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FIA in Session: Speeches and a Workshop are 30 copies of it circulating in Texas.” He said three states have state charters in addition to Texas. FIA’s central office is in the Gulf Bldg. in Houston. FIA’s activity is still principally concerned with Texas. Cox said FIA does not give out its total membership. He believed that the people who attended the Manion rally hailed from about 50 Texas cities and towns. \(Also present were Adm. Ben Morrell, of Washington, D. C., head of Americans for Constitutional Action; George Thomas, Nebraska, head of Congress for Freedom; and Roy Page, Florida, president Bill Hollis, a member of FIA’s Houston staff, said speeches have been made for FIA before luncheon, civic, church, school, and labor groups in Houston, and directors for FIA have been named in about 100 Houston precincts. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” Hollis said, “and in Harris County in the past few years we conservatives have done a little eating.” Asked -what FIA is going to do about Lyndon Johnson’s presidential favorite .sonship next May, Cox said that “people as,k that a thousand times,” but the answer is that FIA as an organization “can’t do anything, being non-partisan and only educational. Individual members take these grass roots level in the party of their choice.” In a speech to FIA during a midmorning meeting, Cox said “Government is necessary, but must be limited.” He attacked farm subsidies and recent Supreme Court decisions. He said the theory that foreign aid is necessary to combat communism is “pure unadulterated bunkand Washington knows it.” Politics and God ‘ “Your Fight for God and Country,” Everett’s luncheon speech was entitled. Throughout he associated his politics with Christianity and God. “Our rights and privileges are derived from, God and not from government,” he said. “We are going to win this fight for God and country.” “What possible hope for God and country can there be through any Godless, one-world court not bound by any constitutional restrictionswhose judges may be socialists or atheists or anti-Christ communists …” And, Everett ,also said: “Dedicated Christian American patriots should now arise and come to the forefront and demonstrate knowledge of the Bible and of the background and true history of our Constitutional Republic.” Everett argued against democracy. “One will not find the word ‘democracy’ in the Bible in the Declaration of Independencein the Bill of Rightsor in the Constitution of the United States, or of any state,” he said. “Each state was guaranteed ‘a republican form of government,’ not ‘a democracy.’ … Some of you may still be of the opinion that our government was to be a democracy. Please let me dispel that mistaken belief … Our forebears determined that restricted government should exist under God. They knew that it would not be enough to establish majority rule, for they also knew that no tyranny an match that of an unfettered shiftting majority which Jefferson called an ‘elective despotism.’ We were supposed to have a constitutional republic and not a democracy.” Attacking “Khrushchev, the Moscow murderer, and the other Kremlin gangsters,” and, as he also put it, “that old murdering butcher of Budapest,” and “Mikoyan and Koslov, Chief Assistant head-choppers of the atheisticanti-Christ,” Everett said “The current peace offensive, aided and abetted by many individuals, groups, and organizations in this country, ‘is being pushed vigorously by Moscow’s agents in all parts of the world.’ ” Everett’s advice: ” … you can resist the peace movement wherever it may appear.” \(Everett was quoting the House Un-American Activities Committee of the Congress in his remark about Moscow abetting “the The Ohio Oil Co. division attorney also advocated the Bricker Amendment; criticized the U.S. for giving communist nations “diplomatic immunities and embassies” from which to spy on us; attacked the United Nations, “the current one-world Godless organization for which Dr. Alger Hiss was the architect”; and urged FIA members to “do something about” what is taught in the schools. On the latter point, he said: “Determine what is being taught in schools: colleges, and professional schools in your home town and state. If that which you find does not meet the true American test, then do something about it with the local authoritiesenlisting and organizing your informed neighbors in an effective campaign.” ‘Christ’s Weapons’ In the afternoon, during a discussion session led by Mrs. Cleo Liner, assistant to FIA’s president, Martin L. Binger, a Houston businessman, said he was a new FIA member, alluded to the religion in Everett’s noonday speech, and asked: “If there is a divinity that shapes our ends, and with my whole heart I’ll buy that, then why are we so pessimistic? I get a rather defeatist reaction. So what? If the Lord is on our side, should we worry?” There was some applause among the 200 or so people in the room, but the speaker persisted in what he meant , to be a criticism. “I do not minimize the dangers,” he said. “Krushchev is what he is … communist subversive activities in this country certainly make your hair stand on edge, and all that. But I don’t know if we should let these feelings of resentment and bitterness and hatred creep into our speeches.” He quoted St. Paul, ” ‘Be not overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.’ ” “If we behave like communists and fight this thing with resentment and bitterness and hatred and what have you, we’ve lost the fight,” the speaker said. “You fight hatred with love! Curses with loving! That’s positive. That’s constructive … Let’s fight but not with hatred and anger. Let’s use Christ’s weapons and not Krushchev’s weapons.” A lady who said she was a member of St. John’s Episcopal Church, of which Everett is also a member, replied to this, “Fighting with love is all very wellwe all like to think that’s a wonderful thing … but God gave us a book of rules … We go by love but we also go by direction.” Cox rose in the back of the room to reply, also. He told of a Quaker preacher who rose in his church in 1775 and said, “There is a time to preach, a time to pray, and a time to fight. Now is the time to fight.” The preacher then took off his minister’s robe and showed his Colonial uniform underneath, enlisting his congregation for the war, Cox said. “This I think was by God’s direction,” Cox said to applause. As he left the room, Binger went to Cox and whispered in his ear, “Let’s fight with Christ’s weapons.” Cox nodded. At another point in this session, a man from Fort Bend County asked, “What can we do to get out of high church places people who are teaching one worldism and socialismand writers of our Sunday School texts? We’re not making any headway.” Mrs. Liner urged FIA organization as the antidote. “Bad literature,” she said, “is put into a church because the people that are really true Christians and believe in our form of government are not taking an interest.” Mrs. Liner, a pretty red-head dressed in a casual brown pullover sweater, remarked of the Democratic Congress: “We need a new, Congress. It’s now .controlled by the radicals.” Asked if contributions to FIA are tax deductible, Mrs. Liner said no, “but they should be … We have not asked for it.” A lady in the audience asked if FIA might not be too “partisan.” Mrs. Liner responded: “FIA is designed to cleanse both political parties. You take in New York State, fort example, for governor you had a choice of two socialists, a Republican socialist and a Democratic socialist.” FIA would give voters “a real choice” by working “for principle first and party second,” she said. “Bruce Alger has given credit to people who were trained in FIA for electing him,” Mrs. Liner continued. “The Governor of Texas has given credit to people trained in FIA in keeping the radicals from taking over. in the communist publications they point out FIA is their deadly HOUSTON Freedom in Action recruiters have discontinued the “associate pledge” which was a first-stage membership requirement. Jack Cox, FIA associate director, said FIA agreed with Observer criticism that the associate pledge was deceitful. The full pledge contains a more extended statement of FIA’s conservative principles Mrs. Cleo Liner, assistant to FIA’s president, told a workshop here during the 1959 leaders’ conference that beginning FIA’ers get only the firg 14 pages of the 51-page copyrighted booklet, “Freedom in Action.” An FIA member asked her from the audience, “Is there we material in the 14 w pages e give out? … I worry that we give ’em all the information.” “The first ’14 pages is strictly principles,” Mrs .Liner said. “The second part is how to organize. So you can ‘separate them.” In the Observer’s copy of the FIA booklet, which is available to members only and has to be turned back in by anyone leaving FIA’s ranks, page 15 carries a statement about the first 14 pages, to wit: “The preceding pages have given you the essentials of this plan. The pages which follow are of even greater importance It will enable you to bring a deeper understanding of the corn enemy which must be wiped out at all’ costs.” A Stem-Unwinder Opening the night rally emcee Chet Lauck, executive assistant of Continental Oil Co., and formerely a radio comedian, said, “FIA is the only organization that has been able to organize and unite the top political leadership of every other conservative organization in Texas.” He called it “a vehicle to be used by all organizations.” Elwood Fouts, president and founder of FIA, and a lawyer, condemned lethargy and ignorance when “we are in actual combat with communism.” If communism wins, he said, “another civilization fails. We start again’ from the dark ages of barbarism.”, FIA, he said, is “multiplying geometrically the number of trained members.” Manion was dean of law at Notre Dame University until June, 1952, when he resigned. In Aug., 1953, President Eisenhower named him chairman of the Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. In Feb. 1954, under strained circumstances, he resigned. He is a member of the state board of education in Indiana and has a radio program, the Manion Forum. A stew-unwinder of an orator, Manion has tufted eyebrows, a balding hairline, a sharp nose, a strong voice, and ‘a style something like Gabriel Heatter, but without Heatter’s sing-song. He wore a stiff collar with a pin under the tieknot, a blue suit and white handkerchief. He said he was “one of the early confidants” of Fouts when Fouts conceived FIA. “I am convinced that success is imminent,” he said to the crowd of 1,000. The Krushchev visit, he said, shocked Americans, proved they have “lost control of their government,” was a “humiliating concession to communist blackmail,” mon objective which holds together the members who work with you.” The first 14 pages include FIA’s “The American Way of Life as defined” \(exampys: “No real American wants a dole …” “Welfare Statism and Socialism are early stages of a cancerous disease of power which can lead to The subsequent pages carry these themes further, for example identifying the personal income tax as a communist principle, instructing FIA’ers: “Never call our government a democracy to distinguish it from other governments,” and outlining plans for winning precinct conventions. The full membership pledge is on page 49. A ten-page extract from the booklet was distributed at the leaders’ conference. The written pledge is ssential, said this extract, because of “the danger of unstable or insincere members” or members’ with “the intent of subversion.” Then, the extract continues: “To seek publicity in the foregoing procedures would seem to be questionable and could prove to be harmful by drawing an attack from those who no longer support. our American Way of Life as defined. While Freedoni in Action in no sense is a secret organization, it should be well rooted in the various states before it invites an attack.” and means we have “American government by presidential pronouncement.” There’s been nothing like it since the Trojan Horse, he said. Krushchev, he said, was “permitted to ridicule and deride American institutions to his heart’s content …” Later he said that after the Krushchev visit, “I’m afraid …the odds are for” communist victory in America. Liberty, he said, means limited government. Constitutions prohibit governments from doing many things, just as the Ten Commandments do, and he advocates “the prohibitory doctrine.” “The property ‘of the American people is being confiscated by unconstitutional tax procedures and recourse to the courts prohibited by Congressional law,” he said. “Everybody’s accustomed to tracing the erosion of liberty back to Franklin Roosevelt in 1933,” he said. “B`ut let me tell you, the greatest erosion has occurred in the last four yearsnot in the last 25.” He recited the defeat of the Bricker amendment, with the “bureaucracy” opposing it. He advocated citizens be “vigilantly , suspicious” of government. At this point . he said, “The swelling state in the United States signifies the shrinking moral stature of the American people. We have lost what it takes, in other words, to preserve this freedom.” ‘ “If it is our state of mind’ to avoid atomic war at any price,” he said, “then we must pay his any time, at any place.” He said he got a letter from a student saying, ” ‘I would rather live under communism than die in an atomic war.’ ” To this Manion retorted: “How silly can you get? The man who died at the Battle of Bunker Hill is just as dead as the man who was cooked at Hiroshima.” This was applauded by the crowd.. Manion wanted to know what difference it made “whether you happen to be cooked in an atomic blast by the communists of New York City.”