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TO INVESTIGATE LIFE INSURANCE FOR YOUR CHILDREN Also all other forms of LIFE INSURANCE HOSPITALIZATION SICKNESS ACCIDENT +et Over $20 Million Dollars in Assets for the Protection of Our Policyholders P. 4, .11: ;It 1 ,; 4041114-9 Mili * . “INSURANCE COMPANY Daniel Backs Integration Protest Only Five of the 22 Texas Congressmen Concur; Texas Council of Churches Hits Interposition AUSTIN While only five of the 22 Texas representatives signed the South’s pledge against school integration in Congress this week, Sen. Daniel was one of five Southern senators who prepared the final statement. Sen. Johnson was one of three senators from the eleven , states represented who did not sign the resolution.. The others were Sens. Gore and Kefauver of Tennessee. It was signed by 19 senators and 77 representatives and pledged use of every “lawful means” to oppose the Supreme Court’s O. A wiretapping expert with $125, 000 in complicated equipment has set up shop in Houston. “There are so many uses for this type operation,” said Jack N. Holcomb. His pride is a small mike and transmitter that fit into a package that has been emptied of cigarettes. He has disguised wiretapping trucks with windows he can see out of and you can’t see into. , Pay, station telephone calls have gone up to a dime in Dallas. Rep. Wright Patman of Texar kana, calling credit “the poor man’s capital,” says it would be all right if consumer debt doubled from its present record level. A federal grand jury in Houston indicted George Parr and eight of his Duval associates, charging them with mail fraud and conspiracy in an indictment that said all or part of $174,000 in school district funds was diverted to them or their friends and relatives. charge of stealing veterans’ land funds from the state will be held April 30. It was re-set after 72 defense witnesses mostly itinerant farm workers failed to show up last week. Gov. Shivers and Atty. Gen. Shepperd were subpoenaed as defense witnesses in the veterans’ land trial of T. J. McLarty in Jourdanton March 26. They are also called for the Sheffield trial. Texas Empire Minerals, Inc., and three related firms went into receivership at Odessa after a grand jury indicted two of the company’s officers for selling securities without ,a license. The Border Patrol has acquired two %Canadian corvettes to take apprehended wetbacks to Vera Cruz by water. They formerly used a Mexican registry, Emancipacion. The patrol, incidentally, is also arresting aliens it finds on shrimp boats on the Texas coast. Netted in a five-month period : 149 illegal aliens, some with dope on them. Texas shrimping industry officials fear Latin-American countries will claim jurisdiction over .waters 200 miles from their coasts, giving a $60-million-a-year blow to the American shrimping industry. Nueces County Young Democrats girdled for $4,000 a year minimum pay for Texas leachers. It was noted in a discussion that the national average teachers’ salary is $4,200 while the TexaS average is about $3,600, and that the average dentist earns between $9,000 and $10,000 a year. A former deputy sheriff in Fort Bend County announced he had been taking orders before but would run for sheriff now and clean tip five major gambling joints and 20-odd others in the county if he wins. He also said he’d go after prostitution in Mud Alley in Richmond. 1954 “abuse of judicial power” on school integration. Johnson said he did not believe action by the federal government would solve “this grave problem” and hoped . “wise leaders on the local levels will work to resolve these differences.” He was not invited to the draftjng sessions because of his position as Democratic majority leader, it was reported. Kefauver did not sign because .”I just don’t agree with it,” he said. Gore did not comment. The five Texas representatives Former Corsicana Mayor C. C. Sapp was cleared of a criminal libel charge in Corsicana, but then he went on trial on a charge of sending an anonymous defamatory letter to a former city commissioner. ‘Judge James Sewell ordered that’ the letter not be printed in any news media for any purpose. A delegation of Texas building trades union leaders, led by H. S. Brown of Austin, went to Washington and urged Senator Daniel to back proposed changed in the Taft-Hartley and Davis-Bacon acts. The Texas Supreme Court, in a majority decision, held that proeeeds of a life insurance policy should go to the husband’s descendants, rather than being divided as community property, even though its premiums were paid out of community funds and insured the lives of both the husband and wife. Student journalists at the South . western Journalism Congress, adopted a protest of “censorship” of comment on state and national issues and school ~administrations in the college. press. TIte Texas Credit Union League state convention will be March 22-24 in Dallas. A world-known architect and planner has proposed a plan to banish traffic ‘from downtown .Fort Worth and make it a pa’rk-like shopping paradise. In Washington, Sen. Johnson \(D member committee will make a “fruitful” investigation of lobbying and improper influence. He said the Acnin-, istration’s . farm bill could make the farm problem worse. The LBJ Co. of Austin has bought 50 percent of the stock of .KRGV-TV, Weslaco. The State Bar of Texas has filed a petition asking disciplinary action against J. Paul Little of. Crystal City, charging fraudulent and dishonorable conduct in connection with veterans’ land deals. HOME LIFE CLOSED AUSTIN Home Life and Accident, the Dallas credit insurance firm examined in detail in this newspaper \(Observer, Jan. voked .10 the Insurance Commission and its affairs ‘referred to the Attorney General Tuesday. Rep. Doug Bergman was a stockholder, and his law partner, Frank Cain, was chairman of the board. The Observer reported the company’s four-year premium income from 1951 through 1954 was $10.9 million, of which 89 percent was given back to moneylenders and 5 percent was used to pay all claims on the insurance the company wrote. THE TEXAS OBSERVER who signed are Pattnart, Dowdy, Rogers, Fisher, and Dies. Reuben Senterfitt, candidate for governor of Texas, has been urging Daniel to take’ action in Congress against integration. Meanwhile, in San Antonio, the Texas Council of Churches, representing the principal Protestant denominations of the state, unanimously adopted a resolution saying racial discrimination is ,”contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ” and urging all its member denominations to oppose “interposition.” “We rejoice that there are in the state of Texas many communities. which have gone on a completely integrated basis, with no difficulties arising,” the council’s resolution said. The United Church Women of Texas took a stand against segregation in schools earlier last week and then joined in the Texas Council’s statement. In miscellaneous Texas developments on the integration question: Dr. William H. Jones, professor of sociology at Nei an attempt at sudden integration in some Texas areas would be “disastrous” but that other communities are ready for it. In Longview another Citizens’ Council against integration was established. Student Assembly members at the University of Texas passed a resolution “welcoming” Negroes to the university. The school’s inter-co-op council voted to integrate its co-operative living houses for students. Then the University announced that only two of its official student dorms will be integrated in September, as before. Undergraduate Negroes will be admitted to the school then fOr the first time. Arthurine Lucy, the University of Alabama’s first Negro student who was expelled on charges she made unfounded statements against the school officials, said she might apply for entry to the University of Texas, but an official there, H. Y. McCown, suggested dismissal on , disciplinary rea’ sons elsewhere might bar her entry. In Corpus Christi a Citizens’ Council petition for de-integration of the schools there was signed by only 3t_ persons. Iri San Antonio city councilmen are studying repeal of an ordinance segregating public swimming pools. 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