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One Crusader Less THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 3 Oct. 31, 1956 TEXAS Mc CA RTHYISM ‘And Maybe Something Could Be Done About His Bombshells, Too’ N \\.`4C.’ f q,f “!\( s iEvrNs ok , tk .B418 VZOPOS,44 . .1 11.7 ‘if Daily for Adlai! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! \(Contrary to most of the Texas dailies, which are bowing and scraping their way into the moneyed Eisenhower camp as usual, the Abilene Reporter-News is for the Democrats, as it announced in the editorial here excerpted.- The Abilene Reporter-News wishes to announce that it favors the election of a Dethocratic administration in the election on Nov. 6. … In common with millions of Americans of all shades of political opinion, we admire and respect Dwight D. Eisenhower, as a man and general. But we can’t have Ike without getting a Republican administration with him, and Mr. Eisenhower, as befits the beneficiary of that party’s support, has made it abundantly clear that he is a sincere and convinced Republican, that he owes his fealty to that party, that his administration if re-elected will pursue the same policies as in the past. We believe this administration has bungled our foreign policy under John Foster Dulles, and on several occasions it has seemed that even Mr. Eisenhower did not know what Dulles was up to, and the latter did not know what was expected of him. We believe this administration,. in an effort to “economize,” has seriously, impaired our military preparedness and thereby endangered the peace by emboldening our enemies and discouraging our friends and allies. In the case of Texas and particularly West Texas, this administration has done little or nothing to protect our independent oil operators from the ruinous effect of excessive imports of foreign oil by the big U.S. companies. While our own production was pinched in, while the price was going down recently by seven cents a barrel, the flood of foreign oil continued to pour in. We believe the administration’s “tight money” policy, ostensibly a step against inflation, has not affected the excessive and steadily rising cost of living. The tight money pinch is being felt in many hitherto booming lines of endeavor that have meant so much to the . growth and development of Texas, particularly oil operations and construction. The rise in interest rates will affect municipal bond issues voted in the future, and that hits the taxpayer where it hurts in the pocketbook. Texas went against Adlai Stevenson in 1952 largely because of his stand against state .ownership of the tidelandsan honest but a wholly mistaken position on his part. He says now that the tidelands issue has been settled, and insofar as he is concerned it will stay settled …. This newspaper would like to see a Democrat in the White House next January and a Democratic majority in both-Houses of Congress …” ,, AUSTIN In battle Allan Shivers always flashes his knife blade. He is a swift and stealthy fighter, and the support Nicolai Bulganin gave Adlai Stev-enson’s proposal for a mutual cessation of the hydrogen bomb tests gave him the chance lie neededa darkened stage of quick flitting shadows. But how much more startling to find a daily newspaper, a former congressman, and Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby, a former member of the President’s official family, using the same tactics. Not in recent years has Texas suffered a more frightening outbreak of McCarthyism. Just as the GOP Senate candidate, Thad Hutcheson, could not resist falling in with the Republican demagoguery that the Democrats are a “war party,” so these leaders of the Eisenhower campaign in Texas could not resist such an opportune chance to land a blow below the belt. Shivers called the idea for halting the H-bomb tests “the Bulganin-Stevenson plan.” “Good old Adlai and Nicolai,” he said. Not content with a simple slander, Shivers advanced a doctrine much more vicious than guilt by association Ike and Village Drunks To the Editor : I want to tell you your editorial, “A was a classic. It has needed to be brought into the open for four years, but of course few Texas papers would ever do it. Of all the “hogwash” that, has ever been handed out to _ .us since Mr. Eisenhower went into politics, this theme that Eisenhower is a better Democrat than Stevenson is the most ridiculous. Ike is the most partisan President we have ever had. I am reminded of a remark he made right after he was nominated in 1952 … and I quote : “Back in Abilene where I was raised, we all looked on Democrats as we did the village drunk !” I thought sure there would be much said about it, but no one apparently saw it. I sent the clipping to Adlai Stevenson, and he used it in one of his last speeches of the 1952 campaign … Check over the past four years and you will see the utter contempt he come out in every phase of his Administration. It is only at election time that he even admits to being born in Texas …. After the poor support Sen. Knowland gave him as majority leader, he still prefers him to Lyndon Johnson, who frantically cooperated with him. Ike wants McCarthy back to fight him at every turn, because he is what Mr. Eisenhower isa Republican in every thought, word, and decd. You can judge a man by the type of people who support him. Allan Shivers is as much a Republican as Eisenhower. Surely Texas will not be lead “down the garden path” again by such a discredited man as Allan Shivers. MRS. LILA A. HILL 1704 Vine St., Georgetown ‘The Little Shepperd’ To the Editor: Well, the Little Shepperd … has succeeded in putting the NAACP out of business …. Oh, it makes no difference how many millions of dollars the loan sharks steal from the Texas public …. But it makes all the difference in the world if a black little boy were to sit by a white little boy to learn how to parse a sentence or construct a chemistry equation. At least it does to the Little Shepperd. I don’t believe that God Almighty created any special race of people. He didn’t spawn any particular religion, if any. He didn’t create justice for some and withhold it from others. Perhaps, we are some kind of experiment taking place on this mudball we Adlai’s H-Bomb Proposal Flushes the Night-Fighters —-guilt by similar ideas. “Premier Bulganin … and Stevenson share the same views, apparently, and their only dispute is over which one of them thought of it first,” he said. If this kind of smear became commonplace, agreement between the U. S. and Russia would be forever forestalled and the unthinkable war would be unavoidable. Mrs. Hobby was milder, but no less direct in her intent. “This plan has met with warm endorsement in Moscowand well it might,” she said. When President Eisenhower’ was being embraced by the Russians at Geneva, Mrs. Hobby did not take offense. It is, however, a different matter when a Democrat’s idea gets a friendly , reception in Moscow. Ben Guill, the ex-congressman, said at Fort Worth that “The Daily Worker has come out for Mr. Stevenson’s point of view. I’m glad they’re on his side.” The ever-helpful Dallas News inserted the explanation, after the name of the Worker : “\(New At first we were incredulous when we read in the Longview Morning call the earth. And I don’t think that the Creator is particularly proud’ of this Little Shepperd who cries “democracy” out of one side of his mouth and “bigotry” out of the other. BILL STALN AKER 4727 Arvilla Lane, Houston Rah for Ralph! To the Editor : … Judge Ralph Yarborough has clone more for the Democrats of Texas than any other person since our constitution was founded …. Wake up loyalists and support Judge ‘Yarthe only one who has proven himself over and over to be the loyal one. ALLIE M. TUNE San Antonio Journal that W. P. Hurst, chairman of the Gregg County “Democrats for Eisenhower,” as Texas Republicans style themselves, said the Bulganin endorsement of Stevenson’s idea. shows how Stevenson has been working hard for “the Communist vote.” Surely, some reporter had made a mistake; surely even in Gregg County such a calumny could not be seriously advanced. Comes to our desk an editorial in that newspaper, on the front page, “Who’s [ _sic] Line is Showing?” ; and all doubt is dispelled. It said : “Ever since Adlai Stevenson first threw out the line advocating the United States renounce testing of the H-bomb, there has been cause for suspicion and wonder -about the origin of this idea. Just who’s ‘line’. is this, anyway? …. The answer to this important question. now appears to have come outout of Russia, that is With Stevenson and Bulganin apparently walking the same ‘line’ arm-inarm …. Shades of Alger Hiss !” To clinch its noble point, the Longview Morning Journal \(mark the Estes Kefauver “worked and voted in Congress in ways that interfere\(1 .,yith or prevented the unmasking of Communists.” This is without doubt the most lowdown and dirty-minded political editorial we have ever read in any newspaper other than many we have seen in the Dallas News and the Chicago Tribune. It is a slander on two splendid Americans and on the Democratic Party, a slander shared by Governor Shivers, Mrs. Hobby, ex-Rep. `Guill, and every other person who takes part in it even by failure to protest it. If this is what the “Democrats for Eisenhower” are driven to in Texas this trucking in the noxious excrescences of muck-.smearing imaginations they must be desperate indeed. For advancing an idea at once hopeful, practical, and high-minded, Adlai Stevenson is subjected to such treatment as this. It is a thing to forget as soon as possible, even as it is also a thing to remember. RONNIE DUGGER The Stump