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Neo-Neanderthal FAIR GR 0 U 105 Let those flatter who fear, it is not an American art.Jefferson i=Iihrarieo The Observer is gratified and complimented by the offer of a Dallas foundation to provide 500 subscripcollege and every tax-supported city and county library and branch in the state, contingent upon these being matched by 1,000 new subscriptions. Our “Library Matching Fund” has been growing steadily. We trust that those sending us new subscriptions the matching program an incentive and, if they do, will mark the new subscriptions, “Library Matching Fund,” so that we may so apply them. The Observer’s placement in all the libraries of the state would be a substantial step ahead. As the election nears, a raw red edging has appeared around the glassing-over eyes of the Dallas Morning News. Its editorial writers are parting from the company of reasonable men for the duration of the Nixon campaign they are a part ofa campaign to which they are now contributing their aptitudes for political alley fighting. It is difficult to believe but impossible to deny that the News is arguing that Khrushchev is against Nixon and Lodge. Sunday, Sept. 18, in an editorial calling Khrushchev and Castro “this loose-lipped pair of louts,” the News said of Khrushchev : “He does not want Nixon in the White House. He does not want Lodge in the line of succession as President. Khrushchev does not deceive himself as to Kennedy’s loyal Americanism. He is not hoodwinked into believing that Johnson favors communism. But Khrushchev knows he has nothing to gain from Nixon and Lodge; he hopes he has little to lose with Kennedy and Johnson.” The peaceful accomplishment of beginning desegregation in Houston ought to demonstrate again to the rest of the stateand the South that even in large cities with traditionally Southern ideas about the matter, desegregation can be accomplished without outbreaks like Little Rock. As Dallas now also recognizes, refusing to obey the law, as Faubus did, destroys a city’s immediate business future and brings down upon it national and world contempt. By the by, Atty. Gen. Will Wilson’s ruling on the applicability of the state law purporting to deny state funds to integrating districts saves his political hide, allright, but hardly strengthens his image as a public statesman. To simplify : the state law applies, he said, where there have The next session of the legislature put up state matching funds to obtain for the 223,000 Texas old people now getting public assistance up to an additional $12 a month for whether to extend this newly-available medical money to other aged citizens not on the assistance roles but unable to pay their medical expenses. Gov . Price Daniel says matching funds under this new program are top-priority business. We agree. 5tuo PartieJ We are delighted that Texas labor leaders took their policy ideas to both the Republican and the Democratic state conventions. Whether the Republicans are or not, Texas labor is serious about a two-party Texas. One of “three views” about Khrushchev’s New York visit discussed Thursday morning by the News is the view that he imagines “that he can defeat Nixon and Lodge by posturing in the United Nations …” In an editorial just above this cheap and dirty attempt to turn Texans’ dislike of Khrushchev against John Kennedy, the News has called the Democratic Party’s national platform a “Marxian manifesto.” The Dallas Morning News is stooping to foul playfoul play at the dank level of morbid McCarthyism. In this they are following Nixon’s more cautious but just as unmistakable lead. For Nixon it was who seized on Kennedy’s justified remark that a statement of regret about the U-2 incident might be in order to accuse him of working “toward the cause of surrender” to communism. Thoughtful Americans will recognize all this as the cheapest opportunism. But how many non-thoughtful Americans will be frightened by such arguments? not been elections, but not where the voters favored segregation but a court order for integration has been ordered. Wilson thus adapted the law into a vehicle to delay integration until the federal court orders it while still preventing it where the local district has not had an election or the voters have said no. This perpetuates the false principle of the state law, local option on the American Constitution, and does Wilson’s past reputation as a man who recognizes the supremacy of federal law no credit. ..7he 3ach Footnote on hypocrisy : While many Texas politicians continue to bleat against federal aid, during fiscal 1960 the state government accepted federal grants of $187 million for highways, $3 million for public health, $121 million for welfare, $20 million for public education, and $16 million for other programs, a total of $347 million compared to $153 million seven years ago. In fact if not in profession, Texas is becoming a cooperating partner-state in the American union. Sen. Ralph Yarborough is calling for a “Marshall Plan for the Americas,” economic aid to help our friends to the south fight domestic poverty and thus deVelop more resistance to communist appeals. This is a longoverdue ideaone Sen. John Kennedy can be expected to carry outand ought to prove to past skeptics, including the Observer, that Yarborough does fundamentally believe in foreign aid, even though he has criticized the program on various occasions. Daniel’s Peace Pipe Poetic Injustice AUSTIN Governor Daniel is playing out his role of Texas peace pipe-passer for the Kennedy-Johnson ticket with the same resolution with which, in past years, he has axed the interests of liberals in Texas party politics. A Baptist, \(one almost writes, “Aleven in Abilene, against persecuting a man for his religious views. He has endorsed the Democratic ticket in fairly good grace. He adheres to those conservative, state-oriented views which found no home in the Democrats’ national platform and were less well received even in the Republicans’ than in years past. But he did not join the crocodiles lying in their Shivercratic sloughs, crying and chomping away on the national platform. He slipped down there once or twice, right after Los Angeles, but since then he has taken a more inconsistent but, for the Democratic cause, less damaging position, just standing by his old-fashioned views and voting for the liberal Kennedy. It is, of course, symptomatic of the perfunctory support many conservative Texas officials are giving the Democrats that the state Democrats did not endorse Kennedy and Johnson by name. Presumably Daniel’s thinking was that he did not want a loud-sounding chorus of nos. But the failure explicitly to endorse the ticket combined with the negativism of the state platform hardly presented the state with an image of real enthusiasm. We hoped, oh, mildly hoped that Texas Democratic affairs would be at least superficially more peaceful at the Dallas convention than in every other convention we’ve ever heard of. After all, Johnson & Co. had eradicated the Texas liberals from official existence, had they not ?sanded down the splinters, you might say, until little was left for the September convention but solid, conservative, old-fashioned, obsolete states’ rights conservatism. But no, Daniel and his friends, such as Jake Pickle, \(soon, they say, THE TEXAS Published by Texas Observer Co., Ltd. Entered as second-class matter, April 26, 1937, at the Post Office at Austin, Texas, under the Act of March 3, 1879. SEPTEMBER 23, 1960 Ronnie Dugger Editor and General Manager Willie Morris, Associate Editor Sarah Payne, Office Manager Published once a week from Austin, Texas. Delivered postage prepaid $5 per annum. Advertising rates available on request. Extra copies 15c each. Quantity prices available on order. to be elevated to the Texas Employlated too much expertise in the manipulation of Democratic conventions to skip a chance to show their stuff. The Harris County delegates were mostly Republicans, true; but they were delegates. Those who would pledge to support the party’s ticket should have been admitted for the proceedings. Instead they were all kept sweating outside until, really, everything had been done and about a half hour of the convention was left. Four years ago the liberal Democrats from Houston waited out the day in a Fort Worth cowbarn. This week the Houston conservatives got it back. It was no better in principle Tuesday than it was in 1956. These conventions are farces, and will be, one supposes, until politicians stop running political parties like military battalions, until the privates stop standing for it. And when will that be? Perhaps when the Republicans start electing officials at the courthouse level and stay in their own party in Texas. Perhaps never. R.D. OBSERVER alepp, EDITORIAL and BUSINESS OFFICE: 504 West 24th St., Austin, Texas. Phone GReenwood 7-0746. HOUSTON OFFICE: Mrs. R. D. Randolph, 419 1/2 Lovett Blvd., Houston 16, Texas. We will serve no group or party but will hew hard to the truth as we find it and the right as we see it. We are dedicated to the whole truth, to human values above all interests, to the rights of man as the foundation of democracy; we will take orders from none but our own conscience, and never will we overlook or misrepresent the truth to serve the interests of the powerful or cater to the ignoble in the human spirit. eAtitao new 5ouL ..140uJ ion -_9niegration