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pital received from its principal income source, the National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis. With outgo at $600,000 and income down to $300,000, the hospital is attempting to cope with its mounting industrial accident patients by raising $300,000 from members of organized labor and other interested groups. Charles Elmer Doolin, who parlayed $25 in capital and $75 in borrowed money into a $51 million Frito business, died of a heart attack in Dallas. He was 56. Doolin tasted his first Frito in 1932 in a San Antonio cafe operated by a man who wanted to return to Mexico. He bought the recipe for $100, moved to Dallas, and established the company which grew to embrace 22 plants in 18 cities. He retired as president and became board chairman only last month. BRAINPOWER IS OUR MOST VITAL RESOURCE! You can’t -dig education out se ..he earth. There’s only one place where business and industry can get the educated men and w0111011 so vitally needed for future progress. That’s from our colleges and universities. Today these institutions axe doing their best to most the need. But they face a crisis. The demand for brains is increasing feat, and so is the pressure el college applications. More money must be raised each year to expand fa:dittiesbring faculty salaries up to an adequate standard provide a sound education for the young people who need and deserve it. Ass practical business measure, help the colleges or universities of your choice nowt The returns will be greater than you think If you want to know what the college crisis means to you, write for bee booklet to HIGHER EDUCATION, lox 36, Times Squaw’, Sadao, Now York 36, Now Ye& Shaw Transportation Company, Inc. E.. P. SHAW, PRESIDENT 801111i410, Texas Truckers, Tradition and Prejudice TMA AD GIVES FOLKS A CHOICE * Van Cliburn, commenting on music, America and culture, told reporters: “It is pitful to go abroad, as you may find out some day, and meet Europeans who speak many language and you speak nothing but English. It is shocking, and one reason why Americans have a reputation for being uncultured. We give them plenty of reason to suspect it is true even though it isn’t, because we give the impression we care nothing for culture and tradition.” * Houston’s school board came in for criticism from local newspapers and national educators for its decision to strip the superintendent and his staff of many administrative duties. In this sharply political area of Houston education, the board’s majority conservative faction voted to set up a three-member personnel committee designed to select school administrators. In doing so, it took away from the superintendent one of his prime duties, of screening applicants. Said the Post: “The majority of the Houston School Board obviously is out of step with the best thinking in the field of education. Instead of one superintendent, we are to have a half dozen of them. The inherent threat to school personnel morale is obvious. And any breakdown in morale inevitably would result in children receiving less than the best in education.” Joining the criticism was Robert Attacks on DOT Sirs: The actions taken by the Democrats of Texas Clubs at the third annual convention were an effective refutation of the charge that the DOTC is an auxiliary of the state AFL-CIO. The labor members who gathered in a COPE meeting that preceded the DOTC steering committee meeting made and actively supported two major proposals: To abolish the voting places now held on the executive board by members at large … and to encourage all Democrats who attend precinct conventions next May to commit themselves at the precinct level to the candidates they prefer for the Democratic presidential nomination. The convention killed both proposals. The first proposal was expected to meet criticism Which has been directed at the active participation of farm and labor leaders and leaders of cultural and ethnic minorities in the DOTC. Such criticism cannot be appeased. No one prints and distributes reams of lurid, distorted, hostile publicity about an ineffective organization. This kind of attack is reserved for effective organizations and directed against their strongest points. The attackers expect either that the criticism will destroy the organization or that the organization, seeking to meet the criticism by altering its most effective policies, will destroy itself … Democratic societies consist of persons. So do democratic organization. Jerry Holleman is not an institution; he’s a persona thoughtful, perceptive, dedicated person and a useful Democrat. We declined to abolish his seat on the board: we reelected him to it … THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 3 July 25, 1959 Willis, president of the National School Board Association; Howard E. Wilson, dean of the UCLA school of education; Dr. Stephen Romine, dean of Colorado University school of education and Dr. Francis Keppel, dean of Harvard graduate school of education. Said Wilson: “If the Houston school board is going out as a hiring agency themselves, that is pretty bad. They shouldn’t take the initiative of going over the head of their own man whom they hired.” The Superintendent, John M. McFarland, does not share completely the opinions of school board conservatives on how to proceed with integration. * A 13-year-old Negro girl who tried to enter a white junior high school in Houston’s segregated independent school district was rejjected, she was told, because of a time conflict in the two subjects She wanted to take this summer. Principal Leona Ruebright declined further comment. * Near Huntsville, drivers of 15 huge grain trucks played cat and mouse with highway patrol weight inspectors and settled down to a temporary refuge in a roadside gas station. Officers, who The longer commitments to individual candidates can be postponed, the greater are the opportunities for solutions of basic problems which are more important than the aspirations of any individual candidate. … The DOTC will have a fourth convention, a fifth, and as many more as its members choose to assemble, each more useful than those that preceded it, so long as it bases its activities on its program, refusing to tie its future to the fortunes of any candidate or the policies of any other organization. Margaret Carter, 2816 Sixth Ave., Fort Worth 10. On a Cartoon Sirs: “The Big Shadow Throws a Little Man,” the May 23 cartoon by Bartlett, is one of the best of the twentieth century. Sam B. Householder, 209 Kingwood St., Morgantown, W. Va. Majors Should Pay More Sirs: The major oil companies pay some of the countries in the Middle East a 50% royalty and then haul the oil half way around the world for use in the United States. The major oil companies pay the Texas land, owners a 121/2% royalty and connect their pipelines right into the well, saving the haul of half way around the world. The major oil companies save 3’71/2% royalty plus the expense of hauling the oil half way around the world on the oil produced in Texas, it is my opinion that this great saving will far more than Some Friend Might Want The Observer? must apprehend a vehicle while it is moving, waited overnight a half mile down the road from the station. “We sure beat the state of Texas out of $2,000 in fines today,” one of the drivers informed a reporter. Three trucks tried to make a run for it, dashing down U.S. highway 75 toward Houston, but two were caught by police and fined $116 and $77.50 for overloading. The third truck escaped. Police appealed repeatedly to truckers to resume their journey, promising the resulting fines would not be excessive. The waitout continued at week’s end. * “Texas Industry,” the Texas Manufacturers’ Assn. journal, Jiad some suggestions for the company picnic: “One person should be a coordinator of the whole program. Special committees should be appointed to make arrangements comprised of employees from the plant and the management staff. … Attendance should include employees and their wives and depending upon f acilities, their children. … In most instances, large companies provide the food and a caterer sets up cafeteria type tables to serve the large group. Extracurricular activities should be planned: softball, horseshoe throwing, bingo, swimming, and boating. Entertainment in the form of a small band, singers, or magicians are popular.” pay for the sale price on the lease and have a lot of room left for more taxes on the oil companies without passing it on to the consumer. Is the small 121/2% royalty paid on Texas oil the reason they can pay 50% royalty, on foreign oil? Is the 12 1/2% royalty paid on Texas oil the reason the oil companies are so fabulously rich? I think the oil companies can pay more royalty to Texas landowners which should be taxed and I think the oil companies can stand more tax on their own production. Foe A. Lawrence, Austin, Texas. AUSTIN Texas Manufacturers’ Association lobbyist Ed Burris spent a busy week sending out to members confidential bulletins and suggested advertising layouts for local papers on the tax issue. The ad formats contained a memo at the bottom convenient for local newspaper readers to cut out and mail to their representatives. The suggested TMA form read: will do the least damage to my job and business opportunity for me and my children, so I prefer a sales tax. The State Supreme Court re versed a decision won earlier by the Gulf Oil Corporation and ordered that Raymond W. Guidry has a right to have his dismissal restudied by an arbitration panel. The ruling climaxed a two and a half year court controversy over a fist fight between Guidry, a Negro, and his white foreman. after Guidry was promoted to the foreman’s department from the labor force. Union management The Week in Texas arbiters decided Guidry should be reinstated with back pay but demoted to the labor force. Guidry then sued. Texas AFL-CIO News report ed that Texas A&M first agreed to be host to a labor summer institute, then refused when it was ascertained Negroes might be present. The host, instead: Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin. State AFL-CIO Vice Presi dent Al Spring of Dallas an nounced a $75,000 goal for labor’s aid to the financially-beleaguered Gonzalez Warm Springs Founda tion. The rehabilitation center for victims of polio and crippling in dustrial and automobile accidents has been in financial straits be cause of mounting patient loads and decreasing federal assistance to polio patients. The polio popu lation has dropped considerably since the advent of the salk vac cine, slashing assistance the hos A tax on corporations may reduce job opportunity by keeping new industry out of the state and preventing expansion of existing industrynevertheless, it is the tax I prefer. A tax on the raw product and fuel used by industry will also reduce job opportunity. Even so, I prefer a tax on these products. “Paid for by friends of the legislature.” The last line of the suggested TMA ad contained space for the reader’s name, address and city. NOW! life insurance protection for your family during vital years… ?doe all premiums returned /01/44 dividends *e4… this is now possible through modern life insurance planning with the SUN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF CANADA, one of North America’s leading life companies. 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