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The Small Town Library Loyalists’ Views On Adlai Again BURNET The district eight meeting of the Texas Library Association in Kerrville carried rural libraries in the area a step further along the way of good library service. Because of the negative attitude of the State Library toward library extension, many small town and county libraries owe their existence and progress to the librarians of the nearest city libraries. District eight, embracing 38 counties from Bell, Williamson, Travis, and Bastrop on the east to the Rio Grande border, includes in its membership the hundreds of trained college, school, and public librarians of Austin and San Antonio. Staffs of the Graduate School of Library Service at the University of Texas and the department of librarianship in Our Lady of the Lake College in San Antonio have given practical assistance to many small libraries in the area. The chairman of the district for the present year is Frances Seaver, reference librarian at the School of Aviation Medicine at Brooks Field near San Antonio; phasizes that it has not been able to ascertain the explicit cause of ineligibility in any case from government sources. It should also be emphasized that the list is based on governmental administrative findings only. The Labor Department’s list of “Texas Employers Declared Ineligible to Contract Mexican Nationals” dated Aug. 24, 1959: Atascosa: Hime, James S r., Bailey: Benton, Mrs. Grace; Jones, James H.; and Dunlop, N. A., all of Muleshoe. strong, R. H.; Marshall, W. S.; Rivero, Jerry F. \(Jeronimo F., RiBorden: Sharp, S. C., Gail. Brazos: Loehr, Bennie, and Scamardo, Sam M., both of Bryan. Burleson: Bush, Sam & Nick, Caldwell. Calhoun: Tillery, John, of Longmott, and, all the rest from Port Lavaca: Marek, Otto; Calhoun County Farm Bureau; Priddy, Joe; Matson, A. C.; Matson, Stanley; Wehmeyer, H. C.; Mullinex, J. C.; Nunley, J. P.; Fenner, C. B.; Buren, Paul; Crober, W. H.; Custer, A. R.; Johnson, J. C.; Spradlin, Charles; Sanders, M. E.; Salazar, Joe H.; Whatley, R. W.; Kemper, G. F.; and Kemper, R. F. Crosby: Middleton, B i 11, of Rails. Cameron: Sandlin, R. F., Harlingen; Gilliland, Odio, Harlingen; Jaguo, L. A., Brownsville; Quintanilla, Tomas, .San Benito; Mikkelson, L. M., San Benito; Moon, E. B., La Feria; Sojak, Bill, Rio Hondo; Wight, Estelle, Mrs., Rio Hondo. Lane, J. M.; Davis, D. W.; Blackstock, T. H.; Wilson, Marvin; Lloyd, John; Gray, Connie; Drennan, Claude; Outlaw, E.; Webb, Lowell; Sawyers, D. M.; Morris, R. I.; Riley, Virgil \(now at San Simon, Coleman: Ewing, Jack, Coleman. Crockett: Henderson, John W., Ozona. Culberson: Walker, F. D., and Van Horn. Dawson: Hilton, Wm. L., Welch; Bingham, W. S., Patricia; Merrick, R. A., Ackerly; and, all from Lamesa, White, W. G. & Glenn; Stretch, Lester T.; Vasquez, Julian; Broyles Lamesa Farms, Inc. Deaf Smith: Coffin, Leon, and Trautmann Bros., Inc., both of Hereford. Dimmitt: Ivy, Johnnie, and Majek & Ivy, both of Carrizo Springs. Edwards: Varga, N. E., Carta Valley; Epperson, Tom W., Rocksprings. El Paso: Reyes, Rafael, and Reyes, Silvestre, both of the city, El Paso. Falls: Palasota, Mike, and Salvato, Vence, both of Reagan. Fisher, city of Rotan: Underwood, Roy; Romero, Jesus; Morrow, Juston M.; Helms, Del Roy; THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 2 Oct. 30, 1959 program chairman and chairmanelect is Sam Suhler, assistant reference librarian in the Austin public library. UNTRAINED WORKERS, lack of cooperation between public and school libraries, and too little money make progress slow in rural Texas. The opening symposium was on “The Library, the School, and the Community.” Mrs. Tom O’Donnell, Sr., Burnet County librarian, Dr. M. G. Bowden, principal of Casis elementary school, Austin, and Kerr County Judge Julius R. Neunhoffer formed the panel. It was made clear that where both public and school libraries in a small town have low budgets, they can increase their services through constant cooperation and a complete knowledge of each other’s finances and facilities. Competition between two such agencies is senseless. Two very practical workshops were held. Mrs. May Lea McCurdy and Mrs. Gladys Tomme of the Austin public library explained how small libraries can simplify technical processes. William R. Holman, director of the San Antonio public library, Hancock, W. A.; Bowen, A. W.; Macias, Inez; Trim, Marshall; Phillips, J. P.; Price, Frank; Murphree, Carroll; Loving, Lewis; Latham, L. E.; Green, James; Wright, B. S.; Foster, T. B.; Edwards, E. J.; Cox, John F. Fisher, city of Roby: Goolsby, Roy H.; Baugh, Doyle; Cummings, P. W.; Elam, H. P.; Cleveland, W. D.; Justiss, C. C.; Holleman, L. V.; Kral, Theodore; Lewis, Clyde; McCormick, J. D., Jr.; Jarnagin, Melville; Menshew, Finis; Wilburn, Louie; Kiken, Jack; Whitworth, Howard; Upshaw, W. B.; Walker, W. 0.; Terry, Kermit; Terry, It D.; Maldonado, Joe; Stuart, Richard; Butler, H. E.; Butler, W. W.; Farrar, Clyde. Fisher, other towns: Hogan, Tom H., McCaulley; Webb, Milton, McCaulley; Jeffery, J. T., Sylvester; Herron, C. D., Sylvester. Gaines: Scheller, H. E., Middleton, F. M., and Mings, Cecil, all of Seagraves; and Cook, Archie, Freeman, W. A. and Payton, Henry, all of Seminole. Gillespie: Walker, Ray E. Harper. Gonzales: Greer, W. L., Gonzales. Hale: Phares, C. W., Hale Center; Busby, E. W., Cotton Center; and Wilson, Jake, Boyd, W. L. Jr., Steinberg, Otto, and Miller, Dan, all of Plainview. Harris: Kobayashi, Mitsutaro, Webster. Haskell: Holcomb, Joe, Rule; Mayfield, Clyde, Weinert; Harris, E. W., Weinert. Gutowsky, Ace; Gutowsky Bros.; Gutowsky, Chester; Lopshire, Lester; Nevarez, M. A., Dr., Hinojosa, Mike; Fujimoto, George K.; Dietz, S. H.; De Los Santos, Valerio; Almaguer, Jesus; Nakano, Roy. Guttenfelder, Walter; Chandler, F. W., Sr.; Carrales, Francisco; Chandler, F. W., Jr.; Blaue, 0. J.; Blaue, Wilma \(Mrs. 0. Inc.; Fresh Water Farms; Parliway, L. A. Sr.; Edinburg Vegetable Mkt’g. Assn.; Fresh Water Farms Mkt’g. Corp; Whittenburg, H. E.; May, Hugh; Dusek, Franklin J ..; Hughes, Marion F.; Robertson, Thomas; Eubank, D. L.; Boen, John D.; Garza, Leandro; Mullins, Ernest; Kirby, R. W.; Butler, C. T Alvarado, Gregorio; Gawlik, Ed. Ishmael, M. M.; Bach, W. J.; Flowerland Ranch; Service Gin Co.; Montano, Ysabel; Clark, J. E. \(C lark Love, Reece A. Donna; Perez, Antonio, Donna; Niet o, Felipe, Donna; Champion, Tim, Mercedes; Downing, W. C., Mercedes; McCorma c, H. A., Pharr; Sharp, A. B., Pharr; Baucon, A. W., Pharr; Edwards, G. L., Pharr; Bemis, Lee, San Juan; Baker, G. N., Hidalgo; Cortez, Reynaldo, Hargill; Briggs, R. E., Hargill; Callaway, J. J. Edcouch; Harbison, Donald, Edcouch; Cameron, V. L., Elsa; Matulik, Hoover, Elsa; Weisser, E. J., Elsa; Martinez, A. L., Mercedes. Hockley: Reding, L. D., Levelland. Houston: Knox, Leo, Crockett. Howard: Brown, C. C., and Brown, Grover S., both of Vincent, showed through charts and films ways of interesting city councilmen and county commissioners in the library’s value to the people. Mrs. Harold G. Robinson of Austin, the luncheon speaker, discussed people and books with the enthusiasm of a life-long reader and devoted library friend. Such a down-to-earth program would be impossible in the Association’s annual three-day meeting. The gap between the interests of the small town or county librarian and university and city public library staffs is too wide. The attendance of library trustees and librarians was excellent, but very few school administrators responded to the special invitations extended to them. District officers provided helpful pamphlets, catalogues, and book lists for free distribution. An annual “book swap” has been proposed. Each year the association’s leaders find new ways to increase the library’s contribution to Texas life. A VISIT to the attractive Kerr County memorial library and the hospitality of its trustees and strong organization of “Friends” impressed the visitors. E.S.G. Jones: Baucum, Joe, Anson; and Harris, Vernon, Jackson, W. S., Gregory, C. E., Scarborough, John, and Poe, F. W., Jr., all five of Hamlin. Karnes: Leal, Pete, Rosser, Falls City; Kinney: Raney, Jess, Spofford; Dooley, 0. D., Brackettville, Petersen Ranch, Brackettville. Knox: Carpenter, E. R., and Britton, W. B., both Knox City. Leon: McIver, C. L., Leona. Lynn: High Gin Company, Tahoka; High, W. C., Tahoka; Parker, Dea, Tahoka; Chapa, Juan, Tahoka; Caztillon, Tom, Tahoka; Cox, A. P., Tahoka, Lamesa; Bowlin, Dorothy, O’Donnell; Bowlin, James, O’Donnell; Fulkerson, W. H., O’Donnell. Lubbock: Wright, Robt. C. Lubbock; Gore, Joe T., Lubbock; Joiner, Alvin, Idalou; Bramlett, J. T., Shallowater. McCulloch: Price, C. D., Rochelle; Price, T. E., Rochelle; Taylor, J. F., Stacey. Mason: Armes, Roy, Pontotoc. Maverick W. H.; Harper, Richmond C.; Ferguson, A. T.; McClain, 0. C.: H. Jr.; Ferguson, Joe A. Mills: . Wash, Marshall, Mullin, Moore: Carson, Oscar, Dumas. Nolan: Nettleton, G. L., Sweetwater; Schroedter, H. 0., Sweetwater; Webb, Glen, Sweetwater; Martin, John R., Roscoe; Watzl, Anton, Roscoe; Williams, Herbert, Roscoe; Lindsey, 0. F., Roscoe; Rankin, M. L., Roscoe; Rannefeld, E. H., Roscoe; Robinson, A. J., Roscoe; Tyrone, Alvis V., Nolan; Farmer: Seale, Charles, Farwell; Wood, N. E., Friona. Cooper, Robert L., Hardesty, Okla.; Nash, Howard L., Guymon, Okla. Real: Jernigen, Neal Sr., Camp Wood. Reeves: Therrill, A. D., and Dinwiddie, Wayne, both of Pecos. Refugio: Friday, H. J., and Edwards, B. H., both of Tivoli. Robertson, Cash, Ross, and De Stefano, Joe, both of Hearne. Scurry: Beaver, Alfred, Fluvanna; and Walker, J. D., Walker, J. T., Mijares, Calestro, Herring, W. E., and Adams, T. C., all of Hermleigh. Starr: Drewry, Virgil, Roma; Brown, Virgil, Roma; Wagers, Fred, Roma; Garza, Noe, Santa Elena. Lasiter, W. V.; Ratliff, Frank, Sr.; Smith, Fayne; Wade, J. W. Reynolds, Foy E.; Hamilton, M. W. Uvalde: Schoenburg, Paul P.. Uvalde and Schoenburg Prod. Co.; McDaniel, C. A., Uvalde, Ozona; McKinnerney, Georg e, North Uvalde. Val Verde: Cauthorn, Virgil F., Del Rio; Ward, Bill D., Juno. Thissell, A. P.; Guerrero, Jose; Trautmann Bros., Inc.; Trautmann, Robert; Trautmann, Alvin; Huston, Charles E., Lowery, Willis E., III. Willacy: Boykin, M. V., Raymondville; Leininger, G. F., Raymondville; McAtee, Perry, Raymondville; Stafford, Ernest, La Sara. Zavala: Carrion, Robert, Batesville; Capps. J. B., Batesville; Alger, T. P., Crystal City; Willmon, Howard J., Crystal City; Whiteley, A. E., La Pryor. Lyndon,” Maverick said. Fagan Dickson, Austin attorney, said, “I’m very fond of Mr. Stevenson and of course I’d support him if he was nominated. But since a Texan is available or is being presented, I would have to be in the favorite son group until that was disposed of. Not waving any flags, you understand. But I’m