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PA-7 RADIOACTIVE FALLOUT SMOOT, BUNDY, MERCURY LISTED ‘Any Real American With reference to the booklet’s statement that “practically every phase of American life has been infiltrated by Communists or Communist symphathizers,” Mayo said, “I think that’s substantially true.” Is it a controversial statement for a city agency to make? “I don’t know. I am interested in cne thingcivil defense,” Mayo replied angrily. With reference to the recommendation, under the heading, “Can you recognize a communist,” that persons study the subject of terrent to Communist Control,” Mayo expressed confidence that these rights are, indeed, such a deterrent. “World government” and “unlimited immigration” are referred to in the subjects, he said, merely as “stimulating questions. I don’t think any real American would object to debating any of these questions,” he said. As an abstract matter, did he believe it would be proper, the Observer asked Mayo, for city tax funds to be used to suggest the reading of either right-wing or left-wing propaganda? He replied: “Civil defense is non-political. So far as we’re concernedour organization here, some of them may have voted for Kennedy, some for Nixon, some not at all. Our principal mission is to . get the community organized for survival.” Did he believe the handing out of federal materials along with local materials promoting conservative political viewpoints raised a question of propriety? “That question is purely hypothetical,” he replied. Did he believe a city agency should take a position* in favor of the opposition to the abolition of the House un-American Activities Committee? he was asked. He refused to answer this question. C.D. and ‘Infiltration’ The pamphlet, “Essentials of Survival,” 20,000 of which have been printed by the Dallas civil defense commission, devotes the first eleven of its 19 , pages to preparations citizens might undertake against future enemy attack. Then, under the heading, “Know Your Enemy,” the pamphlet broaches the idea that civil defense also includes programs against “infiltration and subversion.” “A committee of Congress has stated that communism uses limited warfare, with the threat of total world-wide nuclear war, while actually taking over control of a country by infiltration and subversion. Recent history proves this statement to be true. . . . “It will avail us nothing to spend billions on military defense and millions on survival plans-if we leave the way open for infiltration and subversion by failing to guard our citizens against the internal threat,” the city-county civil defense pamphlet declares. Thus premised, the argument of the pamphlet continues with a discussion of what communism is, how communists and others operate in the U. S., the citizen’s duty to aid the F.B.I., how to recognize a communist, and what to do. ,Excerpts from this second part of the official city-council Dallas civil defense pamphlet, “Essentials of Survival”: “WHAT’ IS COMMUNISM 44 . Communists want Americ. They want your property and you. . . it all boils down to this: “The Communists pretend they will make the world over into a paradise of materialism, in which each man will share’ according to his needs. “By promising a Materialistic heaven on earth they appeal to the Godless. “By stressing science they interest the unwary intellectual. “By promising security they capture the mind of the poor. “By pretending to Champion the Underprivileged they ensnare the idealistic. “By promising something for nothing they win the support of the shiftless. “All these promises are made in order to gain control of the peoplebut the promises are never fulfilled. . . . Recent happenings in Tibet, Iraq, and Cuba illustrate a communist technique.” “What are the principal corner’stones of Communism? “First, Communism depends on Socialism . . wherein the individual is deprived of his God-given right to own. property . . . “Second, Communism denies Christ and the existence of God. Communists are Atheists ._ They teach that man has no soul and is only a form of animal life. This is one reason why they can torture, liquidate, or murder their own countrymen by the thousands without conscience for being Atheists, they have none. “Third . . . the form of government must be that of dictatorship. . . .” “HOW COMMUNISTS OPERATE IN THE U. S. . . . The open party is not very large nationally, having a total of perhaps 15,000 dues-paying members. They purposely limit their hard core membership to keep tight control among the dedicated revolutionaries. “However, there are many thousands of fellow travelers, pinks, fifth columnists, Communist Front Members and others who are in the Communist orbit and who could not be counted on for loyalty to our government in time of Communist threat. “These are people very dangerous to our country. Many are disgruntled with their state of life. Many are opportunists. Many are intellectuals who are soft on Communism for reasons known only to themselves. “The underground Communist organization is composed of spies, saboteurs, couriers, and others who can work themselves into strategic positions in government, industry, art, unions, news media, school systems, entertainment, Religious organizations and civic groups. In fact, practically every phase of American life has been infiltrated by Communists or Communist sympathizers . . . . . . the House Committee on Un-American Activities and the Senate Internal Security Committee .. . have been so effective THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 3 Dec. 16, 1960 that the Communist Party has high on its priority list their abolition.” “F.B.I. ” .. . F.B.I. agents report only to their headquarters. They will not divulge information they receive to any unauthorized person. There can be no local ‘witch hunt’ when a citizen reports suspicions direct to the nearest F.B.I. office. It is a patriotic duty to assist the F.B.I. in its vital work of internal protection against the enemy.” “CAN YOU RECOGNIZE A COMMUNIST? ” . . . There are no physical characteristics which will identify a Communist. Furthermore as Communists are part of a conspiracy, one can never be sure. Many good Americans have been duped into advocating causes which sound reasonable but are designed to further Communist plans. Thus it becomes doubly important that the citizen learn enough about Americanism and the factors of our life that have made our Country a great free nation; so he can detect the false philosophy of the Communists or their dupes. “It is recommended that the following subjects be studied so that there will be a clearer understanding of their relation to Communist control: “The relationship of private enterprise, Socialism, and Communism “The private enterprise \(Capifreedom. a deterrent to Communist Control. “Would Communist leaders welcome World Government? “Unlimited immigration to the U. S. and effect on our Country. “Moral-Rearmament as a deterrent to Communism.” WHAT CAN I DO? \(After reviewing “the principles of Americanism”–belief in God, freedom of the individual, private enterprise, “Representative Republic System of Government,” and establishing policy by persuasion, not force, the booklet on civil defense concludes by recom”Read books . . on the above subjects. Subscribe to periodicals that give intelligent information on the Enemy .. . Request speakers for your club on subjects of Americanism Support the Church and civic organizations of your choice. Be an influence for solid Americanism in your every activity. Take issue with those supporting a false philosophy. . . .” The Reading List The booklet concludes with “Civil Defense Suggested Publications,” all federal pamphlets on physical preparations against atomic attack. None of the con troversial publications are listed here. But the last page of the booklet contains this statement: “The Education Committee, Intelligence Section, Dallas Civil Defense will furnish on request a list of books and reports on Communist subversion.” This list, distributed along with federal and state pamphlets on how to prepare for possible enemy atomic attack, has been circulated two years with city tax funds by the Dallas civil defense o ffice. A 1960 copy of this list, handed to the Observer reporter on request by Chief Smith of Dallas civil defense, is headed, “CIVIL DEFENSE, SUGGESTED PUB-LICATIONS AND REPORTS.” “To obtain further information,” it is stated, “instructors or speakers on Civil Defense subjects contact: Dallas Civil Defense Office, P.O. Box 7811, Dallas 26, Texas.” A list of ten “Self-Preservation” pamphlets is led off with the “Essentials of Survival” title. Nine federal pamphlets on self-preservation are then listed. The official federal publications received free by the Dallas civil defense and disaster commission from the Executive Office of the President, U. S. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization are: “Between You and Disaster” “First Aid”; “Facts about Fallout Protection”; “Handbook for Emergencies”; “Home Protection Exercises”; “Fire Fighting for Householders”; “What YoU Should Know About Radioactive Fallout”; “Emergency ACtion to Save Lives”; and “The Family Fallout Shelter.” In addition, a pamphlet on “Tornado Precautions” is provided-the Dallas program by the state divin sion of defense and disaster relief, Office of the Governor. Under the heading, “KNOW YOUR ENEMY,” there are a total of 36 entries, compared to the ten under the heading, “Self Preservation,” on the suggested reading list. Of these 36 entries, 16 refer to publications of congressional committees on subjects like communist ideology, espionage, subversion, fallacies, and so on. These are not here reviewed. The other “suggested publications and reports” of the tax-financed Dallas civil defense agency, in the order in which they are listed \(addresses of publishers and prices are listed, but Masters of Deceit, J. Edgar Hoover, Henry Holt. The Naked Communist, W. Cleon Skousen, “former F. B..1. agent,’ no publisher listed \(a book used in the “Americanism-in-theYou Can Trust the Communists, Dr. Fred Schwarz, Prentice-Hall, Inc. Wedemeyer Reports, Lt. Gen. Albert Wedeweyer, Henry Bolt, identified on the list as “the true story of how China was lost to the Communists.” , Witness, Whittaker Chambers, Random House. Bending the Twig, Augustin C. “An account of the method and practice of Communism used to influence school children.” The Turning of the Tide, Paul W. Shafer and John Howland “A documentation of the Socialist and Communist infiltration into the American Educational System.” Communist Socialist Propaganda in American Schools, V. P. Collectivism in the Churches, Edgar Bundy, Church League of “The Circuit Riders’ Reports,” M. G. Lowman, “Documented and Tower To Run For US Senate OIn Wichita Falls, 34-year-old John Tower, Midwestern government professor who ran for the U.S. Senate in the general election on the Republican ticket, announced he will be in the special election of fill Lydon Johnson’s place. He said he represents the conservative side better than “new frontier conservative” William Blakley, who will be the interim senator and who has announced he will also be in the race. Sen. Ralph Yarborough said he will not take an active part in the special U.S. Senate election, preferring to “leave the choice completely with the voters, without persuasion.” OThe House Investigating Committee announced in Austin it will launch a full-scale investigation of vice conditions in the Beaumont area, and in that Gulf town City Manager Jack Jeffrey charged that the gambling operations uncovered by recent Texas Ranger raids indicate laxness and duplicity in the police department. OTwo hours after a federal court in Houston refused to order a recount of the ballots cast in the Texas general election, the State Board of Canvassers met privately in Austin and also turned down the Republican plea for a recount. For four days the board had been restrained from making a decision by a federal court order. Figures presented by the Texas Commission on State and Local Tax Policy indicates that the three-cents-a-pack tax hike \(from five cents to eight lature may be cutting down cigarette smoking in the state. Gov. Price Daniel was re ported by the United Press International as “giving his blessing” to the one per cent payrollearnings tax, but the Associated Press modified this support by quoting him as saying he is not “wedded to” the tax. Union officials across the state spoke against the tax. OThe El Paso Herald Post quoted “informed sources” to the effect that Dr. Joseph R. Smiley, former president of Texas Western College and now vicepresident of the University of Texas, will probably move into the presidency when Dr. Harry