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Staff Photo , Daniel Talks with Followers at Afternoon Reception in Corpus Christi If you favor an Independent Judiciary Vote to Promote ROBERT G. HUGHES to the Supreme Court of Texas JUDGE HUGHES, 56, has been an appellate Judge since 1947. In 1054, he wrote the opinion in the Texas Mutual Insurance case which shocked the State into demanding Insurance law reforms. Judge and Mrs. Hughes have four children, two grandchildren. Judge Hughes has always supported Democratic nominees. Judge Hughes is Texas reared, Texas educated and Texas experienced. COUNCILWOMAN EMMA LONG CANDIDATE FOR THE STATE SENATE for WILLIAMSON BASTROP TRAVIS COUNTIES Emma is a farm girl who has shown that she has the courage to fight for what is right for the people. You can count on Emma! Emiria has been good for Austin … she’ll be good for TEXAS as OUR SENATOR! \(Pol. Adv. Paid by Stuart JOHNSON Your Democratic Candidate for LT. GOVERNOR “HONESTY IS STILL THE BEST POLICY” Reduce high taxes State utility commission $75 monthly pension at 65 HDQRS.: 1901 RALEIGH AVE., AUSTIN AUSTIN Supporters of Senator Price Daniel struck back .. at W. Lee O’Daniel through a statement by Ted Connell and E. L. Jackson, past state commanders ‘of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion. They said that O’Daniel endorsed Bascom Giles in 1938, is “the worst enemy the veterans ever had in any public .office in Texas,” and has never been in the service. They ‘quoted a letter from State Auditor C. H. Cavness to Daniel stating he had found no evidence that Daniel or his assistants “knew” that the facts” and give them to the people. He emphasizes he hasn’t been on the board in four years. “I was the first person to oppose promOtiOnal type block land deals,” he says. ‘That policy was never changed with my knowledge or consent Every ‘transaction was snbmitted and handled on an individual basis. It :has been hinted that I am still a member of the. land board. I don’t know how anybody, even in a bitter, mud-slinging campaign, could get that low.” At Beeville he was asked what taxes he would advocate. “First I propose a long-range tax study … We can tap some untapped resources and cut out some waste in government,” Daniel replied. “I want to see a general tax structure along the lines we have today. I think we Senator Daniel’ Quiet Campaign “I’d rather be governor of Texas than president of the United States,” he said, again. “I _hope you’ll vote for whichever candidate you think will fight for what’s best for Texas … and especially to see that the federal government does not continue to encroach on the rights of the people of Texas.” He says that since all the other candidates “are centering their fire” on him, he must be way ahead. “They must be doing as my daddy used to tell me when we were shooting ducks, to ‘shoot at the lead duck.’ “I was told it would be a dirty race. Some of them are hitting pretty low, and it’s pretty hard not to hit back. But I do not believe a political campaign can destroy a reputation for honesty and integrity built up in public life for thirty years You’re looking at the only candidate who has need to tap new resources. I have some in mind which I’m not going to mention, here today for fear l’d over look some. “I was one of the 56 members of the House who helped keep out of our constitution a three percent general sales tax,” he saidslamming at O’Daniel. A questioner told him he was being hurt by the “innuendo that you have got a deal with Allan Shivers to appoint him to the United States Senate.” Daniel denied this and said he had promised already that his successor would be. chosen by the people at the ballot box. “It may be necessary to have a special election it could be held on general election day. I’m not saying exactly when I’ll time my resignation. any vet land sales made while Daniel was on the land board “were in the block category.” Some of them were. THE TEXAS OBShRVER Page 4 July 18, 1956 not called the name of any of his opponents and has not attacked any of his opponents personally.” With this, he returns to the theme of Texas first. He says that Walter Reuther, “the head political man of the CIO,” would like to capture the state government. “It would set us back 10 or 20 years if out-of-state bosses of the CIO got control of Texas politics,” he says. The CIO “fought usfought Texas” by publishing full-page. ads “against Texas” in the tidelands fight. “They fought against us on the natural gas bill, again with full-page ads. They fought against that bill \(the Fuldent finally vetoed “We who believe in separate but equal schools know that the CIO contributed money to the NAACP in trying to stir up trouble on this issue.” Daniel also seeks the votes-Of working people. “Dues-paying members of labor unions,” he says, “are just as loyal Texans asanybody else” and will want candidates “who will want to put Texas first.” He says that he is running in the middle ground between extremes of right and left. “I have not bowedmy knee or bowed my head to any special interest, business, labor, or any other,” he says. In answer to O’Daniel’s identification of Daniel as a member of “the corrupt Veterans’ Land Board,” he stresses he wants an impartial, nonpolitical grand jury commission established on a state level to dig out “all Vet Leaders Challenge O’Daniel