellectual, with no experience of democracy In our sense, can accept communism without destroying one particle of himself. What is the meaning of free elections to a man who has never had enough food for himself or his family? He looks to Russia and sees that medical care is free, ‘that there is social security and pensions. What is the significance of freedom to an African intellectual who sees what has been achieved in Russia industrially and economically? How can we expect our diplomats to score points with their African counterparts when we refuse even to mingle with Negroes socially in the United States? What is the rest of the underpossessed world to think when they see the United States not only upholding a corrupt and barbaric regime like Batista’s in Cuba, but decorating its heroes and forgetting the cruelties and the injustices committed throughout a whole island? What does Western civilization mean to people whose average life span ends at 35 and who have known nothing but toil and exploitation.? Two factors are contributing to the pace of Soviet advances in these areas. First, Russians have practically no color prejudice. Socond, they are partly Asian themselves. And what are we doing to clear up our own image? It was certainly no accident that when the first earth satellite was launched, Russian propaganda was quick to point out the day and hour it was to pass over Little Rock. The liberal journalist Max Lerner posed the question: “These people are reaching for revolutionary nationalism which is a recoil from their colonial status up to now. Can we convince them that our power is not as dangerous to them as the imperialism of Russia? They are reaching for new economic and social reform. Can we show them that we can help them get the kind of land reform they want? They are deeply distrustful of the racism of the West. Can we show them that we respect people of all races and colors?” The challenge that faces us in America and in the West is to Name Address City, State Send $5.10 to: THE TEXAS OBSERVER 504 West 24th St., Austin, Texas understand the nature of this communist appeal. Maury Maverick Sr. had the phraseliberty and groceries. If the people and nations who love liberty do not lead a militant movement throughout the world to improve the conditions of the millions who care