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RALPH. RETRENCHING; NEW FOE SOUGHT v i The dailies are taking ex-Sen. Blakley’s disclaimer of intent to run against Ralph Yarborough seriously. The search for a new candidate is therefore on. No. 1 prospect : Dr. W. R. White, president of Baylor. Others being mentioned to run against Yarborough : Reps. Joe Kilgore, Martin Dies, Olin Teague, Jim Wright; ex-Atty. Gen. John Ben Shepperd ; J. Evetts Haley ; Marshall Formby, chairman of the State Highway Commission. h William Gardner, chief of the Houston Post’s Austin Bureau, writes : “The cold truth is that nobody has much chance of beating Yarborough for re-election to the Senate. A United States senator is in a powerful position to make friends and influence people. Yarborough has not committed any grievous errors since taking office last April. In fact, his voting record in Washington has been such that some conservatives, particularly oil men, look upon him with more favor than they ever thought possible.” He is stumping hard, too, says Gardner. It’s “highly doubtful” he can be beaten. But Gardner adds : “That doesn’t, mean that nobody should even try.” The tenth annual “Governor’s duck hunt” is scheduled Nov. 1719 starting from the Jack Tar Orange house, chugging 40 miles down the Sabine and the canal on the Texas Company yacht, “Ava,” then hunting two days in the South Jefferson County marshes. Local industries and merchants pay the bills. Gov . Daniel and many senators are expected. Under the Senate version of the lobby bill this would not be reportedbecause it is to happen when the legislature is not in session. \(The scheduling is likely to be revised in view of Lyndon Johnson will be given an appreciation dinner in Houston Dec. 4, with J. S. Abercrombie, Houston oilman, and Judge Jesse Andrews, Houston attorney, making the arrangements. Abercrombie said the people of the Gulf Coast are “uniquely indebted” to Johnson; Andrews, a leader of loyal Democrats in Houston, said he hopes it will be “a truly memorable occasion” for Johnson. But Mrs. R. D. Randolph, Democratic national committeeman from Houston, has objected emphatically to MARSHALL As a lonesome dog rockets through space in Sputnik II, should be little less shocked and mystified than the American people who twice elected a military hero President because he was best fitted to keep the country up to snuff in military preparations. T h e unwilling rocket passenger felt little more impact from the new fuel propelling her upward than should the “I Like Ike” chanters of one and five years ago. At least the furry space traveler had not been exposed to the hogwash and fudge that were dished out to us Americans during the period by the soap and chlorophyll boys on Madison Avenue, via Dickie Boy Nixon, Grandma Dulles, et al. Those dear dead slogans ! Brownell, described by a senator as that odd little man in Justice, and his Chicago dig at the loyalty of Truman, the constant slurring of Acheson as the Red Dean, and Grandma’s Massive Retaliation at a time and place of our own choosing, have now become Massive “I can see the headlines now`Dixon fiddles while Daniel burns’.” But the representatives had had their moment, and the only question left, for this particular special session, was whether the senators would ruin it. R.D. the use of her name \(it was being said she’dbeen invited to sit at the tend on grounds the loyal Democrats don’t have anything to appreciate. Sam Kinch, writing in the Star Telegram, says : “At heart, many of the Texas conservatives who make up the Freedom in Actibn organization feel a third party is the only real solution Texas Businessman says that oil leaders regard Fortune’s list of Very Rich “emphasizing oil fortunes” as “anti-oil propaganda” which “will serve’ as text for left-wing fights Political Intelligence against depletion allowance, import controls, etc.” At week’s end in the Capitol an effective lobbyist permanently domiciled in Austin laughed and said : “The only thing I’m really pleased about is that I’m no longer a member of the legislature.” IThe lobbyists turned up in greater strength during the floor debates on lobby ,control last week. Andrew chemiaround. INevertheless, it wasn’t popular to be seen eating with lobbyists. One day last week at Scholz’s beer garten there were about 25 legislators; all alone, at lunchtimeand a dozen of them, sitting at one table, razzed AUSTIN . It seems to me odd, not to say queer as a three dollar bill, that a governor who protests at every opportunity that troops will never be necessary to enforce public school desegregation in his state should call a special session of the legislature to pass an act which would, just in case, mind you, close a school should it become necessary, as it became at Little Rock, to order in troops. Irritation at a time chosen by Kruschev. Maybe we will benefit in the long run. The nervous nellies who preferred to look under their beds for a bearded Red every night may enter the world of reality, where it is thunderingly clear that we do not live in the best of all possible nations and that the reactionary fatheads are a., poor substitute for the intellectual egg-heads that they so hootingly drove into retirement or unproductive states of despair and disgust. Again, some blessings may flow from the Sputniks. It is barely possible that our journalists may be allowed to transgress behind the Bamboo Curtain. Grandma may even permit Massive Visitation of our country by Reds, and vice versa. He may even wake up to the , fact that our greatest achievement is our standard of living and the preservation of the dignity of the individual.. Now that we have no secret about space travel, Russia has as good if not better bombers than we have, to say nothing of her launching intercontinental ballistics missiles while most of ours go up and pop like firecrackers, we can safely let as many Russian tourists in as will come. They would do more to aid us to live in the same world with communism than all that can ever come out of Foggy Bottom, D. C. FRANKLIN JONES a newspaperman who has been editorializing for lobby regulation by demanding he pay their ‘check, since he’d “scared all the lobbyists off.” IBob McCracken, in the Corpus Caller, accused Daniel of making a trade with East Texans for segregationist legislation after disposition of water and lobby bills. “Why he has to be coy, secretive, and go pussyfooting around … Another thing, where does the Governor get off, however naive, to make secret deals on a matter that so vitally concerns all the people?” I Disgust with the lobby bills re ported by the House committee, and last week substantially adopted by the Senate, was not limited to the Observer. The El Paso Herald Post said: “We give the back of our hand to the legislature” for “the puerile so-called `Lobby Registration Act’ … an utter disgrace. It is watered-down, dishonest, and as full of loopholes as a chicken fence … oh how that money talks!” Ernest Bailey, reporting for, the Houston Press, said both . House committee and now-passed Senate versions “seem to have been written to please the lobbyists ……Every time you read either the House or Senate bill you notice a new loophole.” This was before the House added wallop to its version. ISan Antonio Express bemoans lack of a water plan “in workable language,” the continued “infection” of the legislature “with a reluctant majority” on lobby regulation, and the fact of the conflict-of-interest regis tration proposal “obviously hit an ex exposed nerve.” Daniel, said the Ex press, “showed . willingness … almost too much willingness … to accept the Yet this is what Gov. Price Daniel has done; in his submission of what he calls an “anti-troops” bill to the second called session of the legislature. Would a man not foreseeing himself performing an act of faubism find it necessary? Would a bloc of legislators not bent On obstruction of the federal court orders to desegregate which are coming in Texas as surely as the devil abhors holy water demand this from a governor ? Anyway, just as we intemperates know what the Governor of South Carolina said to the Governor of North Carolina, so are we now privy to what the Governor of Florida said to the Governor of Texas. Florida said to Texas, in effect : “Our bill reads : ‘In the event the National Guard or any other military troops or personnel are employed or used upon order of any federal authority on public school property or in the vicinity of any public school for direction or control of the order, operation, or attendance at such school, the ,school board having jurisdiction shall school and suspend its operation so long as said troops remain on or within the vicinity of the school for any of such purposes.” Daniel, himself, he said, wrote the rest of the bill, which, one supposes, only coincidentally happens to contain exactly what the East Texas bloc in the legislature has been asking for first called legislative session began. The East Texans had two demands: automatic closing of schools to which troops are ordered \(which the Florida language, incorporated in the the spelling out of authority for the attorney general to give legal aid to school districts involved in court suits on desegregation. In the bill, this latter demand is taken care of by this language: “In order to help prevent situations which might result in the occupation of public schools by military forces debilitating amendments that are about to gut the whole program.” IBut the Express says, in another editorial, “Politics being what it is,_ however, the Governor must now trade’ with the segregationists of East Texas … on their terms … for support of the People’s Program …” I An editorial in the Battalion, col lege paper of Texas A&M, calls for “more liberals” and closes : “In 1960, we need a liberal nominee for President like Sen. Hubert Humphrey or Gov. Robert Meyner. In Congress we need more men like Sen. Paul Douglas a n d Sen. Wayne Morse.” Fire-eating Arthur Fullingim of the Kountze News says Allan Shivers “called for a third party” in a Chicago speech. Continues Fullingim: “Shivers’ hatchet man, ‘Jake Pickle is P. Daniel’s No. 1 man in the Republican-controlled Democratic party in Texas …. They had Porter there at the Dallas meeting to line up the Texas Republicans against Yarborough. But let us not forget that Shivers’ insurance commissioner, Saunders, is under indictment for crimes and misdemeanors.” IDaily Texan \(U niversity of as the Texan presents a full page of opinion on integration, “We’ve been advised to lay off the segregation issue …. Integration is the numberone issue in Texas.” IThe Williamson County \(George just assuming the legislature will support the Governor’s lobby program but are in for a rude shock, “as many legislators a r e viciously fighting against lobby control, for obvious reasons.” or the closure thereof, the Attorney General is authorized to assist any public school board which requests his assistance in the defense of any lawsuit in a federal court which seeks to challenge the constitutionality of a statute of this state …” It is conceded on both sides of the desegregation question that school boards already have authority to close down the schools of their district, and that the attorney general already has the power to go to the aid of local school boardsstill, it is being spelled out again. Perhaps this very likely unnecessary spelling out will make the bill sufficient for the segregationists’ purposes, perhaps not. We’ll find out rather suddenly, on the floors of the House and Senate this week. Daniel’s bill also has a section which is meant to be either a sop or a diversion to integrationists. Section 2 says that “The Governor, through the Department of Public . Safety, shall provide assistance when called upon by local authorities to prevent violence and maintain peace and order in the operation of public schools \(as Shivers used Texas Rangers to prevent the registration of Negro students at National Guard and other military forces shall not be used for such purposes …” The bill has a pious fore and aft rig : Section I says “the purpose of this act is to further provide for the nrair,iterw.nce of law, peace and order ” and its final section says “the fact that public education under martial law or military occupation is wholly unsatisfactory and contrary to the precepts of freedom and democracy …” and so on. Additionally, says the Governor, this bill has nothing at all to do with the question of integration-segregation … and I’m to be Queen of the May! I say it’s a three-dollar billand the hell with it. LYMAN JONES THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 3 Nov. 15, 1957 Those Dear Dead Slogans! Daniel’s ‘Troop Bill’