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/ Scripps-Howard reports from v Washington that five Texas congressmen have relatives on their payrollsJohn Dowdy \(his \(his daughter-in-law, $233 in his daugh\(his nephew’s daughter, $113 in his Sen. Johnson has his brother Sam Houston on his payroll; Sen. Yarborough has his son Richard on his. / Lyman Jones, formerly of the V Observer, has joined the staff of a new Central Texas weekly, “The Austin Times.” _Fame* them, at age 55, yea dB* pecelmigg It* az. if You Preee, $24 1ta la amounts can be increased by leaving your dividends an d Should yen not survive to age 00, e of 05,000 will bo w to your amount increasing with the of time has been in force. By ample-dug the enquiry form below, you am obtain debilb covering your personal requirements. Hem oen be arranged to provide various amounts of cash cc cash or pension at age 00 or 85. MARTIN ELFANT Houston, Texas 201 Century Building Phone: CApitol 4-0686 Name Address …, 11111.00 Occupation ………….. 17.0 .114.0 . Exact date of birth 440. Ammo* quoted Owe Ole Iler saw. A slaihr h eveN01* 011r Wilbsth .11.14.1O, iiiii pokor $150 A MONTH FOR LIFE FROM ACE 65 Over $1 1 0 Million Insurance In Force HOME OFFICE 5011 FANNIN, HOUSTON First life insurance company in Texas with $1,000,000 Capital and Surplus paid in cash prior to writing business Convention Fight Still Open are all members of the House who have been mentioned in various scandals …” Senatorial endorsements of Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey came from Bruce Reagan, Corpus; Bill Wood, Tyler; Rudolph Weinert, Seguin, and others. Sen. Frank Owen III, El Paso, posed with Ramsey for a newspaper picture. …Ramsey did not make a single stump speech nor a statewide radio or TV appearance in winning his fifth renomination. … The Houston Press criticized Judge Joe Fisher, Jasper, for writing a letter to attorneys endorsing Ramsey. ./ Elton Miller, in the White V Rocker, says the SDEC committee is “not afraid of CIO-AFL and pinks, as they proclaim, they are afraid of a Democratic victory.” El Paso Herald-Post advocates abolition of the party conventions, top to bottom. I St. Louis Post-Dispatch said of Yarborough: “From now on he is a man to watch in the rise of the new South.” Raymond Moley of Newsweek wrote that liberal forces with union power predominant won a smasher in a very conservative state. Jerry Holleman, AFL-CIO president in Texas, said that “the people of Texas have reacted against the use of the demagogic attack on a minority group, whether it be labor, Negroes, or any other group.” “Texas Businessman” wrote that in the only clear liberal-conservative race Texas flopped decisively to the liberal column; that Yarborough’s election was “a special blow to the 20-year-old conservative theme on labor bosses”; that Yarborough now has the longest lease on political life of any Texas official; and that “almost for sure” he can take a delegation to the 1960 Democratic convention. Jack Bell of AP, Washington, speculated that Faubus’s land slide in Arkansas “boosted the presidential stock” of Lyndon Johnson as a moderate who might keep the party united. Raymond Lahr of UPI, Washing -ton, said Faubus has named Johnson, Ken nedy, Symington, and Meyner as Political Intelligence acceptable candidates. Doris Fleeson, the columnist, said conservatives winning the Texas conventions would likely back LBJ for favorite son or at least wouldn’t embarrass him, while liberals might offer Yarborough “in competition to a Johnson bid.” Yarborough’s election, she said, will make Johnson look more moderate at home, helpfully, and less liberal nationally, hurtfully, “since he is already distrusted by party intellectuals and labor.” The vote by which Rep. Bare foot Sanders defeated Rep. Joe Pool for the Dallas Demoeratic nomination for congress was 46,422 to 35,588, with 4,298 for a third candidate. Sanders’s GOP opponent-incumbent, Bruce Alger, was one of two congressmen who voted against the increase in social security benefits last week. 1 Dallas News says Sen. Gon zalez has been removed as a possible threat to Rep. Paul Kilday by failing to carry Bexar against Daniel. Jon Ford in the Express says Gonzalez may be destroyed politically, will face “blistering opposition” if he runs for local office again. Bick Eubanks in Christian Science Monitor says Gonzalez’s showing “put him in a strong political position.” Archer Fullingim wrote in the Kountze News: “I don’t want to try to explain it, but supporting Senator Henry B. Gonzalez for governor was the most ennobling experience I ever had. I felt cleaner, truer, more honest, more uplifted, and my morale was higher the day after election than it ever was.” V/ Joe Burkett is maintaining he is very close to having the majority he needs to win the speakership. Waggoner Carr peo ple say Carr has eleven more votes than Burkett now and the election will be decided in the Aug. 23 runoffs. Friends of Carr are maintaining that Claude Gil mer, Austin lobbyist, is ramrod ding Burkett’s campaign and are using against Burkett a story from the Feb. 21 Rails Banner calling attention to Burkett’s opposition to lobby control and alleging, “Supporting Burkett 100 percent THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 5 August 8, 1958 MAJOR county convention results: Harris. Swept by liberal DemoDallas. Carried heavily by conservatives without a roll call. A Negro attorney was not recognized as he tried to speak against a resolution condemning troops at Little Rock, and a number of Negro delegates walked out. Resolutions also condemned civil rights legislation, federal aid to education, and weakening of the Texas right to work law, and urged electoral college reform. A conservative sought to censure Sen. Johnson for voting for the civil rights bill but his move was sidetracked, resolutions committee chairman John McKee explaining “Gov. Daniel will need Sen. Johnson’s help in the state convention.” Failing Policy To the Editor: Your editorial, “A U.S. Blunder” refreshing views of our unrealistic and failing foreign policy I have ever read …. I am sending photostated copies of it to Arab friends who have sadly given us up as blind long ago. How about an article on the foreign policy notions of possible future Democratic nominees for the high office? Since Adlai has shown repeatedly that he sympathizes with the archaic and unjust trends now being adhered to, I have wondered if there is a way out of the dilemma for the voter. HOUSTON WADE 4315 Lafayette, Bellaire Sob To the Editor: Come close dear cowboy’s, and gather roun, And watch the machine come tumbling down. With all of her pomp of glitter and gold She now lies buried as a tale that is told. Please pass by her gently as She begins to rise On her Braniff trip to her home in the skies. R. B. CROWSON, SR. Rt. 1, Sulphur Springs, Texas Member of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. Douglas R. Strong PIANO TECHNICIAN Tuning, Repairing, Rebuilding JAckson 3-1278 808 Harold, Houston 6, Texas TELEVISION and RADIO REPAIR ARV Electronics Houston, Texas Mission 5-1539 Dick Seinfeld HIGH FIDELITY SALES and INSTALLATION Bexar. Liberals in uncustomary unity won. The test vote was 1,436 to 1,134 on the election of county chairman James Knight the convention chairman over Shivers-Daniel man Spike Brenan. Several resolutions, including those DOT-approved, passed; the delegation is liberal. Daniel leader Harold Winters was bitter against “die-hard Shivercrats” and “ultraextreme conservatives” who he said “willingly let Gov. Daniel go down the drain.” A WintersKnight-Daniel deal blew up when Brenan insisted on his candidacy. Tarrant. A Daniel-Johnson coalition won on the test vote for E. C. Pannell, a 1952 Eisenhower backer, 1,905 to 1,140. In a loyalist caucus beforehand a minority led by E. L. McCommas advocated not resisting the prevailing coalition but were outvoted in the caucus 135-15. Liberal leader Mrs. Margaret Carter, who favored making the fight, but was represented in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram erroneously as leading the group of 15, estimates that the McCommas group who are usually loyalist switched 84 votes to Pannell and immobilized or encouraged the absence of another 123. Travis. Freedom-in-Action conservatives were in control as Trueman O’Quinn was elected chairman. L. Hamilton Lowe was the main opposition candidate, but a group representing themselves as seeking a balance of power between DOT and Daniel put forward Gordon Worley, as well. Lowe and Worley together polled about 550 votes against O’Quinn’s 650. convention turned out to be ProDaniel 415-339 for J. C. Looney over Garland F. Smith for chairman. Orange. Liberals in control, but a majority of them represented as anti-DOT. However, the convention passed two resolutions sponsored by DOT, party registration, and precinct convention preservation. OTHER county results as variously reported: Pro-Daniel: DeWitt, Anderson \(which passed a resolution for Scurry, Dickens, Taylor, Jim Wells, Bee, Aransas, Willacy, Wharton, Grimes \(which went on \(with Mrs. Mary Weinzierl and Mrs. Minnie Fisher Cunningham Burleson, Comanche, Cooke, Freestone, Goliad, Harrison, Kerr, Limestone, Lubbock, Mitchell, Eastland, Panola, Robertson, Rusk, Sabine, Smith, Wood. Pro-Yarborough and/or proDOT: Howard, Fisher, Jones \(a han, Kleberg, Floyd, Denton, Houston County, Brazos, Deaf Smith, Cherokee \(uninstructed \(which bridled, however, at a \(which named Yarborough honvarro \(Judge Jim Sewell chairSpecial cases: Hunt, which advocated a party loyalty oath; Wilson, which voted to keep precinct conventions and commended Johnson and Yarborough; Johnson County, which commended Daniel and Yarborough and urged the two U. S. senators and Rayburn be invited to speak at San Antonio; Tom Green County, pledged to support Johnson, without mentioning Yarborough or Daniel. Uninstructed: Live Oak, Duval, Brooks, Wheeler. Hails, Wails Greet Ralph LBJ TALK RISING tions “in the palm of one man’s hand.” Creekmore Fath of DOT said that on a test vote on honoring caucus SDEC nominations Daniel would lose 4-1. Fath also said 114 of the 178 Travis County delegates to San Antonio Sept. 9 were “Democrats for Eisenhower” in 1956. Amidst talk that the Texas GOP might sub Thad Hutcheson for publisher Roy Whittenburg against Yarborough in November if Whittenburg will withdraw, Hutcheson-Jack Porter forces won the Harris County GOP convention. Some 600 turned up at the Dallas GOP meeting. Hidalgo County Republicans adopted a resolution asking Sherman Adams to resign. R. G. Florance Sr., Texas City, chairman of the Constitution Pat ‘y, said that group’s Sept, 2 convention will nominate opponents to Yarborough and Daniel, both of whom Florance regards as liberals. Ex-TMA lobbyist Charles Murphy has accused Rep. Bob Baker, who led him into the Houston Senate runoff by 15,000 votes, of lobbying for the Texas Nursing Home Operators in Washington in 1954, a year the legislature did not meet. Baker acknowledges he did this, retorts that Murphy lobbied for TMA against a lobby control bill. The TMAbacked slate in Houston is running into repeated contentions by the liberal Democrats that they will help TMA to enact a retail sales tax, which the liberals oppose. Dean Johnston, one of the candidates, has been handing out aluminum discs he says might have to be used under a sales tax system. Robert Eckhardt, whom Murphy has attacked as a former labor lobbyist, has pointed out that his opponent Mrs. Genevieve Turner explicitly favors a sales