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COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE HALL’S WIGINTON-HALL LEAGUE CITY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY Dickinson, Texas Alvin, Texas League City, Texas Headquarters for the Olon Rogers B. R. Parking Lot Marker Rent-a-Tool Co. “Let Our Tools Work for You” ?SALES RENTALS PARTS 709 Quitman St. Phone CA 4-2879 Houston IN HOUSTON BELL INSURANCE AGENCY 2307 CAROLINE STREET CA 8-4469 ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE SINCE 1929 _,44″100414*-4106#01iiiiiii 11.W.–r Pearson on Johnson were kicking over the traces. When GOP senators held a secret caucus and Hickenlooper of Iowa complained that the civil rights bill trampled on the rights of white people, Lyndon knew it. He also knew that Senator Dirksen of Illinois complained that the administration had ample power to enforce the voting rights of Negroes without passing a bill. He also knew that only two Republicaucus. Quicker-than-the-eye techniques Lyndon also practiced seine mysterious techniques that few people knew about. For more than a week before, he was holding the short end of every straw poll. GOP leader Knowland had 38 Republican, votes in his pocket. Senator Douglas of Illinois, leader of Northern Democrats, had nine Democratic votes. This was why Johnson began stalling for time, asked the Senate to consider important pending bills and appropriations. He knew if the vote was held then, he was licked. But one night before the crucial roll-call, Lyndon and Sen. Dick Russell, leader of the Southern forces, huddled in the Senate cloakroom. “I am ready to vote,” reported Russell. “We’ve got 50 votes.” Though Russell did the reporting, it was Johnson who had won over the votes. On the final roll-call, Russell and Johnson did one better. They got 51. Senator Douglas came through with his nine liberals against them. They stood firm against the jury trial amendment. RENEW To the Texas Observer 504 W. 24th St., Austin Name: Address: City: One year, $4; 2, $7.50; 3, $11 But the Republicans didn’t. Lyndon had pickpocketed five Republican votes from Knowland. He virtually took them out of the GOP leader’s pocket and Knowland didn’t know it until it was too late. How did Johnson do it? The story requires more space and will be told next week. Merry-Go-Round When the crucial civil rights voting was over, Senator Dick Neuberger of Oregon remarked to Johnson’s assistant, Bobby Baker: “That was the greatest Little Red Riding Hood act I have ever seen. Lyndon kept Eastland and Stennis in the wings and Kefauver, Church, and O’Mahoney before the footlights. All you could see was the bosom, not the fangs.” … One thing that influenced Church to propose his two jury trial amendments was the reading of speeches by the late Senator William Borah, also of Idaho, who, during debates on the Norris-La Guardia act, favored trial by jury in labor injunction cases. Borah is revered as the greatest of Idaho senators. Any young senator would want to follow in his footsteps. LEGALS THE STATE OF TEXAS To any Sheriff or any Constable within the State of Texas GREETING: You are hereby commanded to cause to be published, ONCE, not less than ten days before the return day thereof, exclusive of the date of publication, in a newspaper printed in Travis County, Texas, the accompanying citation, of which the herein below following is a true copy\(but if there be no newspaper so printed in said county, then that you cause the said citation to be posted for at least TEN days before the return. term therof as required by CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO all persons interested in the estate of Joe Clyde West, a person of unsound mind, No. 13,550, County Court, Travis County, Texas, Ford Samuel, Guardian, in the above numbered and entitled estate, filed on the 5th day of August, 1957, his verified account for final settlement of said estate and requests that said estate be settled and closed, and said applicant be discharged from his trust. Said application will be heard and acted on by said Court at 10 o’clock A.M. on the first Monday next after the expiration of ten days from date of publication of this citation, the same being the 26th day of August, 1957, at the County Courthouse in Austin, Texas. All persons interested in. said estate are hereby cited to appear before said Honorable Court at said above mentioned time and place by filing a written answer contesting such application should they desire to do so. The officer executing this writ shall promptly serve the same according to requirements of law, and the mandates hereof, and make due return as the law directs. Given under my hand and the Seal of said Court at office in Austin, Texas, this the 6th day of August, A.D. 1957. EMILIE LIMBERG Clerk of the County Court, Travis County, Texas, By M. EPHRAIM, Deputy CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO James Davis, Defendant, in the hereinafter styled and numbered cause: You are hereby commanded to appear before the 126th District Court of Travis County, Texas, to be held at the courthouse of said county in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, at or before 10 o’clock A.M. of the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuance hereof; that is to say, at or before, 10 o’clock A.M. of Monday the 9th day of September, 1957, and answer the petition of plaintiff in Cause Number 107,585, in which Mary Lou Davis is Plaintiff and James Davis is defendant, filed in said Court on the 24th day of July, 1957, and the nature of which said suit is as follows: Being an action and prayer for judgment in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendant for decree of divorce dissolving the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now existing between said parties; Plaintiff alleges cruel treatment on the part of Defendant towards her of such a nature as to render their further living together as husband and wife altogether insupportable; Plaintiff further alleges that no children were born or adopted by said parties during their marriage and no community property was acquired; Plaintiff further prays for the restoration of her maiden name of Mary Lou Jones and for costs of suit and relief, general and special; Notice is hereby given as follows: TO: Matthew Addison Taylor, and wife Bertha M. Taylor, Hattie A. Dixon, Edward H. Taylor, Lizzie P. Phillips and husband, John W. Phillips, Daisie B. Proctor, Mary 0. Bunton and husband 3. H. Bunton, David Bouldin, Helen Bouldin, W. A. Blackburn, E. P. Wilmot, T. B. Cochran, Taylor Phillips, Carleton Phillips, Florence Phillips, Wendell Phillips, Francis Phillips, Rufus Howard, Z a n a Howard, Charlotte Howard, T. R. Wright, Wm. B. Carssow, C. E. Alvis, Jr., J. E. Keogh, John H. Keogh, J. H. L. Saunders, and, the unknown owner or owners of the property hereinabove described or any interest therein; the heirs and legal representatives and the unknown heirs and legal representatives of each of the above named and mentioned persons who may be deceased; and the corporate officers, trustees, receivers and stockholders of any of the above named or mentioned parties which may be corporations, defunct or otherwise, together with the successors, heirs and assigns of such corporate officers, trustees, receivers, and stockholders, and any and all persons, including adverse claimants, owning or having or claiming any legal or equitable interest in or lien upon the following described property delinquent to Plaintiff herein, for taxes, to-wit: All that certain lot, tract or parcel of land lying and being situated in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, known and described as follows to wit: The Robards Subdivision of Outlot 45 Division “D”, according to the map or plat of said subdivision recorded in Volume 1, page 12 of the Plat Records of Travis County, Texas, said tract being rectangular in shape, fronting Thirty-five running back westerly Two hunlines, the north line of which is the north line of said Lot Four Which said property is delinquent to Plaintiff for taxes in the following amounts: $499.07, exclusive of interest, penalties and costs, and there is included in this suit in addition to the taxes all said interest, penalties and costs thereon, allowed by law up to and including the day of judgment herein. You are hereby notified that suit has been brought by the City of Austin as Plaintiff, against the above named persons, and the State of Texas and the County of Travis and the Austin Independent School District, as Defendants, by petition filed on. the 24th day described not made parties to this suit are, NONE. Plaintiff and all other taxing units who may set up their tax claims seek recovery of delinquent ad valorem taxes on the property hereinabove described, and in addition to the taxes all interest, penalties, and costs allowed by law thereon up to and including the day of judgment herein, and the establishment and foreclosure of liens, if any, securing the payment of same, as provided by law. All parties to this suit, including Plaintiffs, Defendants, and Intervenors, shall take notice that claims not only for any taxes which were delinquent on said property at the time of this suit was filed but all taxes becoming delinquent thereon at any time thereafter up to the day of judgment, including all interest, penalties, and costs allowed by law thereon, may, upon request therefor, be recovered herein without further citation or notice to any parties herein, and all said parties shall take notice of and plead and answer to all claims and pleadings now on file and which may hereafter be filed in said cause by all other parties herein, and all of those taxing units above named who may intervene herein and set up their respective tax claims against said property. You are hereby commanded to appear and defend such suit on the first Monday after the expiraand after the date of issuance hereof, the same being the 9th day of September, A. D., 1957 \(which is the return day of such citation, before the Honorable District Court, 53rd Judicial District of Travis County, Texas, to be held at the courthouse thereof, then and there to show cause why judgment shall not be rendered for such taxes, penalties, interests and costs, and condemning said property and ordering foreclosure of the constitutional and statutory tax liens thereon for taxes due the Plaintiff and the taxing units parties hereto, and those who may intervene herein, together with all interest, penalties and costs allowed by law up to and including the day of judgment herein, and all costs of this suit. Issued and given under my hand and seal of said court in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, this 26th day of July, A. D. 1957. 0. T. MARTIN, JR. Clerk of the District Court, Travis County, Texas By BOB BAKER, Deputy. CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO Lloyd Hampton, Defendant, in the hereinafter styled and