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Ministers Uphold Unions Harmony in Politics Scorned; LBJ Hits GOP OA temporary restraining or der freezing 120,008 shares of stock owned by the former president of Insur-O-Medic Life Insurance Co. and his family was filed in Dallas by the firm’s new board of directors, which charged the defendants caused damage to the company creating debts of almost $2 million. OIn Dallas strike settlement ballots of union employees of the Continental Bus System were impounded by Dist. Judge W. L. Thornton, preventing the union from opening, counting, and canvassing sealed ballots. Representing six union members claiming they were denied the right to vote on the company’s settlement offer, Atty. Mike McKool asked the court to void the election and call another vote …. The Labor Advocate, quoting t h e magazine Medical Economics, charged the medical profession is underpaying its employees, listed median salaries for nurses and technicians at $65 weekly, medical secretaries at $62 and bookkeepers, receptionists and typists at $60 … OFred W. Bartlett, chairman of the board of Socony-Mobil Oil Co., told 2000 oilmen in San Antonio the industry must settle its internal differences to present a united front to the public on vital issues “of common interest such as that affecting the price control of natural gas.” … In Abk Too Much To the Editor: …. Personally, I thank God for men such as Rep. Alger and Supt. White who can think clearly and are not afraid to speak out for the basic truths of the American way of life which our forefathers knew and followed … and which are the very real strength of our nation. Chief among these basic truths is that the people be permitted to work out their own problems … the constant cry we hear now is, “leave it up to Washington” and this is fast becoming the attitude of the majority of our people. It is deeply disappointing to read such a socialistic line of reasoning as expressed by Mr. Goodwyn, because I had come to look upon the Texas Observer as a reliable source of information … but I begin to doubt the placement of this confidence, when I read such as the aforementioned article \(the “No Energy For It” The state of Indiana is getting along without help from Walhington for their educational system which proves that it is possible. If they can do it … Texas can do it! Bernard It Thiel, 4019 Underwood Blvd., Houston 25 Not Enough To the Editor: Do you honestly expect us to believe that W. T. White and the Dallas Independent School District can match IBM in low unit costs, productivity and quality of product? IBM can turn out a bellyless think-box, at the rate of one per hour, that can compound the interest rate on all the loan shark notes in Texas whilst one small colored student is poking In his pockets for seven pennies with which to purchase a half-pint of free-enterprise milk …. Even the Dallas Times-Herald has shown more guts than the Observer in the handling of White and Alger. How many pounds of rusty railroad spikes would you lene 200 oilmen meeting in a twoday technical conference heard Rep. Frank Ikard described as “the petroleum industry’s best friend in Congress.” … A suit to collect a $2 million promissory note from Tex-Penn Oil and Gas Corp. and Moody-Texas Oil Corp. was filed in Corpus Christi by an original board member of the Lower Nueces River Supply District. 0 In San Antonio, a Lutheran church expert on labor-man agement relations said “right to work” legislation is designed to destroy the labor movement. The Fifteen Biennial convention of the American Lutheran Church heard Rev. Dr. Theodore J. Prezlaff warn delegates that support of “right to work” may constitute “endorsing elements which act contrary to the Christian ethic involved.” … In Houston Catholic priest C. P. Flynn told the Texas State Pipe Trades Assn. “the people who are out to destroy labor are just as much out to destroy the church.” … Over 2,100 college students attending the 39th annual Baptist Student Union convention heard Dr. Baker Cauthen, executive secretary of Foreign Missions of the Southern have used to tack Lyndon Johnson to a thorned mesquite cross if you had caught him pouring surplus milk into the gutters before the very eyes of a hungry child? Why not now a kindly tsk-tsk profile on Bascom Giles and Allan Shivers and Marie Antoinette? They, too, were oh so sincere and so very courageous. Henry M. Rabun, 3305 Darvany Drive, Dallas. Just Right To the Editor: The Oct, 10 issue is very, very good. Larry Goodwyn is a good reporter without “modernistic” writing frills. Carl Brannin, 5614 Ridgedale, Dallas 6. Facts To the Editor: In your feature article on Dr. White, mention was not made that last year when Dr. White’s salary was raised $5,000 annually, making him the third highest paid school superintendent in the United States, the Dallag teachers received a $400 raise, making those with master degrees the fourteenth and those with bachelor degrees the seventeenth highest paid in cities comparable in size or larger than Dallas. Mrs. B. B. Terrell, 8547 Forest Hills Blvd., Dallas. More Facts To the Editor: Your article on W. T. White is kinder to him than he deserves. I suspect he was on guard. Two young parents of my acquaintance who had expressed a willingness to comply with the law and their Christian consciences with regard to integration, received a phone call from this man who, upon identifying himself, sarcastically informed the young mother that if she wanted her children to go to school with Negroes he would arrange a transfer. This one act would prove to me that W. T .White is a little man in a job too big for him. Cordye Hall, 6835 Ellsworth, Dallas Baptist Convention, say that “what happens in America is headline news overseas and recent racial strife makes it difficult for missionaries to reconcile actions of extremists with the teachings of Christ” OThe District and County At torneys Assn. of Texas called for higher maximum penalties for murder without malice and a gettough juvenile offender law …. Directors of the State Bar passed a new code of ethics requiring any lawyer holding public office to disclose any personal financial interest he may have relating to public matters coming before him. … After hearing testimony from 15 of 34 scheduled witnesses, Robert McKeown broke down in Houston federal court and said “I just want to plead guilty” to charges he conspired to ship arms to Cuban rebels. OSan Antonio was handed a $4 million master plan for medical care by Ross Garrett, nationally known health and hospital consultant who argued for action now in place of the city’s historic “fiscal caution.” OCecil Reid, executive secre tary of the Sports Clubs of Texas, appealed to sportsmen to join naturalists and bird watchers as a security patrol for the southbound whooping crane. Twenty six of the almost extinct breed flew northward last spring from the Aransas National Wildlife Preserve. OChief Water engineer Mc Donald D. Weinert said in Austin the statewide water report would “surprise” the legislature and “will be a good start toward a master plan.” OAngry city councilmen in San Antonio charged the privately owned transit company with trying to pull a “squeeze play” to force the city into a hasty purchase, at the company’s price, of the bus system. The council, objecting to a proposed rate increase, invited the company to go to court. The Luling Newsboy headlin ed a story about the town’s newest potential industry, frozen watermelon sticks, brainchild of a former Minnesota steel salesman who worked eight years perfecting patents, recipes and merchandising techniques. IT A San Antonio jury, ponder” ing whether to indict 59 year old Mrs. Aline Thompson who on three separate occasions has thrown a brick through the same downtown plate glass window, decided this week to ship her off to Los Angeles, chipped in for her bus fare and $50 bus expense money, and ordered her escorted to the station by a deputy sheriff as insurance against a fourth episode. IT An Abilene grand jury sharp ly criticised the sheriff and his chief deputy for arrest and imprisonment of 18 year old James Fredeck and recommended some changes in the court procedures of Justice of the Peace Henry Long, who fined the teenager on a disturbance charge without ever having seen him. it P. W. Pitzer III, 13 year old son of Breckenridge oil operator P. W. Pitzer Jr., died of injuries received in junior high football practice. He was an eighth grade student. fr Overriding strident protest of ” Houston DA Dan Walton that dope addicts Kenneth Marsh and / David Allred, son of former Gov., n o w federal judge James Allred, has left the Associated Press in Montgomery, Ala., and joined Sen. Ralph Yarborough’s ‘staff as assistant to Yarborough’s press chief, Bob Bray. El Paso Herald-Post reprinted the Observer’s editorial, “New v Rep. Howard Green, Fort Worth, charges Sen. Dorsey Hardeman, San Angelo, with leading “the big lobby” against the legislative pay raise. Hardeman killed the lobby control bill in the 1957 legislative session, “and he has drawn the black bean again,” said Rep. Don Kennard, also Fort Worth. “Texas Businessman” said V Texas State Teachers’ Assn. In advocating a state income tax or sales tax “may very well have turned Austin around.” NAM has circulated a report, “Highlights of NAM Activities in Texas,” reporting on TV, speeches, and literature and film in the schools. I/ Ex-Gov. Allan Shivers, speak ing to the Printing Industry of America conference in Dallas, said: “We are not participating in politics merely for the purpose of defeating organized labor. Our object is to support the system of government in which we believe.” He slammed at Speaker Sam Rayburn for “refusing to allow the House even an opportunity to write a good labor reform bill.” / Fort Worth Star-Telegram v scorned party harmony themes in Texas. “Lack of harmony in the dominant political party in a one-party state such as Texas is almost inherent … The basic division in Texas politics is between liberals and conservatives. It is doubtful that expression of the fundamental difference of view between these two camps can be suppressed, and even more doubt whether it should be, attempted in the name of a spurious party harmony.” Abbott Hayden had served less than 15 months of five year sentences for possession of heroin, that evidence existed they had been selling narcotics, and that pressure for their release started Less than two months after they were imprisoned, the State Board of Pardons unanimously recommended pardons for the 21 year old sons of prominent Houston families. IT A teenage San Antonio driver who led a three car game of automotive follow the leader, ran four red lights, squealed his tires, popped an illegal muffler, and drove the wrong way down a oneway street, explained to police he was being chased. They threw the book at him, six traffic citations and disturbing the peace. IT Members of the South Park Classroom Teachers Assn. gave full support this week to W. B. Drennan, junior high school teacher and coach who has been sued for $7,700 by an irate father for paddling his student son. The student, Leon Greer, disciplined along with others, was not hurt and participated in all school activities for the following four days, school principal W. T. Hawthorne said. Tr rive thousand find nighters gave a rousing welcome to the ./ Gov. Price Daniel is Austin urged a second training school for boys to separate hardened juvenile offenders from those who might be rehabilitated. He also called for a paid juvenile parole program and stronger penalties for dope peddlers. JIn Dallas the News and the suburban Oak Cliff Tribune attacked what the Tribune called “conscienceless tycoons” for supporting Barefoot Sanders for Congress. Dick West said in the News that “a lot of Main Street big boys” are in bed with the ADA, Reuther, the NAACP, and liberals. Ray Zauber said in the Tribune it’s an “unholy alliance” “of the Political Intelligence penthouses with Walter Reuther,” that the motive of the tycoons is to feather their nests with urban renewal profits, to “share in this socialistic bonanza.” v In West Virginia Sen. Lyndon Johnson said the GOP is try ing to run against Eugene Debs but can’t beat unemployment, ‘sickness ,and disease …. In Austin Sen. Ralph Yarborough. said the Hale-Aikin committee’s reversal in favor of federal aid to education “is a decision for improved schools.” …. In Washington Congressman Jim Wright said most in demand for Democratic speechmaking are Truman, Stevenson, or Kennedy, with Johnson and Yarborough very popular. The DOT’s steering commit tee decision to change the name to Democrats of Texas decision to recommend the step to the next DOT convention, as the Observer story did not make clear. Montgomery County News echoed recent editorials and speeches calling for more business men in politics. “It is going to be up to business to come out of their shells,” said the weekly. ‘inaugural this week of the 20th season of the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Victor Alessandro. IT U. S. Ambassador to Mexico Robert C. Hill, speaking at the 21st annual Tyler Rose Festival, said foreign charges that America is materialistic are based on ignorance and lies. Thousands thronged the formal exhibits and toured the area where roses are grown commercially to applaud