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exist on it and that’s what they are getting. “Our highway traffic death toll is still going up. Our governor seems to like special sessions of the legislature. Why doesn’t he call the legislature together and do something about death on the highways and unemployment? “It has been said we will need $100 million, but it will be more than that. It will be $148 million more we must raisethat many more dollars than now expended and we are going to have to find ways to raise it in taxes. The Texas Research League has a program, another case of letting the foxes guard the chickens. If they finance the research you know they aren’t going to recommend that they themselves be taxed. “When we have a better Texas, we’ll have a better America, and I am an American first.” Money for Education Sewell called for more spending for public education in Texas. “I have a vision of a great Texas, where we have a great system of education for all boys and girls regardless of their creed or color. “We need a great university; our university is fairly good but it doesn’t rank among the top and it can’t rank among the top because of the meager appropriations under the guidance of our Governor.” Sewell deplored the salaries of university faculty members in Texas. For instance, he said, at the University of Virginia a full professor gets $10,200; at the University of Texas the salary is $7,800. “To me that’s a shame; certainly we ought to be among the top half \(of universities in the American University AssociaThere are only about six top ,flight researchers at the University of Texas, and without top flight research a university can’t be first rate, Sewell said. “They have talked a lot about not believing in accepting any federal funds for education,” he added, MARTIN WANT Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Suite 201 Century, Building 2120 Travis, Houston 2, Texas CA 4-0686 ID 3-1210 “but three-fourths of the money for research at the University comes from the federal government. “We need well paid university professors and we need well paid school teachers … “We are going to have to have an adequate program to take care of our old people,” he went on. ‘It’s a tragedy the way our old people are treated here in Texas … it’s a tragedy the way we treat our mentally ill. The people of Texas have more of the milk of human kindness than this, and in the long run it’s also more economical to take care of them properly.” Sewell also applied his Trumanlike oratorical club to Texas Republicans. “You have a great Democratic leader, here in Houston,” he said. “She is working for the best interests of all the people and she is going to be a leader of the Democratic Party here in Texas for a long, long time … a great national committeewoman, Mrs. R. D. Randolph. “But you also have here a national committeeman of another party, Jack Porter, and I can’t say that he is so interested in the welfare of all the people in Texas. The people he is interested in center in a few special industries, particularly oil.” Referring to the Republican embarrassment over the $100,000 fund raised by Porter and rejected by the G.O.P. natronal committee, Sewell said. “Don’t you know he was surprised when Meade Alcorn refused to take this dirty old Texas money?” All these years, said Sewell, Texans have been warned by “the reactionary commentators” and the editorialists against the corrupting influence of money from Washington, “and now Washington doesn’t want that old filthy Texas money.” But Thad Hutcheson, G.O.P. state chairman, says he is glad to take it and that Porter is a INVIDIOUS AUSTIN In Hartford, Conn., last week Gov. Abraham Ribicoff asked a special session of his state’s legislature to vote a $410 million public works and highway construction program to create 12,000 new jobs. Connecticutt’s unemployed total is 92,000, about half the number jobless in Texas. In addition to public works, Ribicoff asked for an increase in the unemployment compensation. ceiling from $40 to $45. The Texas ceiling is $28. Sewell DiscussesTision of Texas’ great man who has been done a great injustice, said Sewell. Democrats don’t have to worry, though, about Hutcheson and Porter, said Sewell, because he “had heard on Feb. 1 \(at the state say the Republican Party is dead in Texas. If memory serves me well, I also heard Porter say he and the Republicans elected Mr. Daniel governor of Texas. And I remember he and his crony, Allan Shivers, were running around Texas urging ‘Be Texanvote Republican’ in 1952 …” Shivers, said Sewell, headed an administration that was “the most corrupt we have had in Texas … I could smell it in 1951 …” “Now he is trying to get his friend William Blakley to run for the U.S. Senate against Ralph Yarborough.” `Treachery Back in 1952 \(“you probably don’t study American history here Daniel “were running around telling you if you elected Ike the Workers’ Safety Panel Organizes AUSTIN The new Industrial and Occupational Safety Study Commission has organized and promises a report Dec. 1. Gov . Price Daniel told the first meeting that Texas has 600 to 700 deaths yearly among workers covered by workmen’s compensation and more than 240,000 injuries on the job a year. Specialists have indicated 98 percent of these can be prevented, he said. Ex-civil appeals judge Mallory B.Blair of Austin was designated chairman and R. B. Latting, safety supervisor of the oil and gas division of the labor department, secretary. Other members are E. C.McFadden, vice president of Employers Casualty Co., Dallas; J. Ed Lyles, state legislative representative of the order of railroad conductors and brakemen; Reps. D. Roy Harrington, Por t Arthur, and Joe Pool, Dallas, and Sens. Crawford Martin, Hillsboro, Hubert Hudson, Brownsville, and Doyle Willis, Fort Worth, the vice chairman. Blair said the commission study should include occupational diseases as well as accidents. Texas AFL-CIO released figures based on industrial accident board figures that 111 Texas workers were killed by accidents on the job in Texas the first two months of this year, compared to 122 for the same period last year. Republicans would do three things: reduce taxes, end corruption, and get our tidelands back for the Texas schoolchildren they haven’t reduced taxes, and as for corruption, why, to a Republican a deep freeze is a mere triflethey’re giving TV stations away. “Price did go on to Washington but he didn’t frame his bill on restoring the tidelands just right, and now Ike has said if it hadn’t been for Price’s action fumbling the tidelands bill, there wouldn’t be all this uncertainty … now here we have the same man back in Texas trying to tell you what to do … Price and Jim Lindsey in Fort Worth said ‘all you good Democrats, if you’re for Texas, you’ll follow us and elect good men’ … they said ‘the DOT under the leadership of Mrs. Randolph is not for Texas, but we are.’ Are these men for Texas? Look back five years and you’ll see they’ve harmed the farmer and the rancher, the working man, and other people. “Why should we follow them? I say they’re trading on treachery and they’re not fit to lead the Democratic Party or any other party. I say we ought to have a better Texas when real Democrats take over. Your organization is an example. I can remember when the state Democratic executive committee was being used to advance the Republican Party. “I see a vision of a better Texas … a better America … when we have an administration here in Texas which will believe in Texas and give us honest government … I am ashamed of what has gone on there in Austin, under Shivers and Daniel. “The leader in Austin sets the example. If the Governor flies off in a gas company’s plane today, tomorrow the Insurance Commissioner will fly off in somebody’s plane … “I have the vision of a new governmentan honest government and I believe that we will see it in Texas,” Sewell said. VIEWPOINT ON LBJ HOUSTON Ed Ball, Harris County labor leader, told the quarterly meeting of the Harris County Democrats, “Lyndon Johnson Is the leader of the opposition he has taken over where Allan Shivers left off.” Ball said Johnson has said he will stay out of the precinct conventions this year but that Johnson leaders are trying to capture the conventions and if successful “would use it for the same purposes they used it for before.” He said he had seen Johnson recently in Washington and that Johnson told him he eral person you ever sawhe was only sorry he couldn’t vote that way because he couldn’t get elected down here in Texas if he did. The issues haven’t changed a bit, just the slogans and some of the faces have been changed.” BOW WILLIAMS it A utomobile ‘ and General Insurance Budget Payment Plan Strong Stock Companies 624 LAMAR, AUSTIN GReenwood 2-0545 Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax! WEEK IN TEXAS OAn oil portrait of Pres. Eisen hower, on loan from the state to the posh-plush Houston Club was slashed three times by a knife-wielding Ike-disliker. The first cut, about a foot long, ripped across the upper part of the face. Two smaller V-shaped cuts ran downward from the corners of the larger one. The vandal left a note tucked into the portrait’s frame. It read: “We don’t like Ike in Texas.” Houston police said the picture was worth more than $1,000. Artiste Boris Gordon, who painted it, said it was worth $6,500. OFort Worth police reported juveniles in that city are forming “vandalism clubs” which require would-be members to smash car windows to prove their eligibility. OMayor Lewis Cutrer of Houston said he does not believe municipal employees should belong to unions. The remark was made as the AFL-CIO State, County and Municipal Employees Union said it intended to organize Houston city workers. The Internal Revenue Serv ice filed a tax lien of $754,645 against ex-Duval County boss George Parr, alleging he owed that amount on income taxes for 1949 through 1956. OMrs. Agnes Kirk. operator of a rest home at Cleburne, was left property valued at $5 million by a former patient, J. E. Sexton. The will cut off four Sexton nieces and a sister with $100 each. OBexar County sheriff’s depu ties raided a cockfight, seized five gamecocks and arrested four men. An unusually large number of cars parked near a suburban nursery tipped off the lawmen. Vic Horn, Titus County Democratic chairman, said there’ll be a dinner March 18 at Mount Pleasant in appreciation of Gov. Price Daniel and party and elected officials of the first senatorial district. For the first time in ten years the weekly morbidity report of the state health department did not contain a single Texas polio case. “The impact of Salk vaccine is implicit,” said state health commissioner Henry Holle. OThe H o u s e investigating committee’s probe of Empire Standard Life, Tyler, and its president, Arlin Anderson, took a novel turn when Anderson charged Rep. Joe Chapman of the committee had a conflict of interest serving on the committee at the same time, that as owner of 59 shares of Empire standard stock, he was taking a leading part developing a battle over proxies. Chapman dropped out of the proxy fight and was commended for this by Speaker Waggoner Carr. B. G. Hendon, Empire Standard secretary-treasurer, said he declined to write a $2,500 . check to Anderson to retain Looney, Clark & Moorhead, having been told by Anderson “this firm of attorneys is very powerful politically.” Rep. Reagan Huffman, Marshall, asked if it was thought powerful enough to stop the investigation. It was Hendon’s impression it could “suppress unfavorable publicity, at least.” OAsst. Atty. Gen. Larry Jones outlined a year-long antiusury campaign to county and district attorneys meeting in Austin. It included injunction suits and thorough handling of all complaints of sharks. TEXAS, MARCH 14, 1958 Page 4 March 14, 1958 COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE HALL’S WIGINTON-HALL LEAGUE CITY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY Dickinson, Texas Alvin, Texas League City, Texas