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A immobile lain General Insurance Budget Payment Plan Strong Stock CompanieF 624 LAMAR, AUSTIN GReenwood 2-545 Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax! BOW WILLIAMS Member of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc. Douglas R. Strong PIANO TECHNICIAN Tuning, Repairing, Rebuilding JAckson 3-1278 808 Harold, Houston 6, Texas Over $100 Million Insurance In Force HOME OFFICE 5011 FANNIN, HOUSTON First life insurance company in Texas with $1,000,000 Capital and Surplus paid in cash prior to writing business $150 A MONTH FOR LIFE FROM AGE 65 Here is a plan to provide for your family if ym should die, or for your retirement years If you survive … You make regular regularayments to the Sun Life of Canada, then, at age 65, you start receiving $150 a month for life or, if you prefer, $22,572 In cash. Both of these amounts can be increased by leaving your dividends on deposit. Should you not survive to age 65, a minimum of $15,000 will be paid immedia to your family, this amount increasing with the of time the policy has been In force. By completing the enquiry form below, you can ob Mn details covering your personal requirements. Plans can be arranged to provide various amounts of cash or cash or pension at age 60 or 65. MARTIN ELFANT Houston, Texas 201 Century Building Phone: CApitol 4-0686 Name I.. 4. NH,* 1 IMP.* Address O. t * Occupation ……. ,seNa”…, . Exact date of birth o 11Witg. a. G.. …………… Amounts quoted above are far see. A similar plan Is available for wombs. The Week in Texas MRS. RANDOLPH RESPONDS `A Far Stride . . . But’ OHumble Oil, Carter Oil, and four other oil firms pleaded not guilty of conspiring to fix crude oil and gasoline prices in Washington. Meanwhile gasoline prices in the Midcontinent region were advanced a half a cent a gallon by several refiners. e A shrimp boat captain who tried to swim the five miles from his konked-out boat to shore said he had to fight off a shark attack in Corpus Christi Bay. He was not injured. OIn the 25 years from 1933 to 1958, about 320 passenger trains have been discontinued in Texas, Railroad Commission records show. e The commission authorized 24 bus lines in Texas to increase their in-Texas fares ten percent June 20. This will mean about $2.4 million a year for the companies. e Only 41 companies have qual ified themselves to sell credit compared to 68 companies last year. New regulations have materially reduced “commissions” a n d other small-loan profits through credit insurance. e State securities commissioner William King said an investigation has been started into the sale of worthless stocks in Lubbock, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. “Rare metals is the gimmick,” he said. OMarjorie Clapp reported in the San, Antonio Light that the state’s three medical schools at Dallas, Galveston, and Baylor are graduating only 340 students a year. Baylor has 900 applications for 84 vacancies in September. Texas doctors now average more than 1,300 patients each compared to a national average of about 775 patients per doctor. OThe staff director of the _ federal civil rights commission, Gordon M. Tiffany, said in Dallas the agency will not “go snooping” with the FBI. It will look into any complaints of discrimination. Thomas B. Ramey, Tyler, chairman of the state board of education as well as chairman of the Texas advisory group of the commission, said the commission will limit its work to voting rights, administration of justice, education, employment, housing, and transportation. ODist. Judge Charles Betts asked the insurance board to stop hindering his court in insurance THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 5 June 13, 1958 liquidation matters. Insurance Cmsr. William Harrison fired liquidator James Williamson and appointed in his place C. H. Langdeau, assistant state auditor. Betts refused to appoint Langdeau to the job; Harrison then asked the attorney general to “take whatever action is necessary” to decide who is liquidator. OR. G. LeTourneau, Inc., of Longview said it has received a contract to build a million-dollar drilling platform for a government-owned oil company in Italy. OBrown & Root Construction Co., Houston, has received a contract to build several buildings at Longhorn Ordnance Works near Karnack. The bid was just under $3 million. OTexas Methodist Conference in Houston avoided integrating Lakeview Assembly near Palestine by failing to act on a recommendation that African missionaries be permitted to serve on the faculty there. However, the conference resolved that every Methodist should “exert to the full his personal influence for the abolition of race discrimination in reference to employment, housing, ‘public facilities, hospital and medical care, recreation, justice in the courts, and all other relevant aspects of our common life.” Also opposed: horse raceing and pornography. OFour Negro dentists sued for integration of Sylvan beach park on Galveston Bay. The founder of the National Assn. for Advancement of White People, indicted in the May 4 shotgun killing of his brother-in-law, was denied bond by the court of criminal appeals. OAtty. Gen. Will Wilson said Galveston merchants and authorities have told him his crackdown on vice there has been good for legitimate business. OA 17-year-old pregnant un married girl raised in El Paso slums was charged with altering a postal money order from $5 to $10 in federal court. She had served a term at Gainesville for a similar offense. Dist. Judge R. E. Thomason put her on probation, telling her: “You are a graduate of the disgraceful slums of this city. No wonder you are a juvenile delinquent.” HOUSTON Acceptance of the principle of party registration by the State Democratic Executive Committee represents a preliminary victory for the loyal Democrats of Texas in their long fight for Democratic Party integrity and honesty in party affairs, said Mrs. R. D. Randolph, Texas’ Democratic national committeewoman. Mrs. Randolph commented here on actions Monday by the SDEC: “I am highly gratified that the State Democratic Executive Committee has accepted, at least in principle, major proposals of Democrats of Texas to safeguard the integrity of the Democratic Party. Thus, they have recognized the need for a code of ethics by adopting one. Though it falls far short of effecting the reforms we proposed, the approval of party registration, as a principle, is a far stride forward. “The action of the SDEC represents a first stepand I hope it will not be the lasttoward the goal of a Democratic Party in Texas of, by and for the Democrats. Too long, far, far too long, the Republicans have exercised control of the Texas electorate by unrestrained infiltration into Democratic councils and elections. Governor Daniel himself has been a chief beneficiary of such practice. “In another respect, the SDEC has followed the lead of DOT. We have insisted that it is necessary to the health and strength of the Democratic Party to have honest party procedures in determining credentials of various county delegations. Hearings must be held well before the convention. In no other way can such chicanery as the ousting of El Paso’s delegation in 1956 be prevented. The TELEVISION and RADIO REPAIR ARV Electronics Houston, Texas Phone : MIssion 5-1539 Dick Seinfeld HIGH FIDELITY SALES and INSTALLATION SDEC has confessed the fault and recognized the need of hearing’s on credentials before the convention starts. . . “The further step must be to put honest procedures into practice when credentials are decided at the 1958 convention in September. “There is one discouraging thing that happened Monday. . . . the SDEC has announced it would follow the laws of the State of Texas but only as long as it suited the Governor’s purpose. That is the only interpretation we can put on the qualifications that nominees of SDEC members from senatorial district caucuses at the state Democratic Convention as provided by law must be shown to be ‘in accordance with the platform adopted by the convention and the policies therein determined applicable to the nominee for Governor.’ “The Governor has proclaimed loudly his devotion to states’ rights. Let him also recognize the rights of the people in their localities to be represented by their own selections to the executive committee. I am not worried about the State Executive Committee being loyal if the majority delegations from the senatorial districts pick them. “In his speech, Governor Daniel asked me a question: ‘Do you know what would happen if Mrs. Randolph and her group won?’ Governor, I can answer that very quickly. The Republicans would be kicked out of the Democratic Party affairs. . . “We Democrats of Texas, who have remained loyal, welcome persons like Governor Daniel to return to the party if they will stay in it through November of 1960. “May I go afield a bit since the Governor has seen fit to do so? I am not a candidate for the office he seeks to hold and he should save his energy for his opponents, unless he is running for 31 places on the executive committee and for national committeewoman, as well.” Byplay following DOT’s convention in Austin included a charge from J. Ed Connally of Abilene that seven persons nominated to serve on DOT’s steering committee said they had not been asked and would not do so. From DOT Secretary-treasurer Creekmore Fath’s office came a reply that the list of steering committee members had not been released because all of those nominated had not been asked if they would serve. Jim Lindsey, SDEC chairman, had accused DOT of “hiding behind locked doors to discuss their radical philosophies.” He said DOT lacked the courage to admit publicly it was afraid to endorse candidates. “These splinter politicians cry about honesty and purity in politics but hide behind closed doors to haggle about their own dissension and split,” he said. Fath responded he was surprised Lindsey was selected “to whine about ‘honesty and purity’ in politics” when Lindsey was parliamentarian “for the minority gang who stole the Fort Worth convention.” “I do not understand Lindsey’s concept of honesty and purity in politics it is too flexible,” Fath said. When You Think of Us, Please Think of Insurance … HALL’S WIGINTON HALL LEAGUE CITY Insurance Agency Insurance Agency Insurance Agency DICKINSON, TEXAS ALVIN, TEXAS LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS … And When You Think of Insurance, Please Think of Us