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co Si Sick Leave Plan Protects You On AND Off the Job! available to small groups of employees from 5 to 50 and to individuals! to large groups, up to thousands …. Western Indemnity Life Insurance Company Affiliated with OIL INDUSTRIES LIFE Home Office: 5011 Fannin, Hougton,.7exas AGENCIES THROUGHOUT TEXAS THE WEEK IN TEXAS were born in Mexico. Identity of the officers was not revealed. ” Charles W. Hill burn; 24, UT physics major, plunged to his “death on an experimental glider at Fort Worth while testing his 50-pound, eight-foot “motorless” wing which had been towed to an altitude of 5,000 feet. Commissioners of the Galveston Housing Authority have acceded to federal :demands by relinquishing control of.public housing projects for a period. not to exceed six; months. PHA officials demanded control of the. projects after accusing the GHA of federal contract violation’s. Twenty-seVen percent ,of the na tion’s: cotton crop was produced in Texas last year, according to latest statistics. District Attorney Ralph Prince of Longview says he plans to bring: Dean Ross, 22, and Joe Simp-. son, 21, who are charged with the murder of John Reese, 16-year-old Negro boy, to trial “the first week in August.” He had formerly stated the case would be tried June 11. B. R, Sheffield, Brady land -pro moter, says. he will pay expenses of a national lie detector authority for tests for himself,his former land deal colleague L. V. Ruffin, and Sam McCollum III, seriously injured in a recent car-bomb explosion. Texas cotton and peanut farmers have until July 31 to take acreage from production if they want soil bank payments. Bo Byers of the AP in Austin has resigned and taken a job with Syers, Pickle, & Wynn, the Austin PR firm. ‘ El Paso :legislators, including Sen. Frank Owen, have ‘condemned the system of paying justices of the peace out of the fines they assess. The House Senate conference bill on federal aid to highways allows Texas $283 million, compared to $349 for New York State. Fifteen state labor groups Bath . ered in Austin this week for their annual conventions preceding the Texas State Federation of Labor convention June 25. There will be a $100-a-plate Committee on Political Education dinner the evening of June 25 at which Mrs. R. D. Randolph and Byron Skelton, new Democratic Na tional Committee members from Texas, will speak. Every available ambulance was called into service in Houston when 200 teenage girls were stricken with heat exhaustion during initiation ceremonies for the Texas Rain bow Girls. None of the girls were seriously ill. Former Benavicles School Dis trict tax assessor-collector D. C. Chapa, found guilty by a Fort Stockton jury of misapplication of publie. funds and sentenced to five Years in prison, has given notice of appeal .. A House. Judiciary committee in Washington has approved an omnibus federal judges bill which would give Texas two additional such judges. . Fort Worth cafe owner M. F. Hawkins informed. Tarrant officials he could no longer feed jurors hearing felony cases because the presence of Negroes in his restaurant has “caused me to lose a lot of business.” The A u s tin Association of Homebuilders has taken preliminary steps toward helping Austin secure federal slum clearance aid.’ NAACP executive secretary Roy Wilkins,, speaking in Houston at the state NAACP 20th anniversary meeting; predicted that “school inter gration in East -Texas will happen peacefully and *with the consent of both parties.” Dr. W. Arrnstrong Price, a .-Cdr, pits Christi ‘scientist, has studied weather cycle’s’ from records dating back to 1818, predicts the Gulf Coast area may experience a greater ntim ber of hurricanes for the next 6 to 17 years. The Board of Water Engineers has approved construction of a clam at Blackburn Crossing near Jacksonville to impound 410,000 acre feet of water from the Neches river for industrial .use. F. L. Kuykendall, Austin attor ney for Time Life Insurance Co. of San Antonio, says the .firm will continue to operate under a court order it secured earlier even though the State Insurance commission refused to re-license it. Edwin Roy Hamlett and Harvey A. Marley have been indicted by a Harris County grand jury in connection with the fantastic, $250,000 “Big Story” burglary case, which was uncovered by San Antonio sportswriter Dan Cook. A two-year-old El Paso boy, Daniel Urenda, was accidentally asphyxiated when he swallowed a balloon. A bi-racial citizens committee at Galveston, appointed by the school board, has recommended that the entire school system be integrated beginning next September. The Citizens State Bank of Houston is accused of conspiracy to deceive the State Board of Insurance Commissioners in an $80,000 insurance scandals damage action filed in Austin’s 98th District court by state insurance receiver-liquidator J. D. Wheeler. Department of Labor officials are checking Texas insurance companies in the wake of the insurance scandals at the request of the Mexican government to :make sure all. the firms insuring Mexican transient farm workers are solvent. State Insurance Board officials say approximately 48,000 persons are in position to bring claims totaling more than $7 million against U. S. Trust and Guaranty Co., but many have not yet filed. Attorneys for Fred M. Ford, former Galveston police chief who has been convicted of income tax evasion, says he will file a petition asking the Supreme Court to review Ford’s case. , Nine squads of Dallas.police con verged’ :On Forrest Ave. High School after ‘reports that white students were going to burn the building to block Negro students from using it next fall. They found groups of both white and ,Negro students at the school, but no trouble developed. ‘Valley cotton farmers have pre sented Senators Lyndon Johnson and Price Daniel and Rep. Joe Kilgore with a request that the present $5 per person fee for contracting braceros from Mexico be reduced to $3 as a “drouth relief measure.” Supervisory officers at the U. S. Border Patrol station in Harlingen will be replaced as result of alleged mistreatment of Mrs. Juana Galvan, who charged she was questioned for 11 hours and “forced” to sign a statement saying her two sons Groves and Sealy, eight in Beaumont, four in Nome, three in Voth, two each in Yoakum, Carmine, Wallis, Fayetteville, Cuero, Bellville, Port Acres, and Robstown, and one each in Bishop, Hamshire, Placedo, York town, Kenney, Sabine Pass, Indus try, New Ulm, and Port Neches. Tax agents in the intelligence division, while indicating surprise that no more than 17 such stamps had Bexar. Kicks Traces AUSTIN The Bexar County Democratic ex ecutive committee has voted to censure Bexar County delegates to the May 22 Democratic convention for not ousting the Shivers dominated State Democratic Executive Committee. The committee also refused to place on the July 28 ballot the three race issuesinterposition, intermarriage, and school segregationwhich the state committee has voted to, submit to a vote. “Obviously an illegal effort to cover up the scandal and corruption of the Shivers administration by appealing for a campaign of hate,” said the Bexar group. Then the Harris County executive committee majority voted to leave the propositions off the ballot, too, and t h e Jefferson County committee asked the county attorney for a legal opinion. The Harris majority condemned the questions as “an illegal effort to cover up the scandals -and corruption of the Shivers administration by appealing to Ku Kluxism for a campaign of hate.” George Sandlin, chairman of the State Democratic Executive Committee, retorted, in a letter released to the press, that leaving the issues .of f the ballot would break the law. He said the votes in the counties whose committees do not submit the issues might be thrown out because their ballots would not be legal. Report from Galveston GALVESTON Thirty-three pinball machines and six bell-type : slot machines-all obviously being used for gamblingwere counted here one afternoon ,byan Observer correspondent in a spot check of 23 drinking establishments, two news stands,, and a bookie joint. The total would ‘have run much higher if -.the investigator had continued the count. It was ‘interesting that not a single drinking .. .establish .ment was .found where there wasn’t at least one pinball machine. They were all equipped with the free game register used by the bar operator as a “payoff” tally board.’ The six bell-type slot machines were found in clubs selling liquor by the drink. They appear to be the same machines which were “legislated out of existence” by stringent laws in 1951. The only difference is that these :machines don’t deliver coin when you ‘hit a winner; instead, the bartender gives it to you, NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF JAMES FOSTER CLARK, DECEASED Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary upon the Estate of James Foster Clark, Deceased, were granted to us, the undersigned, on the 10th day of January, 1956, by the County Court of Travis County, Texas. All persons having claims agdinst the said estate are hereby required to present the same to us within the time prescribed by law. Our residence and Post Office Addresses are James E. Clark, 803 Perry Brooks Building, Austin, Texas ; Eugene Foster Clark, 2207 Leon, Austin, Texas. James E. Clark Eugene Foster Clark Joint Independent Executors of the Estate of James Foster Clark, Deceased. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that William J. De Laney and his wife, Gladys De Laney, doing business as De Laney Electronics Manufacturing Company, of Fort Worth, Tarrant .County, Texas, intend to incorporate such business without a change of the firm name, after the expiration of thirty days front’ the date, June 8, 1956. DELANEY ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING COMPANY by. William J.; Delaney Gladys De Laney THE. TEXAS OBSERVER Page 4 June 20; 1956 Gambling Devics Escape Taxation been paid for in GalvestOri County, emphasized the tax in question applies only to machines used for gambling purposes. They pointed out that those machines not used for gambling, that is : where the owner does not pay off on free games won by players, were subject only to an amusement tax. Those caught using the machines for gambling without paying for the $250 stamp are subject to a five percent per month penalty, up to 25 percent, so long as the violation is not deliberate. If the violation is found to be intentional, the operator of the establishment where the machine was in use can be charged in criminal court with tax fraud. \(The Observer will publish a list of establishments which have paid the federal tax in connection with a re.