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Ralph Recalls ‘Faith’; Lyndon Climbs /in Flak ‘Optimism’ in Cuero AUSTIN Sen. Ralph Yarborough has been keeping a steady round of speaking dates this fall. He and Mrs. Yarborough at tended the inauguration of Mexican president Mateos last week, . but otherwise he has been tending to the fences at home. Friday he was to address the Farmers’ Union convention in Mineral Wells and an appreciation dinner at the downtown Dallas YMCA. Recently he has spoken to Democrats in the 21st senatorial district in Laredo on. Latin America and the good neighbor policy and to the National Reclamation Assn. in Houston on reclamation. He bitterly attacked Freedom in Action, the extremely conservative political organization, in Dallas Friday night. As his remarks were released in Austin, he called attention to the recent Dallas FLA. tended by “known Republicans, known reactionaries, and some good Texans who I believe for some reason or other … got in the wrong pew.” He said Jake Jacobsen’s speech on Gov. Daniel’s behalf marked the Governor’s first open endorsement of FIA, although, Yarborough charged, FIA was a part of the group which controlled the state Democratic convention in San Antonio this year, In a speech at a similar appreciation dinner in Austin, Yarborough reflected on his political life as measured by counties he carried: 1952, 20-odd; 1954, more than 100; 1956, 147; 1957, 169; the first primary in 1958, 220; and the general election this year, 250 of the 254. He told of a Ford dealer at Spur, Texas, who once asked him if he could distribute extra copies of some literature which said Yarborough didn’t drink or smoke. Of course, Yarborough replied, but why? “For years they’ve told us out on the South Plains you stay so drunk they have to pick you up and pump your stomach out,” the dealer told him. Why, Yarborough asked, had he supported him if he thought he was a common drunk? “He hemmed and hawed,” the senator said, “and finally he said, ‘I just thought a drunk Democrat would make us a better representative than a sober Republican.’ That just shows you how strong the faith was. They had calls to make millions of people think I’d abandoned three wives.” Yarborough noted that while the state Republican convention this year resolved angrily against Democrats, the Democratic convention resolutions committee rejected a resolution criticizing the Republicans 29-6, “and that was just about the proportion by which the Republicans controlled the key positions in that convention.” “Some say we ought to be kind to these Republicans and not say anything about ’em,” Yarborough said. He agreed with Harry Truman, the senator said. “As he said, he didn’t give ’em hell, he just told ’em the truth and they thought it was hell.” With Texas 39th among the states in old age pension payments, Yarborough said, “this inept state government just puts up $6” Of the first $30 of each pension. “I voted for Caso March back there, and others,” he said. “We haven’t had a Democratic governor in Texas since Jimmy Allred was governor.” AUSTIN Senator Lyndon Johnson, weighed in now as a hefty in the presidential sweepstakes by Time Magazine, has been drawing bitter criticism from the left and the right which suggests the next Congress will be one of the most trying tests of his public life. Johnson was very nearly endorsed for the Democratic nomination by Time, which numbered him among six cover-featured possibilities. After alluding to his heart attack and saying “he can be classed as a Southerner at a time when the Democratic Party is less likely than ever before” to nominate one, Time continued: “But if there is such a thing as ‘deserving’ a presidential nomination, then Lyndon Johnson is probably the most deserving Democrat. A Senate leader of superb skills, he pushed, pulled, cajoled, and bullied Senate Democrats along a moderate course that made for a party image overwhelmingly a p p r o v e d at the polls.” Johnson appeared at the UN on behalf of the United States to say the country is united behind a UN program for the peaceful development of outer space. He visited Mexican presiden;. Mateos on. a good will tour at the request of the Administration. In domestic politics he was slapped at from the left and the right. In Washington, three liberal senators, held a joint conference to rule out any compromise on limiting Senate debate on majority vote after 15 days’ debate. Johnson was represented as favoring -changing the rule from two-thirds of the whole Senate to two thirds of the senators voting; the liberal spokesmen nay-said this. Sen. Paul Douglas, Illinois, also said Johnson’s 12-point program was “notable for its omissions,” including civil rights and plugging tax loopholes. \(Johnson was asked by a Negro reporter at the UN why he had skipped civil rights and he had replied, “We’re working on that. We’re making York Negro leader Roy Wilkins of the NAACP defined “Johnsonism” as “the acceptance of a parliamentary tidbit containing not enough civil rights substance to fill a thimble.” Johnson answered a letter from a Marshall citizen chastising him for his vote to recommit a bill to curb the Supreme Court last session. Johnson repliedand his letter appeared in the Marshall dailythat he had three choices: let a filibuster develop, advocate a change in the rules so that a simple majority could cut off debate, or recommit the whole issue “to Senator Eastland’s Judiciary Committee, where prudent men could Shape legislation that might have a chance of passage at the next session.” Johnson w r o to the citizen, James Elkin, that he did not think letting the filibuster occur would be “wise,” and that had he advocated a majority cut-off of the filibuster, “In this case, never again could 20 southern senators prevent a vote on certain types of legislation.” Therefore he took the third course, he explained. The Texas Manufacturers’ Association said Johnson is not following Butler in advocating civil rights “and other extreme leftwing proposals” but is not advocating “any proposals designed to strengthen rather than weaken the American free enterprise system.” TMA distributd to members a copy of OCAW’s Union News for Oct. 27 showing Johnson and Ti Three persons pleaded guilty and were fined $100 and a fourth pleaded not guilty and was held in lieu of $500 bond on charges of adultery in county court at Silsbee … The Austin American reported that raids on “three well-known San Antonio highway establishments” resulted in the arrest of 12 young women, “most in their early twenties,” who were booked for vagrancy, fined $20.50 each, and released … The San Antonio Express reported unwed motherhood is increasing “as much as 20 per cent over a year ago,” noted a corresponding increase in the baby blackmarket with some prices as high as $800. Abilene PTA and church lead ers scheduled visits to every newstand in. town Dec. 8 to drive objectionable literature off the stands. A. L. Frazier, treasurer of the Abilene Federation of Youth Development, said the “jucier types of magazines are put out by Communists or gangsters,” added that hiS organization plans no legal action and seeks only the “voluntary cooperation” of magazine dealers … In Dallas, civic, church, a n d women’s groups heard a panel of church and lawenforcement leaders discuss the nature of objectionable entertainment available in the Stockard and Oak Cliff areas of the city. fr A Texas A & M cadet was wounded in both feet by a shotgun blast fired by a University of Texas student “guarding” a fraternity float on the eve of the two schools’ traditional football game. IT Pointing to the failure of American poets to “know America and the American peo Yarborough with a “right” voting record of ten out of ten. Congressman Bruce Alger attacked Johnson at a luncheon club saying his program is “pure-dee socialism” which “duplicates organized labor’s program” and he is “not a moderate.” nannnAAAAu AnAnnAAArnnnnAnnAnAnnna wA Per Annum ALICE SAVINGS & Loan Association BOB MULLEN Vice-President Mullen Building Alice MO 4-5446 WWWWWV\\WWW/WWWWWWW Member of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. Douglas R. Strong PIANO TECHNICIAN Tuning, Repairing, Rebuilding .;Ackson 3-1276 808 Harold. Houston \(1, Texas THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 8 Dec. 5, 1958 pie,” poet and critic Karl Shapiro told a University of Texas audience that imitation and devotion to such schools as “the Beat Generation” has produced poets of “naughtiness” Whose “unconscious Victorian style shows how conservative they are at bottom.” IT The Cuero Record ran a front page banner headline, “Opti mism Prevails in Cuero,” over a story that local merchants ex pected a big Christmas trade … Houston Tax Assessor-Collector Carl Smith predicts more than IWWWWWWWWWWWW\\AAAAAARONAW The Way of life InAnnnnwnnowwwwwwwwwwww one million autos will be registered in Harris County by 1968. IT In response to letters from Catholic readers complaining about his stand that the sale of raffle tickets is immoral, Baptist Elton Miller, editor of the weekly White Rocker in Dallas, “apologized publicly” but did “not amend my opposition to gambling.” it National prizes, supplemented by state and local awards reaching a total of $3,315, are in prospect for Travis County high school students entering a nation wide “Freedom Programs” contest Why not discuss your life insurance problems with me todayP You will be under no obligation. sponsored by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons offering entrants a choice of two subjects: “The Advantages of Private Medical Care” and “The Advantages of the American Free Enterprise System.” if Kilgore honored its own, Van Cliburn, Tuesday. The president of the chamber of commerce said he didn’t know much about chamber music but the sweetest ‘ music for the chamber of commerce “is to hear the name of the city it represents. And Van has sent the name of Kilgore ringing around the earth.” Cliburn said he got to kiss more pretty girls in Kilgore than he ever did in. London, Moscow, or New York. Gov . Daniel said Cliburn had done more for world understanding “than all the diplomats” and that his music was “so beautiful that even a hardened Communist is affected.” Texas Heritage Foundation president Paul Wakefield wired President Eisenhower that 0. Henry was convicted \(of embezzling $854.08 from an. Austin bank circumstantial and ought to be given a complete pardon. The writer was convicted in 1898 and served five years. He died in 1910 at 48 years. MARTIN ELFANT 201 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 SUN LIFE OF CANADA