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, Member of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. Douglas R. Strong PIANO TECHNICIAN Tuning, Repelling, Rebuilding JAckson 3-1276′ 908 Hirold Houston 6, Texas 0 . 4 BOW WILLIAMS Automobile and Budget Payment It General Insurance Plan Strong Stock Companies GRemswood 2-1644 624 LAMAR, AUSTEN Let’s Abolish the Pell Tax! THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 5 September 19, 1958 Over $1 10 Million Insurance In Force te a \(4 4 ie INSURANCE COMPANY P. 0. Box 8098 Houston, Texas RELIABLE REAL ESTATE SERVICE Arthur Hajecate METROPOLITAN REALTY CO. 4340 Telephone Road HOUSTON, TEXAS The Lion and the Oxen In union, there is strength. The fable of the Lion and the Oxen illustrates this lesson very forcibly. As long as the three Oxen stayed together, the Lion dared not attack. But ‘the king of beasts’ sowed dissension and jealousy amongst N o his adversaries, and they separated. It was then easy for the Lion to attack and destroy them one by one. In Sun Life, also, there is strength. When you become a policyholder of this great international company, you become one of a group of farsighted men and women the holders of two million policies and group certificates in 25 countries who protect their families and themselves against an uncertain future through the medium of life insurance. Why not discuss your we insurance problems with me today? You will be under no obligation. MARTIN ELFANT Houston, Texas 201 Century Building SUN LIFE OF CANADA COALITIONS FLUID ON RESOLUTIONS Politics and a Judgeship SAN ANTONIO The Daniel-Johnson-Rayburn team had the votes at the state convention, but the subsoil of coalition shifted, settled, and shifted many times. The committee on platform and resolutions flirted for a time with strangling the Daniel program. In a bewildering series of shifts, conservatives joined with liberals to defeat Daniel proposals joined with moderates to defeat liberals, and sometimes decided to go it alone. The principal fear of the Governor’s delegates seemed to be that far right conservatives’ would sabotage pro-Lyndon Johnson resolutions and perhaps even insist on anti-Johnson resolutions. Cornmittee chairman John Peace warded off debate on this touchy issue and managed to achieve passage of a resolution praising Johnson, on a voice vote, -with Dallas, Tarrant and Harris counties recording their abstentions. The coalition appeared to be working well shortly after the committee convened. By voice vote, conservatives of all hues resoundingly shouted down a liberal-sponsored amendment to the platform calling for the establishment of a state labor relations board. But before Peace could achieve passage of the Danielendorsed platform, Arch Rowan. conservative delegate from Tarrant County, rose to offer a “strengthening amendment” principally dealing with platform planks on states’ rights and local control of schools. On a roll call vote, only seven of the 24 nonliberal delegates stayed with the original platform. The vote was 17-14 in favor of Rowan’s amendment with seven liberals joining the Daniel conservatives in dissent. With the platform out of the way, the committee next considered resolutions. French Robertson of Abilene, the governor’s floor leader in the committee, offered an anti-DOT resolution which quickly passed 24-7, after the committee first tabled a Harris County sponsored amendment aimed at Democrats for .Eisenhower. Robertson then followed with a resolution strengthening the requirements for party registration. With George Darr of Dallas dissenting and several other delegates not voting, the resolution passed. A resolution offered by Maco Stewart of Galveston praising the Democratic controlled 85th Congress was tabled, with the Dallas County delegate abstaining. At this point, Rowan attempted to offer a resolution calling for legislative curbs on the Supreme Court. It further urged that all Texas representatives in Congress to support such curbs, a fairly clear slap at both Johnson and Yarborough who voted against a similar bill in the closing days of Congress. An effort was made to adjourn the committee at this point, whereupon Rowan angrily declared “If you won’t hear me now, I’ll this up on the convention floor.” Peace ruled that the move to adjourn was out of order and permitted Rowan to finish reading his resolution. However, the chairman ruled Rowan out of order when he tried to speak in behalf of his resolution. Peace recognized Robertson, who said “In the interests of harmony, I think it would be in bad taste to adopt this resolution at this time.” On a roll call vote the conservatives split 13-13, with seven liberals voting against the Rowan. resolution, thus defeating it, 20-13. Rowan indicated he would file a minority report \(which was later passed by the convention as a Conservative ranks closed again to defeat 29-6 a resolution offered by Mrs. Olon Rogers of Harris County condemning the Republican Party. \(The defeated resolution appears on page 3 of this But the rift opened a moment later over a resolution calling for amendment to the Constitution. Daniel delegates moved to table the resolution, and with liberals and Daniel conservatives voting together, the resolution was rejected by voice vote. The stop-go coalition ended on “go” however. The last vote came on a liberal sponsored resolution endorsing annual sessions of the legislature. It was voted down, 24 to 7. Daniel has supported this proposal. LARRY GOODWYN HOUSTON The pace of events set off by the death of a Houston district judge has quickened. Soon, the First Court of Civil Appeals \(and very likely after that, the state if the law gives a local Harris County authority or the State Democratic Convention the right to say who is to be the Democratic candidate for judge of Criminal District Court No. 3 of Harris County to succeed the late Judge A. C. Winborn, who died June 1. A week after Judge Winborn’s death, Daniel named Arnold H. Krichamer to serve as interim judge until a succesor is elected in November. Three other candidates came forward, attempting to get the ballot for the first Democratic primary July 26, but the way of choosing a new judgewas closed, as the date for filing by candidates had passed. There is a section of the election code that seems to fit the situation. Article 6.04 says that when a district office holder serving a fouryear term dies in an even numbered year in which he is not a candidate, after the deadlne for filing has pased and before the printing of the ballots for the November electon, the nominee for the office shall be selected by the district party committee. The committee of a district is composed of the chairman of all the party executive committees in the counties composing the dis trict. In the case of this par. ticular court, the judicial dis trict is the same as Harris County, so there is only one county chairman involved, and he was, at that time, Cyril Smith, attorney and a liberal Democrat, who had succeeded to the office after the resignation of Shivers man Presley Werlein. Smith, after taking counsel with other attorneys, decided the law placed upon him, as a one-man district committee, the duty of selecting a nominee for the court post, but rather than go it alone, he asked the liberal controlled Harris County Democratic executive committee to express its preference. At a meeting of the county Democratic executive committee, five persons were “nominated” in this advisory poll of the executive committee members. First to be nominated was Miron A. Love, former district attorney, sometime corporation court judge, active as Harris County campaign manager for Ralph Yarborough and treasurer of the Harris County Democrats. Also nominated were Daniel’s appointee Krichamer, and the others who had wanted to have their names on the primary ballot. The vote was 101 for Love, 38 for Krichamer, and eight more divided among the other three candidates. When the vote had been taken, Krichamer leaned over and congratulated Love on his victory, and Smith announced he would certify Love as the Democratic nominee to the county election board. Love told the Observer at the state convention, “Krichamer was there seeking the votes. He campaigned like mad before the vote. He did submit to the procedure.” Thereafter it became known that Krichamer and his conservative supporters had decided to carry the matter to the state convenion. The matter went on the agenda of the SDEC which recommended in San Antonio that the convention certify Krichamer as the nominee, bypassing the certification already made by Cyril Smith on August 27. On September 9, during the state convention, the SDEC’s recommendation came before the convention’s committee on nominations headed by Hal Woodward of Coleman. Attorney Chris Dixie of Houston spoke in behalf of Love’s certification, saying the Harris County district committee and not the SDEC or the state convention had the right and duty, by statute, to name the nominee, and that any contrary action would bring a court action. W.N. Bonner said one man could not be a committee. The Woodward committee on nominations then certified Krichamer and by voice vote approved the committee’s report. TELEVISION and RADIO REPAIR ARV Electronics Houston, Texas Mission 5-1539 Dick Seinfeld HIGH FIDELITY SALES and INSTALLATION “It’s really a home rule affair,” Love says, “but that doesn’t suit their purpose now to argue that that way.” In Houston, after the convention, County Attorney Joe Resweber advised the county judge, the sheriff, and the county clerk, who make up the election board, that they did not have authority to choose between the two nominees and decide whose name would go on the November ballot as the Democratic Party nominee and advised the board had no jurisdiction to initiate court action to resolve the controversy. Love employed J. Edwin Smith, Houston attorney who recently lost to R.W. Hamilton in the runoff primary for the state Supreme Court, to file suit to require the election board to put his name on the ballot. Monday the court of civil apeals at. Houston, whose three judges all are Daniel appointees, granted Smith’s motion to allow filing for a writ of mandamus. Tuesday, Smith filed a petition for a writ of mandamus on behalf of Love against the members of the election board, and set Saturday as the time to hear arguments. The chief justice of the court is Spurgeon Bell; he was appointed to head the court by Daniel The two associate justices also were namd by Daniel. They. are Ewing Werlein and Phil Woodruff. AL HIEKEN YOUR SAVINGS EARN MORE Accounts Insured To Current $10,000 Rate 4% Per Annum ALICE SAVINGS & Loan Association BOB MULLEN Vice-President Mullen Building Alice MO 4-5446