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GET OUT THE BLACK SHIRTS AUSTIN Some random notes made in advance of attending a meeting of the Anderson County White Citizens Council at Palestine : Despite a trend toward the implementation of the ideal of equal human rights as inevitable as the rising of the sun tomorrow morning, there are those who would avoid it. By citation of superficial natural dissimilarities, they find it possible to convince themselVes that they have demolished the principle of the ideal when they have only evaded it. “If God,” they will say, “had wanted the races to mix, why did he make them of different colors?” It is never noted that a thoughtful Creator, really bent on imposing segregation, might also have made it physically impossible for a man of one color and a woman of another to mate. GOP Shrugs …. Bascom Timmons writes from Washington that Chief Justice Earl Warren is not averse to accepting the presidential nomination of the Republicans in 1960 and that the GOP is now writing off Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, and Louisiana, all of which they carried in 1952 or 1956 or both. …. Gov. Daniel wishes to nix the viewpoint that the lobby bill’s passage would be a victory for liberals and labor. He is reported not keen on the idea of liberals, who have carried the fight for the bill up to now, getting the credit in the special session. He denies he has designated anyone to speak for him on lobby control. …. The Legislative Council reports that Sen. Dorsey Hardeman’s lobby bill of the last session, in failing to repeal earlier penal code penalties, raised the issue of statutory conflict and might have made any enforcement impossible. …. The Corpus Christi Caller urges that Gov. Daniel “not give ear” to Rep. Huffman’s demands for more Political Intelligence segregation legislation at the special session, which “hardly could be expected to accomplish anything” if so tied up. …. The LaGrange Journal, on the edge of East Texas, in an editorial on Little Rock, urges “all Americans everywhere, both black and white, to proceed with caution, with open minds, with rationalism in this the gravest social problem to confront us since the Civil War, that it might be resolved without violence and without hatred, on a peaceful plane, to the satisfaction of all concerned.” …. Arthur Fullingim writes in the Kountze News, “it’s hard to find any white man in the South who is not for Faubus and what he has done.” …. The Observer understands that District Judge Sarah Hughes of Dallas may run against recently-appointed Supreme Court associate justice Joe Greenhill. …. Sen. William Proxmire of Wisconsin has been invited to speak to a Central Texas Democrats of Texas meeting in December. …. Ex-Sen. William Blakley’s attitude toward labor is indicated in a statement he made in Dallas recently to a group of Democratic women. Indicating he is for right to work laws and the existence of unions, he said: `Every man and woman has a right to work where they choose and at whatever they choose. I also believe they have the right to associate themselves with others, such as belonging to a union, but not at the dictates of a Jimmy Hof fa or a Dave Beck or anybody else.” While superficial differencesskin color, the degree of curl in the hair may explain existing inequality, do these offer any convincing argument why inequality should be continued? Of course they do not, and anti-philosophies must be resorted to, since it is not possible to argue convincingly for inequality from reason. A favorite hoax of this kind is the sly substitution of “intimacy” for “equality,” the hintingand, sometimes, the direct chargingthat, because a man advocates equality for all, he also is advocating all kinds of intimate relationships between all kinds of people: “D’ja wantcher daughter to marry a nigger? If we let ’em go to school with each other, they’ll be marryin’ each other.” But surely, as State Sen. Henry Gonzalez has said, this is the weakest argument of all, saying, as it does, that once artificial barriers are removed, there are no logical barriers to equality at all. This kind of hysterical opposition to equal rights ignores that intimacy has always been, and always will be, a matter of personal selection; that a fair-minded man is always willing to accord equal rights, even to the abysmally abject, even though intimate association would be distasteful. I cannot conceive of a circumstance under which I could associate intimately with a John Kasparunless I felt in need of a strong emetic. Abraham Lincoln, born far to the South of Kaspar’s birthplace, dismissed this specious argument conclusively : “Now I protest against the counterfeit logic which concludes that because I do not want a black woman for a slave I must necessarily want her for a wife. I need not have her for either …” THE ANTI PHILOSO-PHY of the superiority of this race above that one, curiously, or perhaps not so curiously, is most often found among the advocates of economic inequality. Does it please their vanity to try and prove that differences in wealth are the result of the “superiority of some, and the “inferiority” of others? This kind of person argues that “no economic equality can survive the workings of biological -inequality,” yet where have the antiphilosophers been found using their arguments in favor of, say, higher WASHINGTON Lyndon Johnson has dealt with cynical politicians so much of his life he apparently thinks the civil rights issue is just another “gimmick” which helps get Northern legislators elected. That many politicians are “using” the civil rights issue for such purposes is not too far off. What Lyndon doesn’t realize is that the general public is far ahead of the politicians on this score. They know what’s up. They are able to distinguish right from Tong. They can separate the “cute” politicians from the sincere. Of course, there are “wool hat” boys everywhere and they are noisy. But they are not the Voice of America. Johnson doesn’t seem to understand that. Lyndon, we are told, is unhappy about the situation Faubus has created. We have no doubt other South ern politicians are, too. After all their dire warnings about federal troops being used to “force” integration, Faubus upset the applecart by first using the militia to “force” segregation. Where Lyndon Johnson went wrong earlier this year was in deluding himself that a weak civil rights bill would dispose of this touchy issue for years to come. He persuaded wages for the physically stronger : miner s, steelworkers, bricklayers, longshoremen ? Where have they advocated greater rewards for the demonstrably mentally superior : scientists, teachers, thinkers? No, most often they argue with excuses for those who have gained dangerously large quantities of power, and claim that these things are possible because of a “superiority.” Wouldn’t it be pleasant if this kind of “superiority” accrued to the benefit of society instead of being limited, as is now the case most often, to the exercise of financial connivance? Those who today insist that because their skin is white, to pick a single meaningless dissimilarity, somehow confers “superiority,” are obscenely displaying a primitive instinct, not an intelligence, are still in transition between savagery and civilizationa state wherein those who by might or cunning succeed in gaining a favored position seek to perpetuate this “superiority” against the time when they become victims of age or weakness. I CANNOT think *of a better word for the stance of these anti-philosophers than reaction the viewpoint of the man who imagines that if the world could only be made to stand still, or better, be induced to turn backwards, he would be able to enjoy permanent advantages over his fellow men. He must do all in his power to impede progress, for progress to him is the same as death. He is a useless remnant, a vermiform appendix of the body politic. The reactionary has no political, economic or social program. He wants none and considers that none is necessary, for are not present conditions satisfactory, and were not yesterday’s even more satisfactory? Left to himself, a reactionary is a harmless fellow. But he has a hankering for public affairs, and he likes to strut about in a pose of importance which can be mistaken for the genuine articleespecially by the foolish young who wish to associate with important people. There are words for the combining of youthful vigor with political reaction. Fascism is one of them. I wonder when the white citizens’ councils will put on the black shirts? LYMAN JONES many Northern and Western Democrats to buy his synthetic Democratic “unity” and now it has blown up in his face. If the Democratic Party has any national future, it won’t be achieved by trying to side step the civil rights fight. There are many people who feel the Democrats can only regain their standing as a party of “the people” when the fight for social justice becomes a year-round operation, not a phrase taken out of moth-balls every four years. The Manufacturing Man Orval Faubus may have thought he was awfully original in manufacturing a “crisis” in order to forestall the integration of Little Rock’s Central High School. The fact is he was just a copycat. Former Gov. Allan Shivers of Texas did the same thing just a year ago. A federal court had ordered the school board at Mansfield, Texas, to admit twelve Negro students to the local high school. Shivers sent a half dozen Texas Rangers with orders to “transfer” any student whose presence was “reasonably calculated to incite violence.” Shivers, though, had more Republi can friends in Washington than Fau bus and his action went unchallenged. ROBERT G. SPIVACK AUSTIN , The issues of substance which are the real stakes in politics, not Obsolete questions of party loyalty, now divide the Daniel conservatives from the DOT liberalS in Texas. Little Rock, as the Ike-lionizing Dallas News itself admits, has ruined the Republicans in Texas. Texas conservatives who qocked to the scandalsmeared banner of Allan Shivers in 1956 would not now be caught dead in association with, Eisenhower. If the Republicans put up Earl Warren and the Democrats, say, Lyndon Johnson, it will likely be the 1956 Eisencrats who, in 1960 , will be accusing some of the 1956 loyalists of running out on the Democrats. The extremists may, of course, join a third party again, but otherwise party loyalty re cedes in importance as a current issue. The Daniel people and the nonDaniel people in Texas now divide on such issues as a national health insurance program for all the people, how one feels about organized labor; whether the pot office is socialistic, and whether it’s immoral and corrupt for American citizens to get back part of their federal tax money for aid in the education of their children. Were a more liberal man in the governor’s of fike; Texans would not be spoken for against the federal free lunch program ! and against federal money for the construction of desperately needed school rooms, as they were spoken fqr last week by Daniel. This kind of issue, not the moot question of party lOyalty, is what actually separates the state committee from the DOT. DOT will continue to work for reforms within ithe Texas Democratic Party, and if Daniel is sincere about wanting harmony, be will deal with this segment h2 cannot deny its place in the state, since it came within 3,000 votes of beating him for governor and did help elect Yarborough senator. He will agree to a truly democratic 1958 Democratic convention. But whether he does or not, the conflict will continue between people who, on the one hand, think the best policy is no pplicy, and who, on the other, believe men are capable of intelligently arranging their affairs through the regulatory agencies of their elected governments. If the DOT is to fulfill its responsibilities to the ideals it significantly represents it must formulate its stands for the state and the nation in terms the people care about, as well as working for reforms in the vital but dry and tiresome particulars of party procedure. R.D. Sensibility AUSTIN Many Austin residents this week received letiers offering lots in “Lakeside Heights on Granite Shoals Lake at Kingsland” and containing this language “Your inv e stment is protected by sensible restrictions. \(White race The letters, postmarked San Antonio, were signed “Resort Properties, Inc., by Leon. Legg, Advertising Manager.” Kingsland; is a small community southwest of Burnet and southeast of Llano. Granite Shoals Lake is one of the several hikes on the Colorado River created by the Lower Colorado River Authority’s dams. PARTY LOYALTY A FADING ISSUE LYNDON SLIPPED, WRITER SAYS