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Let those flatter who fear, it is not an American art. JEFFERSON 3exaginit flaming passions ort race and Joining other Southern bigots in an electJohnson, stop Stevenson. . revolt, naiglait confuse the. convention into supporting both jolansOn, and Shiveits,,, with disastrous iiritpact on. the solidarity of the .Dinnocrats against Eisenhower in the summer. But what if Johnson has a chance to .get on the ticket Then, we shored suppress our state pride and admit for the -nation’s good that Lyndon Johimaonis not qualified to, be Pi7esiodent of the: United Stites, He is. shrewd.; a. good Democrat, and *hen , a liberal; revered:, in 2 way,. by his. .coIleagues; theterror of the Reptivblicans, sometimes; aware of what he is about.. But he has had a serious heart attack, midi as .has been wisely saki in another connection, America cannot afford a part-time president. He is a politician’S politician, no the people’s.. Mot seriously, he is cozn., proinised as a Ilaifional party leader b3 his allegiance t the Texas oil! and gas industry, particularly by Ms recent leadership for the natural gas giveaway bill. The Observer’s poll of Texas royalist readers completed before Rayburn’s statement,. resulted in only one vie : for Johnsonand for Act i Stevenson.. The plan banded. down from Olympus cannot change that deeper trend of opinion.. “Texas Democrats=–the pel ~ira, or dinary, citizen Democratswant to stama with the nation’s Democrats , against the Republicans The Johnson. candidacy may strengthen Shivers, instead of weakening him, by fast becoming a lance for anti,Stevenson elements .. At this point we feel. that Texas- ism is once again being used to. blur reason and clear p.rinciple., It would be a Ilot safer and wiser to pose Allan Shivers. with the’ man he has sworn to fight if nominatedAdlai Stevenson.. u3ine5.5 Oh! Did um Hurtum !Hum Littum Toe? A RIGHTIST RECORD Trxas turrtter gib t c **71., Texas Democrats must think.with great care on the effects of a favorite seuship for Senator Lyndon . john, 8011. The aSsuauption is quite general that the plan proposed by Speaker Rayburn is merely a way to fight Allan Shivers.. There ate indications now that; whatever Rayburn and Johnson intend, it is being grasped’ at by Southern conservatives as, a. ‘Weapon against Adl ai Stevenson \(or any other Democratic liberal who might displace Stevenson as the Texas Democratic leaders can act. like statesmen or iingoists, as they -] ik e. If the issue were merely, should Lyndon Johnson be the favorite son, chauvinism could be liorbo.rne, but the issue mniy swiftly become in. stead, should Lyndon Johnson be President of the United States?’ Should ,.kdlai Stevenson be ached to appease Southern dissidents the party ? Strom T.lanrinond the states’ righter, third-party senator from South Carolii a,. says Johnson would be. an “attractive car didate” . for president in his state.. Sem i; . Russell of Georgia and , Smatters of Florida say theywill support hirn for president 100 percent id’ he wants to rum Ironically Shivers can and may gc . along with Johnson’s candithey, even though ShiVers is also unequivocally pledged to oppose Adlai Stevenson for. ‘president if. the Democrats nominate him, Have a care, Texans I Recall, that Rayburn,. by salving J’