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Bartlett Appears Exclusively in the Texas Observer The Listening Post Let those flatter who fear, it is not an American art. ‘Oh, It Has a Certain Charm 300,000 Votes’ JEFFERSON n oveinter Sixth, For the good of the country and the world, we hope you will go to the booth next Tuesday and vote for Adlai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver. The Texas campaign for the Democrats has not been a good campaign. Working Democrats are tired out after an apparently interminable politic a l season. The Johnson-Daniel effort out of Austin has been clamorously indecisive. Johnson and Rayburn advised Stevenson aides \(so reports Jack Bell of the AP out not come to Texas because it’s in the bag for the Democrats. It is not in the bag ; or, if it was, the bag has sprung a leak in the last two weeks, and it will take all hands to keep it from splitting disastrously. In our opinion, the first thing that went wrong was the Fort Worth convention. The irreducible stricture that Lyndon Johnson must bear because of his behavior there is that he was not sufficiently concerned about a Stevenson victory in Texas to forego the satisfactions of his vengeance. Hundreds of legally elected delegates and, behind them, the hundreds of thousands of people they represented were disfranchised to keep the Texas party in the con AniA This, sophistry from Price Daniel about ‘his Senate resignation is drawing our patience thin ; and the people’s. We do not accuse him of a deal with Allan Shivers, because he says he really meant to prevent Shivers from naming his successor, but he has beyond doubt played into the Governor’s hands with ghastly precision. Shivers, of course, has no intention of regarding the iffy Daniel letter as a resignation and will call an election when he pleases. We believe and assert that Daniel is now morally obligated to submit a new resignation effective at once. He primised the voters solemnly that no one would appoint his successor. But for that promise he would have been defeated for governor. If lie does not resign at once lie will be open to the charge that he did not take the most obvious course of action to prevent Shivers from naming his successordid, in fact, practically invite Shivers to hold off the acceptance of the resignation and put in some crony. Daniel is not giving Texans “the freest possible choice” in naming his successor by any means, and he already has too many handicaps as he prepares to take over the governorship to overlook any step by which he might avoid further accusations and bitterness. Incorporating The State Observer, combined with The East Texas Democrat Ronnie Dugger. Editor and General Manager Bob Bray, Associate Editor Sarah Payne, Office Manager OBSERVER MAILING ADDRESS 604 West 24th St., Austin, Texas ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVE SJA Associates P.O. Box 2246, Capitol Station, Austin, Texas Published once e week from Austin, Texas. Delivered postage prepaid $4 per annum. Advertising rates available on request. Extra copies 10c each. Quantity orders available.. Entered as second-class matter April 26, 1937, at the Post Office at Austin, Texas, under the act of March 8, 1879. Staff correspondents: Ramon Garces, Laredo; Clyde Johnson, Corsicana ; Mike Mistovich, Bryan ; Jules Loh, Central Texas ; Jack Morgan, Port Arthur ; Dan Strawn, Kenedy ; Al Heiken, Houston ; and reporters in San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso, and Big Spring. trol of the Shivercrat group. Johnson, Rayburn, and Daniel did it, and to some extent diffusion of the Democratic cause was inevitable thereafter. The liberals then knew they could not trust the Johnson-Daniel headquarters with their organizational files. Many liberals tried to make the best of it and work through the Johnson Daniel headquarters, and there has been some fruitful co-operation. But the damage was done. For lack of finances the loyalist files of many years have not been used fully by the liberals ; for lack .of trust they have not been turned over to the Johnson-Daniel coalition. Johnson served his party well in bringing so many Democratic senators into the state to plug for the Stevenson-Kefauver ticket. On the other hand, the failure of Johnson and Rayburn to insist on a visit by Stevenson, coupled with the lastminute Eisenhower visit, is unnerving. Apparently Johnson’s theory is that Adlai isn’t popular in Texas. This theory springs in major part from the equivocal nature of Johnson’s own liberalism. It was a mistake, and a serious one. Against all these local blunders there is the miserable record of the Republicans since 1952their neglect of the . farmers, the small businessmen, the school children, and the urban slum dwellers, and their solicitude for bankers, moneylenders, stockholders, and billion dollar. corporations. There is the fact that Texans trust the Democratic Party far more than the Republican to safeguard their interests. And there is the fact that many Texans have switched from Eisenhower to Stevenson, while we have yet to hear of one who has switched from Stevenson to Eisenhower. With good hope in a good cause Texas Democrats will work down to the last hour of election day for what they believe in. Orphan, .garm The GOP Assistant Secretary of Agriculture came down to Texas to tell the farmers to get back to good old individualism and stop looking for complete security. What he really means is, go back to your hoe, plant what we tell you, and don’t produce too much while we let the factory farms flood the market. When you get stuck with starvation prices, then it’s time for you to be an individual. Meanwhile, with the election so near and all, we’ll send you a little drouth aid, just to be friendly. After the election, then you can be an individual again, the better to be crushed, my dear. 6 Staff contributors: Franklin Jones, Marshall ; Minnie Fisher Cunningham, New Waverly ; Robert G. Spivak, Washington, D.C. ; John Igo, San Antonio ; Edwin Sue Goree. Burnet ; Drew Pearson, Washington, D.C. ; and others. Staff cartoonist : Don Bartlett, Austin. Cartoonists : Bob Eckhardt, Houston ; Etta Hulme, Houston. We will serve no group or party but will hew hard to the truth as we find it and the right as we see it. We are dedicated to the whole truth, to human values above all interests, to the rights of man as the foundation of democracy ; we will take orders from none but onr own conscience, and never will we overlook or misrepresent the truth to serve the interests of the powerful or cater to the ignoble in the human spirit. MAILING ADDRESS : 504 West 24th St., Austin, Texas. EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS OFFICE: 504 West 24th St, Austin, Texas. TELEPHONE in Austin : GReenwood 7-0746. HOUSTON OFFICE : 2501 Crawford St., Houston, Mrs. R. D. Randolph, treasurer. …. The Texas Federationist, official publication of the Texas State Federation of Labor, AFL CIO, headlined its lead story this month: “Key to ‘Victory: Vote Straight Demo” and announced a get-out-thevote drive. …. Carter Wesley, publisher of Houston Informer, a newspaper for Negroes, has endorsed Eisenhower on grounds Southerners dominate the Democrats. Copies of the paper are being distributed in the major Negro voting areas of the state. …. Archer Fullingim, editor and publisher of the Kountze News, explains why he is going to vote for Price Daniel for governor November 6th. To wit: LC When you voted in the first and second primaries during the summer ., the first thing you saw on the ballot was this pledge: ‘I’m a Democrat and I promise to support the nominees of this primary.’ T hen before you slipped your ballot in the box you signed your name on the reverse side of the stub. That means you took the pledge. If you scratched the pledge, your vote was not legal and should have ‘not been counted, according to caw. That pledge you took and signed with your own name was your word of honor that you must support the Democratic nominees in the general election, Nov. 6. So although it will kill my soul to have to vote for Daniel Nov. 6, I’ve got to do it. I’d like to black his name out and write in the name of Pappy O’Daniel, and I have toyed with the idea of doing just that but when it comes down to it I know that I couldn’t. I’ve got to live up with the pledge. Another reason why all loyal Democrats can’t write in Pappy, why they must hold their nose and vote for Daniel, and it is this : The number of delegates each Texas county is entitled to is decided on the votes for the Democratic nominee for governor ; for every 400 votes cast for Daniel we will get a delegate to the Democratic state convention. 9, …. H. M. Baggarly, editor of the Tulia Herald up on the Plains, demonstrated rather conclusively that he is not “beholden to his advertisers.” Ouoth he, in his weekly column : Grady Briggs ran an ad in this paper last week apparently directed at the moron vote. In it he listed the battle casualties from a group of wars of his own selection. He charged 1,464,888 of these casualties to the Democrats and 0 to the Republicans. Apparently this included every military man who so much as stumped his toe …. What alternative did the American government have in 1917 and 1941 but to go to war? Any sixth grader knows the answer. We didn’t fire the first shot. Strangely enough, Grady didn’t include the Civil War or the Spanish American War in his carefully selected list. Both were fought during Republican administrations. What would you have done, Grady, had you been President on Dec. 7, 1941? 99 …. The Observer erred n this department last week in a report that Barefoot Sanders might contest the speakership next session with Rep. Waggoner Carr. Sanders is supporting; Carr, is a candidate for speaker in the 1959 session. Thad Hutcheson, the GOP candidate for the Senate, told Express columnist Paul Thompson in San Antonio: “`Latest rumor around Houston is that Shivers wants to appoint Wright Morrow to the Senate. It sounds goofy, I know, but the report conies from sources so reliable that I’m scared to death.” …. GOP Senate candidate Jesse Oppenheimer called Henry Gonzalez, the Democratic nominee for the job from Bexar County, a “leftist.” Oppenheimer said at a debate at Trinity University that a leftist is a “creeping socialist.” Gonzalez turned on Oppenheimer and demanded if he thought Gonzalez a communist. Oppenheimer said, quickly and loudly, “No.” It was a good thing, Gonzales indicated. ‘Oppenheimer has admitted the Republicans wouldn’t have put up a candidate if conservative incumbent 0. E. Latimer had been renominated. Gonzalez is a solid favorite to win. …. Dallas Democrats who were expected to promote the Dallas closed circuit broad-cast rally received the tickets for the program only four days in advance, a Dallas source who was involved reports. Zir Touts Ottorrurr