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411111111111111MIL.. MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Suite 201 Century Building 2120 Travis, Houston 2, Texas CA 4-0686 ID 3-1210 OTexas building contract awards in 1957 dropped below the 1956 level in dollar value: $1,164,240,546 in ’57 compared with ’56’s $1,220,831,984. Biggest decrease came in residential building. AFL-CIO dropped 15,000 names of teamsters from the membership list of the Texas state organization. SMU Law Dean Robert Sto rey was named vice-chairman of the President’s civil rights commission. OThe Bryan Daily Eagle edi torially urged a coeducational system for Texas A&M as necessary for the college’s future. OChairman Jim Lindsey of the state Democratic executive committee announced scheduling of a committee meeting for Feb. 1 at Austin. ODallas and Tarrant County backers of Sen. Ralph Yarborough announced a dinner in his honor Jan. 18 at Dallas Memorial Auditorium. OJake Pickle said SDEC’s “Dollars for Democrats” drive receipts totaled about $7,000. OLewis Cutrer was installed as Houstons’ mayor and ordered a “crash” program to bring the police department up to FBI THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR AN INTERNATIONAL DAILY NEWSPAPER Good Reading for the Whole Family News Facts Family Features The OiristIan Science Monitor One Norway St., Boston 15, Mass. Send your newspaper for the time checked. Enclosed find my check or Money order. 1 yece $18 0 4 months $9 Q 3 Matt* $450 0 Name ess ta t. PB16 recommended standards for a city of Houston’s size. OA “secret” list of 25 civic leaders has been drawn up by Houston’s Junior Chamber of Commerce as a first step in the formation of a citizens’ crime commission. The move was sparked by the record 136 murders committed in Houston last year. OState Rep. Paul Pressler III was named “young man of the year” by Houston Jaycees. 0 Beeville’s Dudley T. Dough erty announced he will provide 70 half-tuition scholarships in the sciences for students of San Antonio’s Incarnate Word College for women. Wetback Influx Increases a Bit McALLEN A few more illegal aliens were arrested in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in the last half of 1957 than during the same period of 1956, according to records of Chief Border Patrol Inspector J. Eldon Powell: 1,885 in last-half ’57 as compared with 1,690 in the same period of ’56. Taylor said the slightly higher total indicated no upward trend in illegal border crossings and noted that both the ’56 and ’57 totals ran far below the arrests figures for the peak year of 1954 \(before inception of the bracero legal aliens, the bulk of them wetbacks, were arrested in July, 1954. Meantime, in Washington, Immigration Commissioner Joseph M. Swing, in a report to Atty. Gen. William P. Rogers, said illegal entries over the Mexican border had been practically “eliminated.” Swing’s report gave no exact arrest figures, however. Swing said a total of 450,000 Mexican nationals entered the U. S. under the bracero program last year. Member of the American Society of Piano Technicians Douglas . R. Strong PIANO TECHNICIAN Planing, Repairing, Rebuilding JAckson 3-1276 808 Harold, Houston 6, Texas OLaredo police found a Rus sian Embassy card among possessions of Viktor Koren, 26, a Russian national who wounded two policemen. before he was himself wounded in a gun battle with Laredo officers. OThree Leon’s Shoe Stores, Inc., executives: Leon Collins of Waco, Marcus Strum of Tyler, and Raymond Pecot of Austin, pleaded guilty to evasion of income taxes on $148,039 in unreported income for 1951-52-53-54. Federal Dist. Judge Ben. Rice placed all three on probation for three years and fined Collins and Strum $7,500 each, and Pecot $2,500. Leon’s Inc., has branch stores in Austin, Tyler, Waco, San Antonio, and Waco. OThe state Industrial Acci dent Board, according to the state AFL-CIO, said there were 785 fatal industrial accidents in Texas last year as compared with 699 during 1956. AFL-CIO plans a weekly report of industrial accidents and deaths in 1958. OThe state Board of Water Engineers contracted with the U. S. Geological Survey for $600,000 worth of topographic mapping. Ass’t. McLennan County DA Don Hall was stabbed by a party-crashing hoodlum New Year’s Eve. OThe Union Baptist Assn. purchased 380 acres in suburban Houston for the site of a proposed junior college. OChance Vaught Aircraft, Inc., Dallas, announced receipt of a $100 million contract to build a twice-the-speed-of ound all-weather jet aircraft. OState Auditor C. H. Cavn,ess said he must “again … question the legality of the practice of allowing long-distance telephone toll calls made by employees and/or others to be charged to the \(East Texas TuOMan evolved from brown seaweed, Texas A&M biologist Lawrence Dillon told a convention, of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science at Indianapolis, Ind. ti COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE HALL’S WIGINTON-HALL LEAGUE CITY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY Dickinson, Texas Alvin, Texas League City, Texas Over $95 Million Insurance In Force HOME OFFICE 5011 FANNIN, HOUSTON First life insurance company in Texas with $1,000,000 Capital and Surplus paid in cash prior to writing business A Review of the Week in Texas OOilman Tom Slick announc ed from Calcutta he plans a second try at capturing the “abominable snowman” of theHimalayas using a pack of U. Strained hound dogs. Dallas Asks Court Guide OThe state junior Chamber of Commerce named five “outstanding men of the year.” They were Walter Corrigan, San Antonio; Jack Jeffus, Wichita Falls; William Ludwig, Texas City; C. Cullen Smith, Waco; and Dr. Hugh Wilson, Dallas. ODepartment of Public Safety estimated Texas traffic fatalities for 1957 will run about 70 below the 1956 total. Final report will be made in March. Estate Life Ins. Co Seeks New President AUSTIN Estate Life Insurance Co. of Amarillo, under the gun of State Sen. Charles Herring’s investigating committee \(Observer, find a president to replace John L. McCarty who resigned that post when it was revealed he had made a “gift” of $2,000 for J. W. Pierson, an insurance department examiner who was fired for acceptance of the money. The company’s attorney, E. A. Simpson, told the Herring committee this week the post had been offered to David M. Warren, Panhandle publisher and businessman, but that Warren had refused. Insurance Commissioner William Harrison took under advisement a plea that the company be allowed to cancel a deal whereby Estate Life assumed $11.5 million in business from now defunct Physicians Life and Accident Insurance Co. of Dallas. Harrison said he will make known his decision on the plea to void the Physicians Life business at the close of the current hearings. Meantime, said Simpson, the company is writing no insurance. It was testified that Estate Life assumed the business without sufficient cash, capital or experience. THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 4 January 10, 1958 Decree vs. State Law Clarification Needed DALLAS The New Orleans federal appeals court which late in December told the Dallas School Board it need not desegregate by Jan. 27, but must do so with all “deliberate speed,” now has before it a second aspect of the Dallas desegregation problem. Andrew Thuss, attorney for the board, has asked the court to make clear to the board its rights and duties in a conflict arising from the court’s order to desegregate and a state statute forbidding desegregation unless a local option election on the question is held. Failure to hold the election could mean the loss of $1,500,000 a year in state funds to the Dallas public school system. Federal Dist. Judge William Atwell, whose integrate-by-Jan. 27 order was overturned by the New Orleans decision, dismissed an earlier suit by the board on the state law-court order conflict on the ground he was without jurisdiction. The Dallas integration problem last week drew national attention. Reiman Morin of Associated Press, who covered the Little Rock desegregation crisis, published a “thinkpiece” on the Dallas situation. He listed these as factors weighing against a recurrence of the Little Rock controversy at Dallas: Dallas has a “tightly-knit” core of business and civic leaders who do not want a Little Rock “with its potential effects on business and the new industries they seek”; Dallas police have a “high morale and efficiency” reputation, are “keeping close tabs” on “extremist organizations”; Dallas has a sizeable Negro community of a “middle class Character” earning “$45 ‘million a year or more”; extremist groups “appear to have had very little success attracting members or money.” On the “minus” side, Morin found: No “community preparation” for desegregation; the school board has made public no plans for desegregation; there are numerous schools to be integrated; in some areas, Negro scholastics may “push out” white students. Morin quoted Police Chief Carl Hannson as saying: “We’re not going to have another Little Rock in Dallas.” And Negro Chamber of Commerce President John Rice told Morin: “We think it can take place without undue confusion. That’s not to say that Dallas is not part of the South.” Morin said he found Dallas apparently “overwhelmingly opposed to integration.” A Negro Baptist leader, Dr. J. H. Jackson, president of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., made a speech on integration here last week. He said: “Integration is three years behind schedule according to the law.” “The decision of the Supreme Court on school integration was simply an application of a Constitution we had already accepted.” Bexar County DA Hubert Green said he will enforce state “blue” laws calling for the closing of certain businesses, including grocery stores, on Sunday. ODallas Times-Herald’s Felix McKnight was named to the Pulitzer Prize journalism jury for 1958. OU. S. Office of Education said first-time enrollments in Texas colleges dropped 3.7 this year. At the same time, the national total rose one per cent. OA U. S. request for dismis sal of the case against Clinton Jencks for alleged communist activity was granted at El Paso by federal Dist. Judge R. E. Thomason. State Sen. Charles Herring was original prosecutor in the case in which on-again, off-again informer Harvey Matusow was a government witness.