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‘No Chance AUSTIN What is the attitude of the business analysts who put out “the Texas Businessman” toward “Freedom in Action” leader Jack Cox’s announcement against Gov. Price Daniel? Said the Dec. 14 issue of the newsletter: “No chance for success: it’s looked upon as a needling move, aimed at Daniel for his erstwhile far-right friends. Some think it’s enough to make Daniel run.” 1 vir The Democrats of Texas Clubs newsletter announces that DOTCfollowing the example of the California Democratic Councilwill hold an issues conference the day preceding its next convention in February, 1960. Democrats will be invited to sign up for a committee to work in their main field, of interest, Creekmore Fath, DOTC official, said in Austin. This points to a decision in DOTC to construct a liberal platform for the 1960 state convention. frof There is no candidate in sight against Sen. Lyndon Johnson at this point. Jack Cox decided not to run for governor when he found little prospect of a well financed conservative cam paign against Johnson. Some liberals are continuing an active inquiry for a Senate candidate. Byron Abernethy of Lubbock re portedly ran up against an in sufficiency of financing prospects as he visualized the requirements. i o of The Johnson for President committee’s material invit ing selected Dallas people to be one of 300 vice-chairmen for the Dallas club requires an agree ment to “actively support” John son for the nomination but does not mention supporting the nomi nees of the Democrats in 1960 .. . The Stevenson Club’s newsletter in Austin is composed mostly of polls showing Stevenson’s continu ing strength in the country . . . R. D. McCain of Dallas, pro Johnson Democrat, has told Paul Butler, the Democrats’ national chairman, he will send $1,000 to “BOW” WILLIAMS Automobile and General Insurance Budget Payment Plan Strong Stock Companies GReenwood 2-0545 624 LAMAR, AUSTIN Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax! THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 8 December 25, 1959 g o of Southwestern Insurance In formation Service -of Dallas announced “a statewide information and education program on safety and on jury service” in a release about a speech by an Austin insurance man before the Luling Kiwanis Club condemning “ridiculously large awards” in damage suits, raising insurance costs to “the everyday consumer.” Texas Assn. of Plaintiffs’ Attys., picking up a similar charge in a Dallas speech before the Southwestern Legal Foundation, remarked on exorbitant salaries to insurance officials, high expenses in resisting just claims, and doctoring books to show losses, and asked, “Furthermore, how many large insurance companies have we heard of that have discontinued writing casualty and compensation policies?” g o of United Auto Workers of ficial Ed Coffey announces in Dallas a series of programs on issues at UAW membership meetings. The first: “WhO Pays for Elections?” The second: separating propaganda from the truth. por Sen. Grady Hazelwood, speaking before the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, said onethird of the people run the state and challenged the businessmen to sell poll taxes and learn how to take over precinct conventions. He said state spending is here to stay: the children crowding the schools “are your grandchildren, and if you want to quit spending, quit sending them to school.” Catholic Issue AUSTIN The attitudes which a Catholic nominee might have to hurdle in 1960 have appeared without any apology in ”It Sez Here,” Ernest Joiner’s iconoclastic column in his Ralls Banner. Wrote Joiner: “I can’t refrain from comment ‘on apologists for Kennedy. They are naive enough to believe they can ‘sell’ that line about Kennedy’s devotion to the American principle of separation of church and state. Yet in all countries where Catholics outnumber Protestants, there is no separation of church and state, and there never was. The only reason there is separation of church and state in the United States is because there aren’t enough voting Catholics, yet. This is a situation the Catholic Church intends to remedy, as witness its stern laws against birth control, and its readiness to promote its members into a fast-breeding contest with the earth’s. standing room. It’s quicker and more expedient to breed Catholics than convert them …. Protestants know, or should know, that there is no such animal as a Catholic divorced from the, tenets of his faith. That’s why religion is an issue in the coming campaign, and that’s why it SHOULD be an issue.” Over $133 Million Insurance In Force JoldefAitejeci INSURANCE COMPANY P. 0. Box 8098 Houston, Texas HAROLD E. RILEY Vice-President and Director of Agencies Issues Parley Planned; Dallas GOP Hoick On SAN ANTONIO With the organization of Texas’s third local of the American Federation of teachers here, the way has been opened for a state federation of teachers. Hugh MacColl, international representative of the AFT, said preliminary organizational steps will be taken during the holidays. Under AFT’s constitution, three teachers’ locals are required in a state before a state federation can be chartered. Formal organization of the third local, teachers from the Edgewood Independent School District here, followed unionization of teachers of the San Antonio district on Nov. 10. The third AFT local in Texas is in Houston. The surprise in the Edgewood teachers’ meeting was the announcement by Joe Tovares, a member of their school board, that the board had discussed the teachers forming a union and had gone on record as not objecting. No member had opposed the AFT move, he said. Tovares’s statement, which followed speeches by Bexar County Commissioner Albert Pena and MacColl, was greeted with applause. A few minutes later, when MacColl asked t h e Edgewood group if they were interested in formally organizing, one of the teachers said, “If the school board’s for us, then what do we vor Texas Co-Op Power, the or gan of the rural electric cooperatives, reported glowingly on the Bastrop catfish rally for Johnson and concluded, “The response left no doubt about ‘which way’ the senator’s ‘home folks’ would vote.” g o of Dallas Republicans have in effect rejected the idea of becoming avigorous party fight ing for all local offices. Maurice Carlson stated in resigning as chairman, “I based my whole program on organization of a two party effort in Texas and Dallas County. That was the theme of my entire administration. Apparently a lot of other people have the notion that my views are pre judicial to what they consider the right procedure.” Carlson had been criticized on grounds that his statements and activities might alienate conservative Democrats whose support the Dallaas GOP has enjoyed and thus might en danger the re-election of Bruce Alger. The Dallas GOP county committee met and accepted Carl have to worry about? Let’s get started!” MacColl referred to Pena and Tovares as “the kind of friends who will stand by you, even if it loses them votes.” Pena said solidarity and organization are important and illustrated his point with this story: An unerring marksman with a whip stood several yards from a grazing horse one day, popping the flies off the horse without missing a fly. A little boy stood by in open-mouthed admiration. A bumblebee abruptly settled on the horse, and instead of flicking at it as he had the flies, the marksman rested. “Why don’t you get him, too?” the boy asked. “No, no,” the whiperacker shook his head, “these bumblebees are organized.” The moral, Pena advised the group of San Antonio schoolteachers, is to maintain unity and strength through organization “don’t let them knock you off like flies.” Congratulating the teachers on their move, Pena told them that “people who have fought the things we’re for have been endorsed by teachers’ groupsthat doesn’t make sense. You should align yourselves with groups such as the AFT and the Bexar County Democrats which endorse your just requests.” son’s resignation, designating, as his replacement, Alger’s 1958 campaign manager. Texans therefore can expect the same configuration of Dallas political forces in 1960 as beforeconservatives in a floating Democratic-Republican coalition versus liberals trying to get control of the Democratic machinery. In Washington, the Republi lican national chairman, Thurston B. Morton, said the GOP hopes to win congressional seats in 1960 in Houston and El Paso. por Texas state politics for 1960 will take shape rapidly after Gov. Daniel’s Jan. 4 address, in which he will tell whether he is going to call a special session and probably whether he is going to run for a third term. The gist of the collective expectation in poli tical Austin: he won’t call the special session for February, though he may call it later on; he will announce for a third term. The few extra answers he got from his legislator poll were not decisive, but he did conclude that a majority of the members don’t want a session. At his second press conference on the subject this month, he said the recent Belden Poll showing 54 percent against Political Intelligence a called session and 33 percent for it had surprised him but was “a pretty accurate reflection.” Reporters at the conference polled each other and found ten predicting he will run again, two saying otherwise, and two undecided. Daniel in effect said he would like to run”I would like to put the final record in better shape than it is right now”but he wants to talk it over with his family over the holidays. He will also be considering the Belden poll which voters approving and 15 percent disapproviAg \(10 percent undefor and 41 percent against his gave this percentage-of-mentionas-“a good governor” in 1961-63 rundown: Daniel 46, Yarborough The group was also welcomed by Frank Swales, chairman of the AFL-CIO Council of San Antonio, who pledged them that the 83 other San Antonio locals would stand behind them. Robert Hahnel, chairman of the San Antonio AFT local 1356 \(which formally called the meeting “a remarkable turnout.” About 40 persons attended the meeting, most remaining for the business meeting. Emilio Garza was chosen temporary chairman of the Edgewood local. Other officers include Mrs. Hattie Russell, secretary; Martin Reyna, treasurer, and Rod Rodriguez, Ed Swindle, Dorothy Vargas, and Frank Birmingham, members of the executive board. The Edge wood Independent School District, most of which is situated within the city limits of San Antonio, is on the west side of the city. 40, Dies 26, Wilson 26, Ramsey 25, Coke Stevenson 19, Marshall Formby 6, Walter Hall 3. Formby is not likely to run against Daniel, might take on Ben Ramsey, Stuart Long reported. V Will Wilson’s office an nouncedin a review of Wilson’s official actions in 1959that Wilson thinks the Gulf States have a fair chance, and Texas and Florida an excellent chance, of winning the tidelands fight before the U.S. Supreme Court. fro” In legislative races, Maco Stewart, one of the candidates for the Senate post vacated by Jimmy Phillips, announced he favors a corporate income tax plus an excise tax collected at the manufacturer or wholesaler level \(exempting food, feed, fertilizer, eral sales tax. He said he would repeal the franchise tax as “unfair to business.” . . . Dr. Ira Kohler, defeated by Rep. Dean Johnston of Houston for the House in 1958, announced against Johnston. Paul Floyd, who is quitting Wilson’s staff of lawyers to run for the legislature, says he might run against Johnston. ve Texas Manufacturers’ Assn. is distributing the AFL-CIO voting record on Texas legislators with the statement that the votes labor calls good were those “APPROVED by the UNION OFFICIALS . .. Don’t be fooled,” says TMA. g o of Sen. Ralph Yarborough, in Pecos, attacked Secretary of Agriculture Benson’s announcement that unplanted rows will be included in the cotton acreage allotments. “For years,” he said, “West Texas dry land cotton farmers have followed this practice. It was set up by the soil conservation service and approved by the U.S.D.A. as a soil conservation measure. Secretary Benson’s sudden order, without warning, to cut out this practice or take a cut of 50 percent in cotton acreage, is a stab in the back of the dry land farmers.” g o of Calvin Steinberger of Hous ton has delivered an attack on the United Nations in his precinct “Freedom in Action” meeting and also sent copies of it to members of his church, the Observer is advised. He calls the National Council of Churches “pro-communist” and say the UN is “infested with communists.” He urges withdrawal from the Council of Churches of Greater Houston and from the National Council of Churches, as well as withdrawal of U.S. “recognition and support of Russia and the UN.” g# An election on a Newspaper Guild local at the Dallas Times-Herald is to be held some