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MARTIN ELFANT Houston, Texas 201 Century Building Phone: CApitol 4-0686 Name …….se0111000.1 0 Address Oooupatton 6114100.11 suet date of birth fy 00.0 4.001, *a . OOOOOO N Amiga “Wei aim* tin fir omea. A skillet plea le evollehle for worms. Ralph Hits Bankers; Blakley Attacks Court Yarborough . Says LOatis in Dallas Cancelled; Bill Decries Foreign Aid Program; Gonzalez Favors Vets’ Land Program Expansion; O’Daniel Charges Price With Tidelands Blunder; Ramsey Plugs Two Thirds Tax Rule, Nokes Calls It Silly Yarborough Sen. Ralph Yarborough, opening his Dallas headquarters, launched a criticism of Dallas bankers. He said Dallas banks have cancelled loans because their customers were planning to vote for him, “But the banks of Dallas County, and especially the big three banks, are not going to succeed in buying this election with their loan canceling … We are accustomed to seeing seats bought on the New York Stock Exchange, but this is the first time we have seen an effort to buy a seat in the US Senate.” He said his opposition is spending $60,000 a day, and this will go up to $100,000 a day. In San Antonio he said he was going to win. “It won’t be my victory; it will be the people’s victory,” he said. He said he will campaign on his record as a senator. “I don’t want to seem immodest, but many old time senators have told me they’ve never seen a senator accomplish so much in 14 months,” he said. He said his Padre ‘Island nawould bring millions of tourist dollars to Texas each year and would create a resort area comparable to “Florida’s and California’s finest.” Yarborough accused Blakley of advocating the abolition of vocational agriculture training, “just like the Republican administrain Washington. I am unalterably opposed to the Republican effort to abolish federal aid to vocational agriculture training,” he said. The program, he said, “has enriched rural life.” Speaking to railroad workers in Dallas and San Antonio, Yarborough explained the Congresspassed Smathers bill to set up a guaranteed fund of $700 million for ailing railroads and to repeal the three percent excise tax on railway freight. Blakley William Blakley said in San Antonio he hopes the President never again enforces a federal judicial decree with military might.” In Fort Worth he said, “The people of the United States are no more for integration in the school house than they are for integration in the church house, country club, domino house, or anywhere else,” he said. At a Dallas rally Blakley was applauded as he said: “Let us hope that we will never again witness the unconstitutional use of military might for the enforcement of an unconstitutional judicial decree.” Texans do not want a senator, he said, “who refuses to take a stand on the U. S. Supreme Court’s unconstitutional judicial decree.” Texans do not want a senator, he said, “who refuses to take a stand on the U. S. Supreme Court’s unconstitutional judicial determinations, which are based upon psychology and not upon law.” Introduced in Fort Worth as a leader against liberals, he responded: “I disagree to some extent in this matter of conservatives and liberals because some of the latter are pink.” In San Antonio he said America has been “far too generous” with its foreign aid. It should be “more on a mutual basisbe helpful to those who are helpful to us. As strong as our economy is, I do not believe we can carry the burden of the world. If we should become weak nobody would give us a handout at the front door or the back.” He told workers in San Antonio his campaign is surging forward. “There is more strength than some at first recognized,” he said. Gonzalez State Sen. Henry Gonzalez announced a program to expand the veterans’ land program from its present focus of helping veterans buy farms to help them also renovate their present homes or buy new ones. “Under the present veterans’ program, the only ones who are helped are those who want to buy a farm,” he told an American Legion political rally in Corpus. “Everyone doesn’t want to buy a farm. The state of Texas can provide the machinery for veterans to buy homes as well.” Gonzalez would expand the program to extend state credit to veterans for repairing their homes or buying homes as well as farms. W. Lee O’Daniel has proposed a veterans’ bonus, an idea Gonzalez originally toyed with. Gonzalez said in Houston: “That’s a pie-inthe-sky promise and would be made only by a person who wants to be a demagogue, and I don’t want to be.” “Before any new tax is suggested,” he said in Houston, “a tax on what is known as dedicated gas reserve contracts should be explored and probably enacted … The same companies operating in Texas are paying this tax in Louisiana.” “I will exert every bit of my ability to see that taxes are relaxed,” he said in Corpus. Gonzalez said the death penalty for dope peddlers is not a solution and that the “medical and social” angles of the problem have to be emphasized. In a rally attended by from 700 to 1,000 people at Dallas’s Lee Parksomewhat more than half of them Latins and Negroes Gonzalez said the issues are taxes and Texas achievement rather than racial issues or party control. Texas oil and cattle industries have been neglected and are in trouble, he said. “For the good of humanity and of Texas, we cannot have one segment or our population looking at another with hate and prejudice,” the said. “Panhandle f a r m e r s whose lands are swarming with the grasshopper plague are paying for Price’s hypocrisy,” Gonzalez said. “Obviously there are some times when the state needs federal help. You cannot cuss the federal government one day and run begging to it for aid the next day without looking like a grasshopper yourself.” He called on “the recumbent governor” to “do something for The Campaigns the Texas unemployed.” He said Daniel’s “heart is still with the Republicans.” O’Daniel O’Daniel did not cause much stir during the week. At Houston he drew only 35 people to a rally announced in the press in advance. He said Daniel’s “blunder, which no farmer would make” in drawing up “a faulty tidelands bill” will cost the state $300,000 to $400,000. He asked voters to “be sure to note” that his name is “O’Daniel without any `Price’ connected with it.” Asked in Waco if he thinks Gonzalez will get many votes, he replied: “Oh, I don’t know. I’ve never met him, just heard a lot about him. I Understand he’s colorful and a good talker. But my opponent is the incumbent governor. In a radio speech Monday evening, O’Daniel said Texas is suffering from “a vicious depression brought on by the money-changers using their stooges in high government positions” and unemployed “are standing on aching feet in long lines waiting for handout grub checks.” “What is he going to promise Member of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. Douglas R. Strong PIANO TECHNICIAN Tuning, Repairing, Rebuilding JAckson 3-1276 808 Harold, Houston 6, Texas YOUR SAVINGS EARN MORE Accounts Insured To Current $10,000 Rate 4 Per Annum ALICE SAVINGS & Loan Association BOB MULLEN Vice:President Mullen Building Alice MO 4-5446 THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 5 July 4, 1958 the white-collar workers, clothed in gunny sacks, who are lunching on a nickel bag of peanuts in order to pay the installments on their cars, and the high taxes on the gasoline to drive around looking for new jobs that aren’t there?” O’Daniel asked of Daniel. “Texans for America” endorsed O’Daniel \(and commended but did not endorse Blakley for senator, and endorsed Ramsey for lieutenDaniel Apart from his campaign openquiet week. In Dallas, Daniel told the Democratic Women’s Forum, “Mrs. Randolph and her DOT associates are waging an all-out campaign to capture the precinct conventions in order to fashion a Democratic Party in Texas like the one they have in Michigan. This is still Texas …” Irwin Candidate Joe Irwin, Dallas, said in Bellaire, “If all the loan sharks in Houston and Dallas were laid end-to-end, they would reach the door step of Price Daniel’s mansion in Austin. Indeed, some might say they have already done so.” In Ballinger Irwin. said he had nothing against Gonzalez but that Daniel had “quit the Ramsey-Nokes Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey met with about 100 supporters at breakfast in San Antonio and made his first campaign speech of the ‘season. “We should have no additional nor new taxes until the need is absolutely proven,” he said. He has proposed new taxes require approval of two-thirds of the House and Senate. He said in San Antonio his slogan will be: “A majority of the people should not be taxed by a minority of the legislature.” He said if a bill to set up a medical school in San Antonio comes up it will receive “absolutely fair, impartial treatment.” Nokes continued sizzling Ramsey in speeches and releases. Stressing Ramsey wants a fifth term, Nokes said, “Absolute powers corrupt absolutely and a man who stays in office too long soon feels it’s his office and not an office of the people.” He said Ramsey’s two-thirds requirement on new taxes is silly and ridiculous, “a carefully designed plan to scuttle the support of public education in Texas … That’s not letting the majority rule. That’s letting the minority rule.” He remarked that Ramsey’s San Antonio dinner was set up by “one of his lobbyist pals.” He said Ramsey has “given lip service to the borrowing public but has made it cozy for the loan sharks.” He said Ramsey is “still a total stranger to 98 percent of the people.” Agriculture Race Bastrop County Judge Tom Griffin attacked in his race for agriculture commissioner, saying he is the only legally qualified candidate as a farmer. “John White claims his experience as the son of a tenant farmer,” Griffin said. “All Glenn Kothmann can claim is that he is a member of a pioneer agriculture and livestock family. I have personally worked fields … and worked the ranges.” TELEVISION and RADIO REPAIR ARV Electronics Houston, Texas Mission 5-1539 Dick Seinfeld HIGH FIDELITY SALES and INSTALLATION