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RENEW To the Texas Observer 504 W. 24th St., Austin Name: Address: City: One year, $4; 2, $7.50; 3, $11 TS GPJGGS ROAD OPEN MON. and THURS. NIGHTS IL M I HOUSTON, TEXAS FORD ’41.’53 CHEV. ’41-’53 FORD V.$ ’55-’57 CHEV. 6 ’64:57 CENTER ‘ BOTH STORES OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY! Vast Low Prices ea ad Othet Card Over $80 Million Insurance in Force Home Office 5011 Fannin, Houston First life insurance company in Texas with $1,000,000 Capital and Surplus paid in cash prior to writing business TPA HEARS SENATORS Week in Texas Houston’s population in Jan uary, 1957, was 900,928. L. D. Haskew, dean of the college of education at the University of Texas, belittled criticisms of the public schools by Arthur Bestor, who he says maintains that intelligent mastery of subject matter is the “only” component of a teacher’s success. “Wholesome a n d constructive personality” and teaching skill also count, he said. reported, 23 are on scholastic probation. SAN ANTONIO On separate days, the two Texas senators, Lyndon Johnson and Ralph Yarborough, rose before 400 Texas journalists at the Texas Press Assn. convention here and talked ideas and politics. Johnson, Senate majority leader, announced he will work hereafter for an end to the arms race. He boosted his “open curtain” TV-exchange program with the Soviet Union and told the TPA: “I believe that we are closer to a foolproof agreement with Russia than at any time since World War II.” Another war, he said, would destroy everybody. It’s costing $50 billion a year to keep the armed guard up; the $500 billion so spent since World War II would have retired the national debt and left a surplus, he said. Earlier. in Fredericksburg before about 350 persons at a Chamber of Commerce banquet, Johnson said atomic fallout dangers and disarmament are the world’s most urgent problems. BUSINESS GROUP’S STUDY \(Continued from they provide.” Thus the league’s Ford Foundation $50,000. Second, education study complained, as Dr. Logan Wilson, president of Burger summarizes it, that “the the University, has decreed that state today is subsidizing the perit will not be made public. Every , petuation of many districts which other of the league’s studies has provide an inadequate but expenbeen made available to the press. sive education for their children,” The league’s annual report com “In every study so far, the 1 league has been able to show not 1 Hines Baker himself, having reonly how the services under re! signed from Humble and the view c a n b e improved and league, has been replaced on the strengthened, but a 1 s o where , league’s three man screening e c o n o m i e s can be achieved i committee by J. A. Neath, chairthrough the introduction of more man of the board of Humble. businesslike methods.” 1When chairman of the league in ‘ The league’s research, in the I rn , 1955, 55 Baker told the Texas Banktradition of the Chamber of Co. ‘ ers Assn. in Fort Worth: merce preoccupation with waste I “The problem of controlling omy and efficiency. “Wherever , achieving greater efficiency in we can find where expenditures public administration is of grave can be reduced, we recommend , concern to all thinking citizens it,” says Burger. The new empha Temporary, patchwork solusis in the state hospitals on treattions … may cost the state dearly ment instead of custodial care is five, ten, or twenty years from really the league’s work. “The ulnow. You and I have to think of timate objective is not only to that very carefully, for the banks save thousands of human lives and industries we represent will but millions of tax dollars,” be paying taxes around here for Burger explains. a long time.” McGrew says that the league But so too will the rest of the will intrude on policy questions citizens. To date the league has to accomplish economy. He cites confined itself to economizing and streamlining, and since ev erybody is against waste, no one has seriously objected. But now that the league is moving in on to be challenged, and was. i questions which can cost every The problem in state govern-1 body money, the public has a new ment, Burger says, is “to get more interest in its procedures and a production out of the revenue I new right to be curious about its dollar or else to reduce, wherever i still-secret sources of income. possible, the unit costs of services OHugh Roy Cullen was reported in critical condition in Houston. OFort Worth’s mayor plans a crackdown on magazines and books on newsstands and reactivation of the “Board for Review of Juvenile Readers” and asks the city censor board to watch the movies more closely. OAmarillo’s city commission is preparing an anti-loitering ordinance to give police more power to break up “unauthorized teenage congregations” among persons ’18 or younger. Kountze is planning its first annual War Between the States Centennial this fall. The centennial is 1961, but Kountze doesn’t care. Publisher of a paper has ignored Galveston vice decades, David C. Leaven of the Galveston News-Tribune, said at the TPA meeting in San Antonio that the vice crackdown will help the city’s economic life. He said the hotels are booked through Labor Day and a lot of good people are coming down who wouldn’t before “for obvious reasons.” Will Wilson’s raiders smashed 200 slot machines in Dickinson. Asst. Atty. Gen. Ceeluded or omitted, the treatment cil Rotsch and others were conof facts in a news story, the headlines given that story, the twist applied by the choice of descriptive adjectives o r descriptive phrasesall these offer opportunities for distortion of the truth by the press.” “My program for the future,” , Johnson said, “will be to find some plan where we can quit spending 40 to 50 billion dollars a year in an arms race that can do nothing but destroy us.” Johnson told TPA he has set up a $3,600 scholarship for a “promising youngster” chosen by the TPA to study political reporting in Washington from his office there and the office of another Texas congressman. YARBOROUGH told friends he will vote for the jury trial amendment to the civil rights bill. He is holding off firm decisions on other matters that might come up for vote in this connection. He told newsmen he would not make a n y political decisions’ about next summer’s elections until after the current session of Congress. His TPA speech was politically important because it contained direct remarks on Speaker Sam Rayburn and Sen. Johnson. Of Rayburn he said: “This Texas speaker is no ordinary speaker; he is longest in point of service of any of the speakers who have graced that chair. In. my opinion, Speaker Sam Rayburn is the greatest speaker …. in the entire history of this nation …. Historians have pronounced him the ablest legislator ever developed by the American legislative system. Sam Rayburn is always on the side of the people …” Of Johnson he said somewhat m,ore briefly: “And in the majority leader of the Senate, Lyndon Johnson, Texas has as able a parliamentary leader as has ever represented this state there. Energetic, astute, and resourceful, he seems to be everywhere in the Senate chamber at the same time.” Texas is fortunate in having the leaders of both houses, he added. To a reporter’s direct question about his relations with Johnson, Yarborough replied: “They’re pretty good. We are more friendly than we have ever been. Of course, we never have been personal friends. But they month.” Yarborough’s TPA speech was divided between an attack on the program of a presidential cornmission to make it a crime for newsmen or others to disclose without authorization information classed as “secret” or “top secret” and a discussion of press responsibilities. the issue of treatment emphasis in mental cases. ‘The policy had been to build buildings to stash people away in,” he said; that had IA Long Time The proposed law would be worse than the alien and sedition laws of 1798, he said. It could have prevented such stories as the Teapot Dome scandal and the Yalta agreements from reaching the public, he said. On said: “The selection of news to be in press responsibilities he for which COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE HALL’S WIGINTON-HALL LEAGUE CITY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY Dickinson, Texas Alvin, Texas League City, Texas ferring with the grand jury in Galveston about possible indictments of officials. 0 Of 26 Negro students in La mar Tech at Beaumont, col lege president F. L. McDonald has 0 University of Texas regents have raised faculty salaries an average of $800 within a range of $500 to $2,500. Instructors start at $4,000, $5,000 for assistant professors, and $6,000 for professors. 0 The State Bar is holding its 75th anniversary convention in Fort Worth this week. e The president of the Na tional Assn. of Life Underwriters said at the Texas convention of the group in El Paso that life insurance will pass the onetrillion-dollar mark in this country within ten or twelve years. OThe New York Daily Worker called Secretary of the Treasury Robert Anderson of Texas an “atomic profiteer” and at one time “the biggest oil and gas lobbyist in America.” OAnderson stepped out of the Great Southwest Corporation, which is developing an industrial district in Dallas-Fort Worth. OFort Worth became the state’s first city to have its urban renewal program recertified from Washington. Dallas has been approved for potential federal aid in slum clearance. OA marijuana raid in San An tonio netted 21 persons. ments: July 5, 1957 OA government report by Sen. Texas has received $4.5 billion in federal aid since 1934, the fourth highest among the states, even though Texas ranks seventh in personal income. OOn June 26, 1956, a fine of $110 was imposed on an excutive of Hess Terminal on the Houston Ship Channel on his conviction of allowing oil from the terminal to pollute the channel. The Court of Criminal Appeals Monday reversed itself on grounds of absence of testimony that the executive “actually was in charge” of the pertinent operations. THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 4