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Parade Passed Three Times Rain and Jubilation At Blooming Grove BLOOMING GROVE They had the biggest rain here since Miller Reid’s calf drowned years ago, but Blooming Grove r’ared back and held its Jubilee anyway. There is nothing in Central Texas quite like the Blooming Grove Jubilee. In fact there is nothing in Central Texas quite like Bloomng Grove. It started raining about four. An hour later it was pouring its hardestand here came the parade, right on schedule and wringing wet. It was hard to tell whether the folks were enjoying Jules Loh town was incorporated, so why not have a jubilee? All the men started growing beards. \(They were going to throw the men who wouldn’t cooperate in the city jail, but nobody could find the That’s how the Blooming Grove Jubilee got started, and like topsy it just growed. It was everything it promised to be in spite of the rain. Or maybe because of the rain. After the parade, the six queen candidates sloshed off their float and filed into the funeral parlor for judging. It was the logical place to hold itmore chairs than any place else in town. And there in drenched calico dresses stood the , six girls in the contest, their tresses stringing 0 House Speaker Jim Lindsey appointed the following to the Legislative Council: Richard C. Slack of Pecos, Join Moore of Arlington, Alonzo W. Jamison Jr., of Denton, Robert Baker of Houston, Thomas R Joseph Jr., of Waco, R. H. Cory of Victoria and R. L. Strickland of San Antonio. OOfficials of the striking Dal las General Drivers, Warehousemen and Helpers, Local 745, AFL-CIO, have charged the Associated Wholesale Grocers with unfair labor practices and the accusation is being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board. OA $100,000 explosion, which investigators termed “suspicious,” leveled Paul’s Club in Fort Worth. 0 A 50-pound cache of dyna mite, which officers said might have been detonated by anyone who stepped on it, was found buried in the middle of a popular picnic path on the north bank of the San Jacinto River near Houston.. OLubbock Cotton Exchange officials estimate 1956 South Plains cotton crop totals 1.4 million bales for the 20-county area, 155,000 bales over the 1955 crop. Robert 0. Fa gg, running hard as a Republican for a House seat against Democratic nominee Wilson Forman in Austin, says he is for repeal of Chapter Seven of the Insurance Code, under which U. S. Trust & Guaranty was formed. The chapter permits bank-like firms to operate without supervision as banks. a tendency to stick piOple up when he drinks, and he had drunk 24 cans of beer. OThe furniture manufacturing industry, which has 165 establishments employing 4, 4 4 7 workers, is one of the state’s fastest growing industries, according to the University of Texas Bureau of Business Research. ODuval County was granted a judgment against political boss George Parr for some $300,000, rental value and interest for the last 10 years on the 56,000 acre Dobie Ranch, which Parr allegedly had purchased with county funds. OThe El Paso city council granted the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company a rate increase totaling $451,000 annually. the rain more than the parade or vice versa. Everybody was laughing. Everybody was soaked. It kept on raining and the parade kept on going up and down the street. Three times they ran it through, each time livelier and wetter than the last. And the band stood under the awning of the hardware store and played “How Dry I Am” and other appropriate marches. This was the 66th Annual Jubilee. Actually it was only the second, but the first was last year and they called it the 65th, so it naturally follows that this year’s was the 66th. It naturally follows, you understand the Blooming Grove. This town of 750 in Navarro County is undoubtedly the zaniest town in Texas. The uninhibited citizens delight in seeing how goofy they can act. They have found a way to make life a game, and no matter what happens they find a way to turn it into fun. There was the time the Dallas district attorney labeled Blooming Grove “a potential breeding ground for some of the worst criminals in Texas.” That s u it e d the people of Blooming Grove just fine. To show their appreciation for their new fame, they added to the Blooming Grove , city limits sign on Highway 22 a warning: “Enter At Your Own Risk.” And of course everybody knows about the Blooming Grove gold mine. They haven’t found any gold in the mine yet, but they’re down a good 60 feet. In fact it really isn’t a mine at all, but a hunt for buried treasure. \(The operation has been slowed down since the 2.6inch gullywasher while they bail out This year’s Jubilee turned out to be just what the handbills said it would be, “great, stupendous, giant, magnificent.” It was all of that in spades. So good in fact they decided they may call next year’s the 66th too, same as this year’s. “It might bring another rain,” reasoned district judge-elect Jim Sewell, one of Blooming Grove’s most illustrious sons. Actually Blooming Grove just sort of backed into the Jubilee. The Garden Club girls last year wanted to raise money to spend on the city park. All the big cities were having rodeos, so they determined that would be the way to raise the capital. Frank Taylor had a good sized corral out on the edge of town and there are plenty of steers and things hereabouts and a lot of young bucks to ride them. So they planned for a real homespun rodeo and somebody noticed it was 65 years ago the that is, if people of in their faces. Bathing suits may have been more appropriate, but the beauty pageant organizers reasoned the closest water to Blooming Grove was Gilmer Sheppard’s stock tank, and that had been dry since May. The rodeo this year was out of the question. \(The funeral director put his foot down and said, You must bear in mind Blooming Grove Jubilee is something planned; at least much. They set a date and rest is mostly spontaneous. “Everybody plans it, everybody takes part in it,” Dit McCormick said. “You can either get in the parade or watch it.” Most everybody gets in it. One drenched Blooming Grove wag ran home and got his boat and pulled it along in the parade. Another went down the street with a sign, “Have you had your Saturday bath?” Others paraded on foot, on horseback, in donkey carts and pickup trucks, all waving and shouting through the deluge at their friends on the side. It was hilarious. Thats the way these fun-lovers robberies, was arrested a block have fun in Blooming Grove, from a liquor store which he had when they decide to have fun on robbed of $63. lie told officers he purpose. didn’t need the money, he just has Sleeping sickness has stricken between 60 and 100 personsfour fatallyin this area and state and U. S. Public Health Service officers are waging an all out war to wipe out mosquitoes believed to be spreading the disease. Dr. J. E. Peavy, director of the State Health Department communicable disease division, who was a key member of a five-man team of state health officials who surveyed the outbreak, termed it the most serious in Texas since the Rio Grande Valley epidemic of 1954. The disease has been typed as the St. Louis variety and a high number of cases have been found in Lubbock, Hale, Lamb, and Swisher counties. Two kinds of mosquitoes, the culex tarsalis and the culex quinquefasciatus, have been captured in the area, and tests are under way to determine which species is the disease carrier. Dr. Peavy said the culex tarsalis is the most common vector in sleeping sickness outbreaks but that the culex quiqtiefasciatus was also a chief suspect since it was the type proven responsible for the Rio LUBBOCK the not not the OState Commissioner of Edu cation J. E. Edgar said estimated cost of the 1956-57 school program for Texas is $293,5 million compared to $278.6 million last year. Dallas County Health depart ment records show that there have been only 44 cases of polio this year. There were 111 cases reported during the same period in 1955. A six-year-old Houston boy, Paul Carroll Bowman, choked to death on a vitamin pill. Texas University Business Research Bureau retailing specialist Dr. A. Hamilton Chute reported Texas retail sales fell off four percent in July from what they were in June and were nine percent below July, 1955. OThe dustry record year through August totaling million, some $19 million ahead of the first eight months in 1953, the old record year. 0 Marvin Williamson, 21, Fort Worth, a hijacker free under bond after admitting six armed Grande Valley outbreak two years ago. Sleeping sickness, which is medically known as encephalitis, in early stages is difficult to distinguish from polio, and there is no known drug that can be depended on for a cure. Principal work of state and federal health teams in the area has been toward eradication of the mosquitoes to immediately stop spread of the disease. Frank Von Zeuben, a state sanitary engineer, said a two-pronged attack had been launched to wipe out mosquitoes which have swarmed from hundreds of small ponds left by recent rains. Sprays have been used in Lubbock and all other towns in this area to kill adult mosquitoes in and near residential areas. Chemicals have been dumped in the ponds to kill other mosquitoes in the larva stage. Von Zeuben said that barring heavy rains, the trouble should be brought under control in a few days. However, he added: “If we had a two or three inch rain, I’d become quite frightened.” In that case a plane would have to be used to try to spray the entire area, and one is in readiness in case of emergency. THE WEEK IN TEXAS Texas construction in appears headed for a with contracts awards $847.2 CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS ro V. L. Stephens, Defendant, in the hereinafter styled and number cause: You are hereby commanded to appear before the 126th District Court of Travis County, Texas, to be held at the courthouse of said county in the City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, at or before 10 o’clock A.M. of the first Monday after the expiration of 42 days from the date of issuance hereof ; that is to say, at or before, 10 o’clock A.M. of Monday the 22nd day of October, 1956, and answer the petition of plaintiff in Cause Numer 103,432, in which Gladys Stephens is Plaintiff and V. L. Stephens is defendant, filed in said Court on the 3rd day of February, 1956, and the nature of which said suit is as follows: Being an action and prayer for judgment in favor of Plaintiff and against Defendant for a decree of divorce dissolving the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now existing between said parties ; Plaintiff alleges cruel treatment on the part of Defendant towards her of such a nature as to rend& their further living together as husband and wife, altogether insupportable ; Plaintiff further alleges no children were born of said union and community property has been settled Plaintiff further prays for relief, general and special; All of which more fully appears from Plaintiff’s Original Petition on file in this office and to which reference is here made; If this citation is not served within 90 days after date of its issuance, it shall be returned unserved. WITNESS, 0. T. MARTIN, JR., Clerk of the District Courts of Travis County, Texas. Issued and given under my hand and the seal of said Court at office in the City of Austin, this the 6th day of September, 1966. 0. T. MARTIN, JR, Clerk of the District Courts, Travis County, Texas By GEO. W. BICKLER, Deputy \\ THE STATE OF TEXAS To any Sheriff or any Constable within the State of TexasGREETING: You are hereby commanded to cause to be published, ONCE, not less than ten days before the return day thereof, in a newspaper printed in Travis County, Texas, the accompanying citation, of which the herein below following is a true copy\(but if there be no newspaper so printed in said county, then that you cause the said citation to be posted for at least TEN days before the return CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO All Persons interested in the estate of Walter D. Gentry, Non Compos Mentis.