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To INVESTIGATE LIFE INSURANCE FOR YOUR CHILDREN Also all other forms of LIFE INSURANCE HOSPITALIZATION SICKNESS ACCIDENT Over ’20 Million Dollars in Assets for the Protection of Our Policyholders INSURANCE COMPANY L H. GRAVES, JR., President 4703 ROSS AVE. DALLAS, TEXAS The Week in Texas Karnes. Cot’inty Electric Co-op re ported $10,000 missing; the manager was found a few days later groggy from sleeping pills. In El Paso, realtors are organiz ing against acceptance of a $40,000 federal loan for planning 300 additional low-coSt hOusing units authorized by the Public Housing Administration. Dow Chemical is planning to spend $45 million expanding its Freeport plants. N.A.A.C.P. leaders in Atlanta classified Texas as a state where integration progress “is immeasurably slow” but where much can be accomplished “through further negotiations.” Also listed in this group: Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee. Burnet school officials decided to m a i n t a i n. segregation another year. Six Marshall Negroes were jailed in Longview charged with firing pistol shots into a private Negro residence near the Fredonia school after a basketball game. The State Au d i t or reported $5,000 missing from the bookstore inventory at Texas Southern WACO District Attorney Tom Moore plans to empanel a new grand jury here March 5. Wednesday’s daily newspapers will carry the report of the one just adjourned, and Moore says he will press through unfinished business with the next one. Garland Smith, acting with the reluctant consent of his doctor, testified an hour and three quarters Monday. He was nervous and seemed tired before entering the room. The former insurance commission chairman was called for questioning on his accept ance of political contributions, his role in the U.S. Trust debacle, and related matters. Before Smith was questioned, Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey talked with the grand jurors for ten minutes. His subpoena was in quite another connection the *suit C. T. Johnson has filed against him, the Texas Press Associa tion, and its executive secretary, Vernon San f or d, alleging unreported campaign expenditures on Ramsey’s behalf. Ramsey smiled for photographers but would not discuss his conference with the grand jurors. Smith returned to Austin ‘Wednesday from a trip he and his .wife had started at mid-week. He said in a statement Thursday that there was no mystery about his leaving the state that he and Mrs. Smith, starting from Austin Feb. 13, had driven as far as Mobile, Ala., when a message of their son’s emergency operation reached them. Mrs. Smith then flew back and Smith returned in the car, hiring a man to drive it.. He said he made the trip on the advice of his doctor. Moore had told reporters earlier that thousands of dollars in ads were placed in Texas newspapers through T.P.A. that weren’t reported in Ramsey’s case, about $11,500 worth. He said somebody had violated the election laws, but that the evidence did not indicate Ramsey had done so. In prior sworn testimony, Ramsey said he did not order the advertising, that he did not authorize “anyone to do so for me,” and “I did not pay for it or authorize anyone to pay for it.” Sanford said he had placed it but that he had discarded his records on who paid for it. y. A Gov. Shivers appointed oilman R. L. Wheelock of Corsicana to the Good Neighbor Commission and Neville Penrose of Fort Worth to the International Good.Neighbor Council. About 100,000 saw Laredo’s Washington Birthday parade last Wednesday. Speaker. Rayburn is at the bed side of his sister, Miss Lu Rayburn, who is having to undergo surgery. Paul Wakefield, retired Texas di rector of Selective Service, has been promoted to major general in the National Guard by Gov. Shivers. A shrimp boat worker drowned as he and two others swam for shore after their trawler, Donald Faye, sprang a leak a mile south of the Matagorda Lighthouse in the Gulf. Chances are good that Texas Tech will get into the Southwest Conference. S.M.U. has decided to support its application, and if earlier support from University of Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, and T.C.U. holds firm, the Lubbock school will be admitted. Jesse Janes was honored at a dinner of Sons of the American The Texas Election Code specifies that if amounts. exceeding $25 are spent on a ca ndidate withoUt his knowledge o r authorization, t h e spender is violating the law. Moore said that this was the relevant portion of the law, Sanford was with the grand jury an hour and a half Thursday morning last week and another five minutes that afternoon. He told reporters he was surprised that he was subpoenaed on the election spending issue, since the Travis County grand jury “threw out” the case earlier this year. Johnson appeared at his own request just before Sanford was called in. He left a file of papers with the jury. 1-le has charged T.P.A. with aid-. ing Ramsey to conceal expenditures by failing to preserve records. Johnson said his wife received a telephone call Thursday night _warning that her husband “better keep his nose out of other people’s business if you want him to stay around.” Mexico Sues for Braceros SAN ANTONIO A year and a half ago, a truck carrying 95 Mexican farm workers was en route from La.mesa to Eagle Pass. Near Del Rio it struck a culvert and overturned. Eleven braceros were killed and 17 others injured. This week the Mexican government, acting through San Antonio attorney M. C. Gonzales, filed a. $375,000 damage suit on behalf of the injured men. Another suit for the wi ll of the men who were killed will .be filed later. Defendants in the action are the High Plains Cotton Assn.; the Floyd Company Labor Assn. of Latnesa ; the Farmers Co-operative Labor Assn. of Dawson County and some individuals. Gonzales said this week that the truck had traveled 16 hours without a stop. The Texas Legislative Council has the transportation of migrant workers on its` udy docket. THE TEXAS OBSERVER .19$4 Revolution in Houston. Gus Wortham, president of American General Insurance Co., called him “one of the great Americans of our age” and added : “Jesse Jones means Houston, and Houston means Jesse Jones.” Jones was given a medal. G.O.P. House Leader Joe Martin of Massachusetts told the Jones dinner group that the Congressional quitclaim bill on tidelands was not “a giveaway.” Earlier; a ft e r oilman. Hugh Roy Cullen \(who met Martin at the airport and was his host oversomething would be done ‘soon about the natural gas veto, Martin replied that something could be done “fairly soon” if an agreement is worked out. Alexander F. Kerenski, head of the interim revolutionary government of Russia just before’ the Bolsheviks took over in 1917, told a U.T. crowd that the Russian people want democratic freedom but can’t get it with all power in the hands of the government. Hodding Carter, editor of the Greenville, Miss., D el t a-Demo crat Times, will speak at “ftxas A&M Feb. 29 on desegregation. Norman Thomas, socialist, spoke there recently on the need for a unified social faith in America. Mike Harris, editor of the San Antonio Express for 37 years ? became editor emeritus, and -Bill Redden was appointed associate editor. Southwestern Bell asked for a pay phone rate raise from a nickel to a dime in Dallas. The Henderson County grand jury has recommended to the sheriff that he close all pool halls in the county. In San Antonio, the district attor ney is investigating accusations that four city policemen took bribes from marble table operators. A claimant lawyer, Everett O’ Dowd, is being tried in Waco in a disbarment action. He is accused of using “runners” to contact injured workmen or their survivors and of filing injury claims not based on facts. He replies it is a plot by jealous competitors, insurance firms, and corporations hatched because he succeeds in protecting legal and financial rights of working people. Moore Plans New Jury