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TEXAS POLITICS Ralph and Pappy Stump East Texas Ike Wants Free World Sciente Centers BRANDS COMMUNISM ‘A GIGANTIC FAILURE;’ SEVERAL OILMEN ATTEND PRIVATE SESSION WACO A smiling, healthy-lOoking Presi*dent Eisenhower greeted thousands of cheering Texans, branded Comniunism a “gigantic failure,” and then conferred privately but reportedly only socially with some 30 friends, among them several prominent oilmen. The closed-door session touched of f speculation that, an announcement of major importance to state oil interests may soon be forthcoming. At the public meeting, President Ike delivered a foreign policy address at the commencement exercises of Baylor University. He proposed. that AmeriCa’s largest, universities help needy free nations set up science education centers in an effort to promote world peace. and advocated establishment of a free United States of Europe. Although there was room for 11,000 to crowd into the meetincr b hall, Texans lined Waco curbs for blocks to wave and shout welcome as the President’s convertible carried him from Connally Air Force base to the down town area. Eisenhower received an official welcome from Gov. Allan Shivers, who campaigned for him in 1952. Just before the President’s plane departed, Shivers told him* that this was one of Texas’s proudest days. In a move calculated to re-secure Texas yotes, the President pointed out that he is Texan enough to brag about the state, himself. He was born at Abilene. A mob of about .200 newsmen, including two dozen from Washington, and officials who had greeted the honor guest drove twelve miles from the air field to the graduation. ceremony. One busload of reporters got ;cost from the President’s party and was delayed even longer when it was held up by a freight train. Waco curbs were lined with school -children and adults. As the procession passed there were many shouts of “We ‘Like Ike.” PRESIDENT Eisenhower made a plea for university and private foundation aid for educational programs in underprivileged countries. He proposed that the nation’s great universities help set up science education centers in free nations to promote world peace. “Today a militant aggressive communistic doctrine is dominant over much of the world’s surface and over hundreds of millions of the world’s people,” he said from Heart o’ Texas coliseum. – Branding it as “cruel, intolerant, atheistic …. committed to conquest by lure, intimidation and force,” he said communism “poses a threat from which even this mighty nation is not immune.” In spite of all this, the President said, “cominunism is, in the deepest sense, a gigantic failure Hundreds of millions who dwell there \(in Com ,. cling to their religious faith ; still are moved by aspirations for justice and freedom that cannot be answered merely by more steel; and bigger bombers : still dream of the day that they may walk fearlessly in -the of human freedom.” In calling for the European Union, he said.: “A free . . United States of Europe would be strong in the skills of its people, adequately endowed with material resources, and rich in their common cultural heritage. It would be a ,highly prosperous community.” President W. R.:White of Baylor awarded President Eisenhower an honorary doctor of laws degree, the same honor which was conferred upon President Truman ‘here nine years ago. A wag in the crowd inquired.: “Does this make Ike and Harry classmates ?” WHILE the address was top ‘ national news, some Texas reporters attached almost as much significance to the private meeting the President had at theair base, which GOP ‘coin miteeman Jack. Porter of Houston in sisted was a’ “social affair..” ,He listed those chatting with the President as John Q. Adams of FL_ lingen ; GOP state committee chairman; Mrs. OVeta Culp Hobby, .presi : dent of the Houston Post and former Member of the President’s cabinet W. I–I. Francis, Houston oil man and member of the national GOP financf committee ; ,Jake Hamon of Dallas: Roy Scheafer of Fort Wortlf; Price Campbell of Abilene ; R. ,S. Brennar of Midland; and 3. A. Gooch Of Fora Worth. .: The President greeted warmly several of those who, met him at .the receivirk, .,7 line. He threw his arm around the shoulders of Fort . Worth oilman Sid Richardson., and spoke with him . briefly. Among the others in the .President’s receiving’ line were Attorney General John Ben Shepperd; U. S. Dist. Judge Joe Estes of ,Dallas ; Dr. Monroe S. Carrol of Baylor; Frank Mayburn, Temple, Telegram publisher; Texas Supreme Court. Chief Justice J. Hickman ; Mayor D. T. Hicks, Waco; Harlan Fentress, publisher of the Waco Herald-Tribune and other papers; and U. S. Reps. W. R. Poage, Waco, Q. C. Fisher, San Angelo, and J. T. Rutherford, Odessa. Shepperd Opposes Federal Wage-Fixing AUSTIN While Ralph Yarborough and W. Lee O’Daniel were making hay with the voters out, in East Texas, Price Daniel was in. Washington seeking passage of his narcotics control bill last week: Yarborough, gathering a head of steam after his tremendous ovation at the state Democratic convention in `Dear Doctor’ . AUSTIN _ An interestino -b “Dear Doctor” letter, mailed with another enclosure, has come to the Observer’s attention. Dated May 3, the letter is signed by Harold. A. O’Brien, -M.D., president of the Dallas County Medical Society. In urging doctors to attend their precinct conventions, Dr. O’Brien states: “This is the .grass roots of American government and is too often overlooked by the average citizen. That is how irresponsible elements sometimes . get control.” In the same envelope was another letter, also dated May 3, and signed by four other medical doctorsBarton Park, D. W.. Carter, Jr.,’ Ridings E. Lee, and Everett Fox. Aimed at the precinct convention fight between Senator Lyndon Johnson, Speaker Sam Rayburn, and liberal-loyalistson the one hand, and Governor Shivers and conservative Democrats on the other, this letter, without a letterhead, states: . “I wish to make no personal attack,on Lyndon Johnson or Sam Rayburn, since the record is available for all to see. Governor Shivers is opposed by the CIO-ADA-NAACP and the left wing element. Unless Governor Shivers retains control of the Texas party machinery, Price Daniel will find his race for \( ;otern or an almost impos si b 1 e task.” A P.S. asks for contributions to be mailed to Hugh Prather, Jr., conservative Dallas leader. The pro-Shivers Dallas delegation and other pro-Shivers delegations at the state convention voted with loyalists who were following the leadership of Senator Johnson and Speaker Rayburn in opposition to replacing the present pro-Shivers State Democratic Executive Committee, Dallas ; O’Daniel, pulling small crowds compared to his pre-war rallies but still running strong . behind Yarborough ; and Reuben Senterfitt, who identifies himself as a “conservative reform” candidate but is not yet seriously competing for conservative Votes, all spoke at a fiddlers’ reunion in Athen, Meanwhile the Observer learned’ that fOrmer Senator Tom Connally Will endorse Yarborough *shortly: Daniel, whose inactivity at the state level will end before long, argti`ed on the Senate floor that wiretap evidence should be legal in narcotics cases and defended the death penalty for sale of heroin to juveniles. .. Daniel announced he will officially kickoff his campaign with a 10:30 morning meeting at Lamar Hotel in Houston on June 4. This, will open a week of speaking in West Texas. charged that the wiretap idea “sets a precedent for encroachment upon liberties.” Sen. Herbert Lehman \(D.-N.. did not provide for clinical care and rehalibitation, Daniel replied that wire tapping is the only way to convict the “multimillionaire bosses” of dope rackets and said rehabilitation will be handled in another bill: Yarborough told the Athen crowd that he is for higher teacher pay, higher retirement, and old age pen.sions.. He emphasized that Texas is 36th in the amount paid in old ‘age pensions. O’Daniel attacked Daniel as not knowing “if he is a Republican or Democrat, or whether he live in Austin or. Washington.” He said the people don’t know what’s going on from the big dailies because they have all been bought off by the other candidates. Senterfitt promised “sensible government based on hard work, integrity and efficiency” and attacked the Supreme Court for its integration decision. ‘ Bill Daniel spoke for his brother, Price, at the rally, citing his tidelands fight and saying he fought -crime. in Austin. and is now in Washington pushing legislatio’n to wipe out the narcotics menace. At Carthage, O’Daniel told a crowd of -100 -that the , Governor, Attorney Article Reprinted AUSTIN This -newspaper’s expose of credit insurance-cloaked usury \(Observer, in part by the Credit Union Bridge, the official publication of the’ national . credit union association. Commenting on the Texas situation in connection with the Observer’s story, Arthur E. Hall, president of -Newspaper Employees Credit Union in Austin, said : Texas is no doubt one of the best states in . 48 to practice usury. From time to time I have read . about different gimmicks used . by loan sharks and lending agencies which force the poor borrower to pay a higher rate of interest than is legal, but I -can grant you that down here in Texas we have one of the best. A few of our native citizens have fealized this for some time. This is the reason for the fast growth of the credit union movement, in Texas during the past few years. Ballot Fight \(Continued from Page 3. Interposition: For the use of interposition to halt illegal federal encroachment. Against the use of interposition to halt illegal federal encroachment. In addition to the qUestion of constitutionality, behind-the-scenes debate on the petition is going on among lawyers over whether the proposed referendum could have any legal force.* Some attorneys say current law does not require compulsory -attendance at integrated schools. They ex: plain that many children now attend private schools., These attorneys maintain that the question on specifiC legislation perfecting state laws against intermar riage of white persons and Negroes is ambiguous. “The law is. already complete in that it prohibits . mixed couples married out of state to reside in TeXas, forbids -such marriages here, and prohibits mixed couples from AUSTIN . Attorney General John Ben Shepperd has come out in strong opposition, to fedei -al wage-fixing power in the highway financing. bill. In telegrams to Senator Lyndon Johnson and Price Daniel, Shepperd asked them to immediately oppose any federal wage -fixing of arise. “Reports indicate concerted move underway to insert Washington wage , fixing proVisions in the Senate High way bill,” Shepperd wired Johnson. The attorney general . said he was confident that both Johnson and Dan.; iel would “vigorously . . oppoSe” any move aimed at giving the secretary of labor the “power to fix local wages paid by private contractors.” He pointed out that while Daniel was at-, torney general he represented the State Highway Commission in an El Paso rate case,and was acqUainted with the matter. -“Congress -should be reluctant to authOrize new inroads on state and local authority by federa,1 government, as the secretary of labor would be encouraged to impose closed shop and other provisions prohibited by the law of Texas,” Shepperd declared. He added that. considered the highway bill is “desperately heede” but not at the cost of priVate business and local goVernment.” THE TEXAS OBSERVER Developing ing!together. ,Conviction ‘calls for a prison term up to 10 years,” it was explained:. Effect of passage of the interposition –proposition would be uncertain, one attorney said, because “nobody knoWS for sure what it means. The Legislature wouldn’t be really sure what it meant.” The executive committee chairman,* George W. Sandlin, bypassed -inithediateaction on .. the petitions, Pointing out that time would be required to ‘check . the validity of. the signatures. He said the committee would consider the petitions at its meeting on jiine 11 Robert Cargill, T.R.C. .chairrnaii,” said . that the 141,000 Voters who signed the petitions reside in 200 of Texas 254 counties. The law, it is understood, : would leave the state executive committee no choice about placing the’isshe on the ballot . if, indeed, the required .nurnber .Of signatures are bona fide andit is’ legal to pose -the issue. “. , MOW General and Land Commissioner were. on the Veterans’ Land Board and added : “One of them is in the penitentiary but the others haven’t been tried.” He said then that the integration ques