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Over $ I 00Insurance In Force OIL l ailDDSTRIES LIFE MID HOME OFFICE 5011 FANNIN, HOUSTON First life insurance company in Texas with $1,000,000 Capital and Surplus paid in cash prior to writing business $150 A MONTH FOR LIFE FROM ACE 65 Here is a plan to provide for your family if ru should t o ot r f i2 o g r u Lour retirement years If you . to the Sun Life cf Canada. thee, atage you stsat waiving $150 a mouth for Is or, if You p er, Mani to cash. Bo& of them amounts can be Increased by leaving your &dam& on o li f e rl i t t 000 will be paid to your faint, NI Should you not aurvive to age 85, a minimum amount increasing with the a:. of time the pa, has been in force. By_oompleting the enquiry form below, you UM ob. covering your personal requirements. Plans can be arranged to preside various amounts of cash or Gash or pension at age 80 or 85. MARTIN ELFANT Houston, Texas 201 Century Building Phone: CApitol 4-0686 Name 0.4.0 Address Occupation ….. 410 * Eilleit date of birth …. 4. 00.4. MO NM… 0. OOOOOO . …a mob Ammo* “Wed oberob oak A sisdkw plea Is eveliellie for woomm. Week in Texas CAMPAIGN ‘LITERATURE’ OThe Texas Employment Com mission reported that 77,786 persons filed for benefits in the week ended July 18, a gain of 3,052 over the previous week. There were 30,589 Texans receiving unemployment checks in the corresponding week last year. OA group of University of Texas students circulating a petition protesting American military intervention in Lebanon obtained 120 signatures to it. Associate Dean Ed Price said the booth the students had set up at registration in Gregory Gym was closed because the students didn’t have permission and because “this is a controversial subject and other students objected vigorously to having the booths at registration. It just wasn’t peaceful enough for a registration set-up.” OCharles W. Alcorn, president of Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Assn., said in a statement that Americans have nothing to fear about oil supplies as a result of the new Middle East crisis. He said “the Texas petroleum industry has the capacity to meet whatever real needs may arise for additional oil.” OPurchase by Magnolia Pe troleum Co. for $100 million in cash of the interest of Freeport Sulphur Co. in Louisiana was announced. Magnolia is the southwest affiliate of Socony Mobil Oil Co., Inc. OAndrew Thuss, lawyer for the Dallas independent school district, announced he had drafted a petition for a declaratory judgment on the constitutionality of two Texas segregation statutes. The school system penalizing districts which integrate without an authorizing vote giving local boards broad powers for assigning pupils. The requirement for a favorable vote conflicts with the federal court order that Dallas schools be integrated with all due speed. ORobert Hainsworth, a Negro attorney, asked Commissioners Court in Houston to pass a decree making the proposed $20 million stadium a nonsegregated plant. Judge Bob Casey said the present court “cannot bind any future commissioners” on such an action. OState Securities Commis sioner William M. King issued a cease and desist order prohibiting the sale of common stock of Texas Portland Cement Co. of Orange. Following a three-day hearing, King found the company was insolvent and had current liabilities of more than 12 times its current assets. He said the principal offenders had violated the securities act by acting as security dealers without being registered. OTrained interrogation, which would have been out of the question 20 years ago, is a major change in criminal investigation, Fred E. Inbau, professor of criminal law at Northwestern, told the Institute of Law Enforcement at SMU. He said psychological tech BOW WILLIAMS Automobile and General Insurance Budget Payment Plan Strong Stook Companies 624 LAMAR, AUSTIN GReenwood 2-0645 Leto Abolish the Poll Tax! THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 5 July 25, 1958 niques to gain confessions rather than the old rubber hose treatment have been shown to get best results. OAttorneys from five South ern coastal states, including Will Wilson of Texas, issued a lengthy tidelands brief after a two-day meeting in Baton Rouge. The states will file the joint brief and separate state briefs with the U. S. Supreme Court by August 15. Oral arguments are scheduled for October 13. The states are seeking legal title to offshore oil lands up to 10.5 miles from their shorelines. Final arrangements have been made to hold the 1958 state AFL-CIO convention in the Shamrock-Hilton Hotel October 20-23, Jerry Holleman, president, announced. OUrban building construction authorized in Texas in June was 18 percent greater than the highest total ever before authorized in the same month, Texas Business News announced. The amount authorized was $108,109,000. The June record marked the third consecutive month that year-to-year monthly permit totals reached a new high. OThe State Supreme Court sided with the State Insurance Board and commissioner in their feud with a district judge over liquidation proceedings of defunct inusrance companies One judge warned that continued “chaos and confusion” still may result between the board and Judge Charles Betts of the 98th District Court. Involved in the legal hitch are some of the state’s biggest receivership cases, including ICT Insurance Co. and US Trust and Guaranty Co. The Spending AUSTIN William Blakley has spent $168,281 in his campaign for the Senate and his opponent, Ralph Yarborough $3’7,923, it has been reported to the Secretary of State. In the gubernatorial race, Gov. Price Daniel reported spending $24,352, Henry Gonzalez $12,386, and W. Lee O’Daniel, $7,842. Ben Ramsey, running for lieutenant governor, reported $14,174 in expenses, George Nokes, $14,190. sibly some other radical revenue raising measures.” It repeated Gov. Daniel’s characterization of DOT as a “splinter group” and quoted the Wood story on DOT. Use your bulletin board to familiarize your employees with these political problems that affect your business and their jobs,” the three laundry operators wrote. East Texas Blakley’s supporters have circulated through East Texas two sheets seeking to turn segregationist whites ‘against Yarborough. Yarborough supporters have countered with one reprint seeking to turn segregationist whites against Blakley. One of the Blakley throw-sheets has a picture of Blakley with the question, “Shall TEXANS or the NAACP REUTHER BOSSES RULEI?” Blakley is for “segregated schools!” the sheet says. It is ‘signed, “East Texas Democrats for Bill Blakley.” The other, a four-page sheet, includes headlines such as “Testimony in Court Links Yarborough to NAACP” and “Negro Boxes Go for Ralph 350-1; Why?” There is a story, “NAACP Leader Jailed For Receiving Stolen Property.” The paper is signed by “The Texas Referendum Committee, Robert Cargill, Chairman.” Yarborough has attacked this as a “smear” and “false.” Cargill went on TV in East Texas and defended the publication, the while repeating its content. A Blakley assistant manager in Sulphur Springs resigned when advised to distribute the fourpage “350-1” paper without letting it be known the Blakley office was doing it, Yarborough aides charged in. Austin. Yarborough supporters have countered with a reprint of an editorial in “Negro Labor News” of Houston endorsing Blakley. Two large hand-drawn arrows point to the editorial; there is no comment or signature. \(The paper has consistently supported conYarborough’s office has mailed out 450,000 copies of a positive review of Yarborough’s record in Washington. Headline on the newspaper-style document is “How Senator Yarborough Has Earned a Second Term.” In addition, Yarborough backers have reprinted the El Paso Herald-Post series on Blakley’s record in Washington, federal payments to Braniff, and a front-page Heraldagainst Blakley; as well as the Observer’s news story about a Blakley firm paying three state senators $12,300. One of the ironies of the campaign is that while Blakley has been belaboring Yarborough for Negro support, some Negro leaders, remembering Yarborough’s 1956 statement for segregation, refuse to support him. For instance, Arthur DeWitty, East Austin Negro leader, has put out a list of recommended candidates remarking, of the Senate race, “Yarborough NOR Blakley desirableYou may scratch BOTH names. Segregation is the reason.” Doctors’ Letters Area unions on occasion circulate cards recommending candidates to their members. The question this year \(since, of course, most union members are for Yarwhether Henry Gonzalez was to be recommended. In the Sabine area, where segregation persists in some unions, Gonzalez is recommended; recommendations vary in the Dallas area; Gonzalez is recommended in San Antonio; the race is skipped over in the Houston literature. The railroad union endorsements include Yarborough, Nokes, J. Edwin Smith and Sarah T. Hughes for places on the state supreme court, no recommendation in the governor’s race. In State Senate races the railroaders endorse Bob Baker, Houston; Col. Morris T. Martin, Dallas; incumbents Ray Roberts, McKinney, William T. Moore, Bryan, Jimmy Phillips, Angleton, and Andy Rogers, Childress; Rep. Harold Kennedy, Marble Falls, and Rep. Bob Patterson, Snyder. Among more interesting endorsing letters which have come to the Observer’s attention are these: A letter July 14 signed by seven doctors, including Denton Kerr, vice chairman of the Texas Citizens’ Council, endorsing Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey. A letter July 18 signed by six doctors endorsing Daniel, all different, however, from the doctors endorsing Ramsey. A letter sent out in a Houston Post \(“Written and Edited to lope, signed by Jack E. Calvin of the circulation department. endorsing Blakley, enclosing Blakley literature and car stickers, and urging: “Talk to your District Managers and Independent Distributors and personal friends to VOTE for Blakley.” Among the standard campaign documents this summer are biographies of Blakley, Daniel, Gonzalez, and J. Edwin Smith. Yarborough’s biography for the campaign is the four-page newspaper. Yarborough also has out a four-page red white and blue pamphlet review of his life and record. W. Lee O’Daniel has not circulated much literature. Ramsey has mailed out a re-election pamphlet; challenger Nokes has distributed a pamphlet reviewing his background and his themes against Ramsey. When You Think of Us, Please Think of Insurance HALL’S WIGINTON HALL LEAGUE CITY Insurance Agency Insurance Agency Insurance Agency DICKINSON, TEXAS