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R. H. Cory; Obie Bristow, and Joe Pool A PRESS DISPUTE IN LONGVIEW LONGVIEW A curious case of press competition has cropped up here. Joe Isenhower, editor of the Longview Star, billed as an independent weekly newspaper, accused Carl Estes, editor and publisher of the daily Longview News-Journal, of using unfair tactics trying to run him out of business. Isenhower, in his weekly, said Estes told him he had Isenhower’s jail record. Isenhower said Estes wrote a swan song edi torial for the weekly, had a final’ cartoon drawn, and paid [senhower $112 to pay for news racks and the Star office sign. But then Isenhower decided to hold on.; he published his own jail record \(18 months in Ohio and his version of the entire episode with Estes. As of this date not a word about the matter has appeared in the Longview d a i 1 y. Isenhower says he got 800 to 1,000 new subscribers. ANIEL WINS INSURANC Incumbents Lose Battle AUSTIN- Governor Price Daniel appears to have won his biggest victory of the session with the insurance commission reorganization legislation nearing final adoption. It was an all-out control fight which found the Governor at grips with current commission appointees, legislator friends of ex-Governor Allan Shivers, and moguls of the insurance industry. MISSION Reps. W. S. Heatly, Heatly and Bristow Said : Keep Osorio and Wentz ; Cory and Pool Said : Off with Their Heads on at the Insurance Commission salaries will be set in the general Passage of the reorganization plan now in conference committee will doubtless mean the departure from the insurance board of John Osorio and Mark Wentz, both of whom opposed’ Daniel on the matter. The reorganization b ill approved by the House, 109-25, differs from the Senate-approved version mainly on the point of whether the board should work full or part-time. The bills are in agreement on the principal questions of replacement of the current three-member board by the Governor and the provision that a single executive commissioner will head the entire department. Five hours of blustery, blistering debate were required to move the measure through the House with Reps. Dick Cory, Victoria, Marshall Bell, San Antonio, and Jo Ed Winfree, Houston, taking the lead in passage. Leading the opposition were Reps. Obie Bristow, Big Spring, Louis Dugas, Orange, and W. S. Heatly, Jr., Paducah. Bristow, who had headed the House State Affairs subcommittee which had amended the bill to provide for a six-man insurance commission and save the jobs of current members, tossed his head back and howled like a wolf to illustrate how the insurance companies are howling over cuts in fire and marine insurance rates. Bristow said that Wentz, a personal friend of his, is an honest man who had refused to bow to insurance company pressures and had saved the people of Texas $15 million in lower rates. He charged that the companies were trying to get rid of Wentz in the reorganization crisis. Bristow declared: “It may be good politics to vote against this amendment of mine, but I don’t need that seat back there, and I’m not afraid of the Governor, the President, or nobody. “I never, never, never will reward integrity with a crown of thorns or crucify honesty on the cross of political ambition.” Winfree, calling for a vote to give the Governor the authority ‘ to clean up the insurance ‘department, said there had been goings which gave off such a vile odor they would by comparison “make a skunk smell like a Rio Grande Valley orange orchard.” It was also pointed out by Winfree that Charles A. McCormick, president of the International Life Insurance Company of Austin /and landlord of the building where the Insurance Commission is located, had opposed the reorganization bill. “I wonder why Mr. McCormick is so interested in keeping these bills bottled up?” said Winfree. RENEW To the Texas Observer 504 W. 24th St., Austin Name: Address: Ci t y : One year, $4; 2, $7.50; 3, $11 Rep. John Lee of Kermit introduced an amendment to direct the commission to find new quarters within three years. “The commission has paid the owners of the building $95,000 a year for a total of $750,000 since they have been there,” Lee pointed out. His amendment was accepted 100.16. Another key amendment vote came on Rep. Ben Ferrell’s proposal to make the commission elective. It lost 89-49. Also deI feated ,was an amendment to set a $25,000 a year maximum to be paid the three commissioners and the executive commissioner. The appropriation act. Rep. Hal Coley, Conroe, new member elected to replace James E. Cox, who resigned in the wake of a bribery scandal, told members that “the public is demanding that something effective be clone to clean up these insurance scandals. If we kiss off this mess, we are going to have to answer to the people for it in the near future,” he warned. “The Governor’s plan may not be the complete answer but it is a step in the right direction.” CLASSIFIED Sam Rayburn’s party members shouldn’t miss the book on him titled “The Speaker’s Agent!” Here for the first time in book form, is an inti mate glimpse of this epoch making legislator in his every day life … with leads to his lastihg leadership. Write to: -RAYBURN FOUNDATION Bonham, Texas Price $2 per copy NOTICE TO CREDITORS of the estate of Jesse W. Saxon, Deceased Notice is hereby given that original letters teEtamentary upon the Estate of Jesse W. Saxon, deceased, were granted to me, the undersigned, on the 8th day of April, 1957, by the County Court of Travis County, Texas. All persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to present the same to me within the time prescribed by law. My residence and post office address are 404 W. 26th St., Austin, Travis County, Texas. MRS. HANNAH W. SAXON Executrix of the Estate of Jesse W. Saxon, Deceased TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I Notice is hereby given that DeWitt Nelson, doing business as Nelson Typesetting Company, has heretofore on November 1, 1956, incorporated such firm under the firm name of Nelson Typesetting Company. This the 5th day of April, A.D., 1957. NELSON TYPESETTING COMPANY By DeWITr NELSON ‘THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 7 May 7, 1957 LEGALS CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO W. W. Jacobson, Defendant, in the hereinafter styled and numbered cause. by commanded to appear before the 126th District Court of Travis County,. Texas, to be held at the courthouse of said county in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, at or before 10 o’clock A.M. of the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuance hereof; that is to say, at or before, 10 o’clock A.M. of Monday the 17th day of June, 1957, and answer the 1st amended petition of plaintiff in Cause Number 106,008 in which J. Jacobson is Plaffitiff and W. W. Jacobson is defendant, filed in said Court on the 29th day of April, 1957, and the nature of which said suit is as follows: Being an action and prayer for judgment in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendant for decree of divorce dissolving the bonds mou pue a.tojola.tati SuoulTaleur Io existing between said parties; Plaintiff alleges cruel treatment on the part of defendant toward plaintiff of such a nature as to render their further living together as husband and wife altogether insupportable; Plain tiff further alleges that no children, were born of said union and nd community property was accumulated; Plaintiff further prays for the restoration of her maiden name of Judith Meier and for costs of suit and relief, general and special; All of which more fully app-ars from plaintiff’s original Petition on file in this office, and to which reference is here made. If this citation is not served within 90 days after date of its issuance, it shall be returned unserved. WITNESS, 0. T. MARTIN, JR., Clerk of the District Courts of Travis County, Texas. Issued and given under my hand and the seal of said Court at office in the City of Austin, this the 29th day of April, 1957. 0 T. MARTIN, JR., Clerk of the District Courts, Travis County, Texas. By ELI GREER, Deputy THE STATE OF TEXAS To any Sheriff or any Constable within the State of Texas GREETING: You are hereby commanded to cause to be published, ONCE not less than ten days before the return day thereof, in a newspaper printed in Travis County, Texas, the accompanying citation, of which the herein below following is a true copy\(but if there be no newspaper so printed in said county, then that you cause the said citation to be posted for at least TEN days before the return CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO all persons interested in the estate of York Alexander, Deceased. No. 17,452, County Court, Travis County, Texas. Warner A. Hancock, Administrator thereof, filed in the County Court of Travis County, Texas, on the 30th day of April A. D. 1957, his Final Account of the condition of the Estate of said York Alexander, Deceased, together with an Application to be discharged from said Estate. Said Final Account and Application will be heard and acted on by said Court on the first Monday next after the expiration of ten days from date of Posting or Publishing this citation, the same being the 20th day of May, 1957, at the Courthouse thereof in Austin, Texas, at which time and place all persons interested in the Account for Final Settlement of said Estate are required to appear by filing a written answer and contest said account and application should they choose to do so. The officer executing this writ shall promptly serve the same according to requirements of law. and the mandates hereof, and make due return as the law directs. GIVEN TINDER MY HAND and the Seal of said court at office in Austin. Texas, this the 30th day , of April, A. D. 1957. EMILIE LIMBERG, Clerk of the County Court, Travis County, Texas, By M. EPHRAIM, Deputy. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS, DALLAS DIVISION In the Matter of American Atlas Corporation, Bankrupt No. 4496 in Bankruptcy Notice of Hearing on Trustee’s Application to Sell Property To All Known Creditors: Notice is hereby given that the Trustee, Emery Wiley, has filed in this court his application for authority to sell certain property belonging to the above estate as set out in said application reading’ as follows: * * “The petition of Emery Wiley, Trustee in Bankruptcy of the Estate of American Atlas Corporation, -Bankrupt, respectfully represents: Among the assets of the estate in bankruptcy is the Northeast 31 feet of Lot 1 in Block C /563 of Worthington’s Addition to the City of Dallas, Texas, according to the map thereof recorded in Vol. 86, page 191 of the Deed Records of Dallas County, Texas, and being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the North corner of said Lot 1 on the Southeast line of State Street; Thence, Southeast along the Northeast line of said Lot 1, 150 feet, more or less to its East corner, being the Northwest line of an alley; Thence, Southwest and along the Southeast line of said Lot 1, 31 feet to the corner of a part of said Lot 1 conveyed by E. M. Baker et ux to Avolette Doxey et ux by deed dated March 19, 1926, recorded in the Deed Records of Dallas County, Texas; Thence, Northwest along the Northeast line of said Doxey lot, 150 meet more or less to the Southeast line of State Street; Thence, Northeast along the Southeast line of said State Street 31 feet to the place of beginning. That the aforesaid property was purchased with funds belonging to American Atlas Corporation and title to the same taken in the name of Joe A. Irwin, President of the bankrupt; that thereafter J. A. Irwin, by warranty deed dated September 1, 1955, and acknowledged on that date conveyed title to said property to David W. Gay; that said deed from Joe A. Irwin to David W. Gay , conveyed title to the aforesaid property to Emery Wiley, Trustee in Bankruptcy of American Atlas Corporation, bankrupt; that between the date of September 1, 1955, and this date, federal tax liens were filed of record in Dallas County, against J. A. Irwin and J. A. Irwin, Inc.; that American Atlas Corporation owns all right, title and interest in and to the aforesaid property; that A. D. McNabb has offered to purchase all the right, title and interest of the estate in and to the aforesaid property free and clear of all federal tax liens against American Atlas Corporation and against Joe A. Irwin and/or J. A. Irwin, Inc., and to pay therefor the sum of $5,350.00 in cash; that said price is the highest and best price obtainable for said property; that said price is equal to the present fair market value of said property and that the acceptance of the offer and sale upon such terms to A. D. McNabb would be in the best interest of the estate. W h e r e f or e, your petitioner prays that the creditors be circularized herein and upon hearing hereof he be authorized to accept the offer of A. D. McNabb on the right, title and interest in and to said property free and clear of all federal tax liens against American Atlas Corporation and against Joe A. Irwin and J. A. Irwin, Inc., for the sum of $5,350.00 in cash.”