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Shivers Men, Papers Line Up for Blakley Lyndon and Ralph To the Editor: As one recalls events that have happened in the past, they can hardly fail to realize what a difference just a few short hours made in some of the things that happened. I remember in the Spring of 1956, when Senator Lyndon Johnson said, “it is time the Democratic Party of this state was returned to the Democrats.” With that statement Johnson became the leader of the liberals who defeated the conservatives as to who should lead the delegates to the Democratic national convention. I remember in the runoff election for governor in 1956, that Johnson did nothing to help Yar LEGALS On May 5, 1958 Letters of Administration were issued to me upon the estate of Napoleon Hatcher Scott, Deceased. All persons having a claim upon .3aid estate are required to present claim to me within the time prescribed by law, at my residence and post office address shown below. ALFRED M. SCOTT Alfred M. Scott, Administrator 5407 Sunshine Drive Austin 5, Texas THE STATE OF TEXAS To any Sheriff or any Consetable within the State of Texas GREETING: You are hereby commanded to cause to be published. ONCE, not less than ten days before the return day thereof, exclusive of the date of publication, in a newspaper printed in Travis County, Texas, the accompanying citation, of which the herein below following is a true copy\(but if there be no newspaper so printed in said county, then that you cause the said citation to be posted for at least TEN days before the return term thereof as required by \(Continued on Page SAVE NOW for The Future! Open Your Account at Alice Savings & Loan Association CURRENT DIVIDEND RATE 3V2% PER ANNUM Insured by an Agency of the Federal Gov’t BOB MULLEN, Vice President Mullen Building Alias, Texas THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 6 May 16, 1958 borough get elected, as a consequence the Democratic Party was not returned to the Democrats as Johnson had said only a few months before should be accomplished. It is funny what a difference just a few short hours made. I remember in September 1956, at the state Democratic convention held at Fort Worth, that when Johnson was called upon to make a decision, he deserted the liberals, which kept the Democratic Party of this state from returning to the Democrats. It is funny what a difference just a few short hours made. Recently Johnson said, that he would not come out for either Blakley or Yarborough for U. S. Senator, because the people of Texas are capable of electing the one they desire. The Democratic Party has been good to Johnson. The loyal Democrats of this state bestowed upon him the highest honors that it is capable of doing, by sending instructed delegates to the last Democratic national convention pledged to cast their votes for him as a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. The Democratic senators gave him the highest honor they were capable of, when they made him their party leader in the Senate. Johnson shows his appreciation for what the loyal Democrats have done for him, by refusing to support Yarborough a loyal Democrat who is running against Blakley a disloyal Democrat for the United States Senate. Two years ago, Johnson was pleading with the loyal Democrats to help him throw those rascals the conservatives out of office. Blakley is a conservative. It is funny what a difference just a few short hours have made. I suggest that the loyal Democrats make Johnson say why he will not support Yarborough. by flooding his office with letters. To accomplish this not only write Johnson a letter, but also write a letter to three of your friends requesting that they write Johnson a letter and also write to three other friends requesting that they do the same. E. P. FREEDMAN 610 N.W. 3rd St., Mineral Wells No Support To the Editor: I read with interest the articles on the telephone companies and “Banty Rooster Sloan” \(Obs. April I introduced a bill that would have created a Texas publirutilities commission both terms I served in the House in 1953 and 1955. Each session I gathered information from over the state and the United States and presented facts and figures in open hearings before the House state affairs committee. I presented to the legislature also in written documents passed over the floor all of the many facts Mr. Sloan has presented to you so ably, and in addition I presented many others. For example, I secured financial statements and presented these in open hearings, and pointed out that in the last financial statepany, the company made about the same profit in Texas alone as they made the same year in all of the other six states in which they operate combined. Of course the other six states have state utilities commissions. I also pointed out other inconsistencies in certain local residence and business charges compared with other states. But facts failed to convince, since the utilities apparently do not like to be regulated and the people back home seem unconcerned. I had practically no support from any outside source. I wrote a series of articles at the time for the newspapers and gave these to the press in Austin, but they were not published. However, the newspapers did give my bills ample coverage. I do not think we are going to have state regulation of these utilities until the voters demand it, and this may be a long time off. ROBERT PATTEN Jasper Liberals’ Year? To the Editor: … I hate to miss even one copy. I believe that this is the year of success for the liberals. I believe a ticket of Mrs. Randolph for governor and Fath for Lt. Governor would be a shoo-in. It’s time we put real Democrats in office to replace these Republicans who call themselves Democrats only so they can steal conventions and elections. H. C. McCLELLAN Box 777, Joinerville Truest Report To the Editor: By chance I saw your paper of April 18 and read your article on the Lone Star strike. You gave the truest report on it I’ve read, since I am one of the men who are still out I believe I would know. … I want to thank you for speaking the truth, and not being afraid to. J. M. KUYKENDALL Route 1, Diana Rift Closing? To the Editor: I read that there is evidence of the narrowing of the rift between Senator Johnson and the liberallabor group. After the spectacle at Ft. Worth, any loyal Democrat who would compromise with the Rayburn-Johnson machine should be on a psychiatrist’s couch being treated for masochism. … MRS. B. B. TERRELL 8547 Forest Hills Blvd., Dallas Allen Duckworth writes in the Dallas News: “Confidential Department: It was supposed to be a secret session a few days ago when Weldon Hart, former top political aide to ex-Gov. Allan Shivers, and George Sandlin, Democratic state chairman in the Shivers regime, journeyed from Austin to Dallas. Their mission was to lend political brains to the Blakley-for-Senate campaign.” ,/ Fort Worth Star-Telegram de lighted in the dilemma of Dallas Republicans about “Steven son Republican” Grover Cantrell opposing Bruce Alger in the Re Political Intelligence publican congressional primary. “A legitimate political trick,” said the S-T: “There’s nothing in Texas law that says a man can’t change parties when and as often as he likes … as witness the Eisenhower Democrats.” ./ Marvin Wiss is one of the inv stigators of the Cantrell candidacy. Himself a liberal Democrat, advertising-PR man Wiss was smiling like a cheshire cat at the Young Democrats’ convention in Austin last weekend. / Senate candidate Blakley has now been endorsed by the Marshall News-Messenger, San Antonio Express \(“a strong man of becoming modesty, earnest con Brownsville Herald of the Hones chain \(“a test of power of labor Falls Record-News, Waco News Herald, Austin American-States ABILENE The Abilene Censor Board has declared lewd “And God Created Woman,” with Brigitte Bardot; Interstate Theaters have decided not to show it here; the sheriff has notified two independent driveins which planned to show it that it has been illegalized; and R. A. Erickson, owner of the drive-ins, has appealed to a federal district court in Dallas. “We have had an awful lot of telephone calls” protesting the failure to show the movie as scheduled, Erickson said. “Quite a few were griping about prudishness. This town needs to wake up.” The county attorney, Lee Sutton, says that his information is that the movie is of the nature of “lewd, lascivious, or depraved.” DON BROWN DIES MARSHALL Don Brown, the Caddo Lake artist featured in Southwest Review in an article republished in the Observer Jan. 10, died suddenly of a heart attack May 1 on his lake boat, “The Caddoan.” man; apparently once again the lineup of the dailies against Yar borough will be all but complete. San Antonio Express-News, not commenting on hometown-boy Henry Gonzalez’s candidacy, endorsed Gov. Daniel for reelection. “… He got most of his program through … his responsible leadership will be even more valuable when the legislature convenes next January to face . a critical tax session.” Texas AFL-CIO’s newspaper endorses a civil service Vstern for state workers. H. M. Baggarly writes in the Tulia Herald “the stage is being set for one of the dirtiest campaigns for the U. S. Senate Texas has ever seen. Conservative forces are out to smear, lie, and buy.” He cites use of the term “labor-liberal” nine times in. one “Texas Businessman” paragraph concerning Yarborough, says an article by Bascom Timmons uses “innuendo and deceit to link Yarborough with the civil righters and Negroes!” Blakley has the Shivers machine, including Jim Blundell, Wick Fowler, Jack Dillard, along with Roy Grimes, “one time office manager for the state Republican executive committee,” Baggarly says. ./ Jon Ford quotes Jake Pickle V that Daniel forces have made “tremendous advances” in the last three weeks and will win the July 26 precinct conventions. One reason, says Pickle: the DOT’s failure to attract a broadlyappealing gubernatorial candidate. State law provides a fine of $100 to $1000 or a ten-to-sixty-day jail term for each daily violation in showing a lewd film. Abilene has an ordinance providing a maximum $200 fine. IF .. A MOTIVE AUSTIN The Observer’s Mexico City correspondent, Donald Demarest, writing in Mexico City News, remarked that at the recent National Book Award celebrations in New York, TV interviewer Mike Wallace asked Dallas News book editor Lon Tinkle, author of 13 Days to Glory whether he wasn’t too lenient on books by Texas authors. Demarest said Tinkle replied: “There are at least five Texans who can read, and I want to improve the ratio. … If I’m too indulgent with Texas books it’s because I want to help make reading in Texas fashionable.” ABILENE CENSORS BARDOT When You Think of Us, Please Think of Insurance … HALL’S WIGINTON HALL LEAGUE CITY Insurance Agency Insurance Agency Insurance Agency DICKINSON, TEXAS ALVIN, TEXAS LEAGUE CITY, TEXAS … And When You Think of Insurance, Please Think of Us