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SAVE NOW for The Future! Open Your Account at Alice Savings & Loan Association CURRENT DIVIDEND RATE 3%% h PER ANNUM Insured by an Agency of the Federal Gov’t. BOB MULLEN, Viee President Mullen Building Aloe, Texas BOW WILLIAMS tip Automobile and General Insurance Budget Payment Plan Strong Steck Companies 624 LAMAR, AUSTIN GReonwood 2-2645 Lot’s Abolish the Poll Taxi GONZALEZ FOR GOVERNOR There are three major candidates in the race for governor of Texas. But only one of these three men State Senator HENRY GONZALEZ of San Antonio represents the people of Texas. VOTE GONZALEZ Democratic Primary July 26 If you place people above all else, support HENRY GONZALEZ, with your vote, your work, and with your campaign contributions. VOTE GONZALEZ Democratic Primary July 26 Send your contributions to: HENRY GONZALEZ FOR GOVERNOR, HOUSTON BUILDING, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS THE LONG HOT POLITICAL SUMMER HERE AUSTIN The long hot political summer opened at midnight last Monday night, the deadline for filing for Democratic nomination to state office. It would run until July 26date of the first Democratic primary election \(and might ; in the case of the governor’s race, last about a month longer, to Aug. 23, the runoff would rise, it was agreed by liberal and conservative alike, from pitched battles in two major races involving these five men : 1. U. S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough and ex-interim U. S. Sen. William Blakleyfor nomination to a sixyear term in the Senate [there is one Republican running for the Senate. He is Panhandle publisher-rancher Roy Wittenberg. The winner in the YarboroughBlakley contest will face him in Lyman Jones the November general election]. 2. Incumbent Gov. Price Daniel, ex-U. S. Sen. and ex-Gov. W. Lee O’Daniel, and state Sen. Henry Gonzalezfor nomination to a two-year gubernatorial term [there is a GOP gubernatorial entry, also. He is rancher Edwin S. Mayer of Sonora and San Angelo]. Gonzalez made a last-minute jump into the gubernatorial fray, filing last Monday afternoon after having decided, he said, that Texans ought to have a choice between “Tweedle Dee Dee and O’Tweedle Dee Dee”obviously a crack at Daniel and O’Daniel. His decision to enter the race also came after state Sen. Charles Herring and Navarro Dist. Judge James Sewell said they would Other Races Other major state races shaped up like this: Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey faces exSen. George Nokes for the Ramsey post, in a race whose heat will be exceeded by only the Senate and gubernatorial contests. Agriculture Commr. John White has two opponents: ex-Rep. Glenn Kothmann of San Antonio and Bastrop County Judge Tom Griffin. Republican Grover Carothers of Stamford, a rancher, also seeks the White post. Atty. Gen. Will Wilson, who en Gen. Joseph Swing, chief of the U. S. Immigration Service, said in Washington that the “airlift” back to Mexico of apprehended wetbacks is 15 times as expensive as the old b tslift” method. He said the costlier method might be a “waste of money.” Dr. L. W. Johnson of Hous ton, responding to a federal survey showing big increases in medical care, said the survey was couraged speculation to the last possible moment that he might get into the governor’s race \(he is expected to run in 1960, as is Highway Commr. Marshall Formno Democratic opponent and may not get a Republican opponent [there is a late-filing provision in state election law which allows a candidate to file if no other has previously filed for the same office. Deadline under this provision is June 2. State GOP Chairman Thad Hutcheson said there would be late filings of this kind]. State Treas. Jesse James has no opponent. Neither do Railroad Commr. Olin Culberson and Comptroller Robert S. Calvert. Land Commr. Bill Alcorn has a single opponent in L. J. Dimmit of Dallas, an insurance man \(exRep. Fred Meredith of Terrell Although it was too early this week accurately to assess the chances of either O’Daniel or Gonzalez for success in the race against Daniel, this much seemed certain: W. Lee O’Daniel is still a formidable vote-gatherer. He polled more than 347,000 votes in the 1956 first Demdcratic primary against Yarborough and Daniel. Yarborough bettered his first primary vote total in that race by more than 165,000 in the runoff against Daniel. O’Daniel told the Observer he believes these were his votes. O’Daniel also told the Observer he believes there is political capital to be made of the current economic distress; there are more than 200,000 Texans out of work. And though the Observer has learned that at least two highlevel O’Daniel advisers have urged him to play down the race issue, his position is known to be more anti-integration than Dan loaded with selected data designed to up the totals, added the cost of being sick was staying parallel with the cost of living. The state Health Dep’t. said Texas’s most polio-prone population segmentfrom six months to 40 yearscontains 6.2 million people. It would take 18 million Salk vaccine shots for this group. But as of April, a total of 10.5 million shots had been administered in Texas. iel’sa fact that could play havoc with Daniel support in East Texas. The Gonzalez entry, which seems certain to do damage to Daniel in South Texaswhere he has always run well in the lead of his opponentsand in urban areas with heavy Negro populations, may very well force the governor’s race into a runoff for a decisive decision. For Daniel the three-way race may pose this decision-necessity: Shall I run with a lean to a liberal position short of Gonzalez’ or with a lean to the right to a conservative position short of O’Daniel’s? Daniel and Yarborough this week were runningbut also paying close attention to the demands of their offices. Blakley will open his campaign May 24 at Abilene. Gonzalez’ campaign will get underway at once, perhaps without a formal kickoff of the kind most major candidates arrange. O’Daniel will open his campaign at Waco May 20. There are three minor candidates in the governor’s race: exDon Booker of Orange, Alvis Vandygriff of Austin, and Joe Irwin of Dallas. There are no minor candidates in the U. S. Senate race. The races for places on the state Supreme Court and on the various appellate courts had these entries: Courts Races Associate Justice, Supreme Court, Place 1Robert W. Hamilton of El Paso, Chief Justice 8th court of civil appeals; J. Edwin Smith, Houston attorney; Wilmer B. Hunt, Houston District Judge. Associate Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2Frank P. Culver, reelection. 0 Walter P. Webb of the Uni versity of Texas at Arlington said a reaction to progressive “child-centered education” is underway, that outstanding high schoolers now are being urged to go to college”just like football players.” 0 A U. S. State Dep’t. official said in McAllen he believes the tourist vias fee paid by Americans going to Mexico may be eliminated. Associate Justice, Supreme Court, Place 3Ruel C. Walker, reelection. Associate Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4John Greenhill, appointed to post, seeks to fill unexpired term; Sarah T. Hughes, Dallas district judge. Court of Criminal Appeals Judge K. K .Woodley, reelection, and Graham Purcell, Wichita Falls district judge. Chief Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 1st DistrictSpurgeon E. Bell of Houston, appointed to post, seeks to fill unexpired term. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 1st DistrictPhil D. Woodruff, reelection. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 1st DistrictEwing Werlein of Houston, appointed to post, seeks to fill unexpired term. Chief Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 2nd District–Frank A. Mas sey of Fort Worth, reelection. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 3rd DistrictRobert G. Hughes, of Austin, reelection. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 4th DistrictH. D. Barrow of San Antonio, reelection. Chief Justice Court of Civil Appeals, 5th DistrictDick Dixon of Dallas, reelection. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 6th DistrictWilliam J. Fanning of Sulphur Springs, reelection. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 7th DistrictE. 0. Northcutt, of Amarillo, reelection. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 8th District, Alan R. Fraser, of El Paso, reelection. Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 8th DistrictHolvey Williams of El Paso, appointed to post, seeks to fill unexpired term. Chief Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 1st DistrictFrank G. McDonald of Hillsboro, reelection. OThe U. S. Interior Dep’t. an nounced it will build 12 helium recovery plants in the government-owned helium field near Amarillo at a total cost of about $224 million. OGov. Daniel said he thinks the study of Spanish should be compulsory in Texas public schools. OSome 10,000 workers staged a May Day parade in Juarez. Leaflets attacking the U. S. were distributed. OThirty-five women and six men appeared before the Grand Prairie city council to ask passage of an ordinance banning the wearing of shorts “and other indecent dress” on the streets of that city. OTexas leads all other states in activity under the federal highway program, according to a Commerce Dep’t. statement. There are 2,830 miles of federally-aided highway currently under construction in the state. OJohn T. Jones, president of the Houston Chronicle, announced creation of a $1 million scholarship program named for. the late Jesse Jones and Mrs. Jones. 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