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Called ,”Stockholder Profit Sharing Plan,” and available only to ICT Group stockholders, this plan offers: I. INCOME PRODUCING INVESTMENT S. SAVINGS BANK SECURITY L LIFE INSURANCE PROTECTION AR who participate in the Stock holder Profit Sharing Plan ereate profit for themselves in two ways: 1. FROM CASH DIVIDENDS PAID ON UNITS OF THE PLAN Z. AS STOCKHOLDERS IN ICT INSURANCE COMPANY 0 R I C T DISCOUNT CORPORA-TION, YOU ‘SHARE IN THE PROFITS MADE BY ICT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. vitally important message to all ICT Group stockholders YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEWStockholder Profit Sharing Plan After many months of hard work and careful study, The ICT Life insurance company is ready to announce an exclusive personal benefit plan for JOT Group stockholders only! If. you are an ICT Group stockholder, Home Office Representatives will soon be calling on you to fully explain your rights under the Plan and show you how to exercise them. For your own benefit and profit, give these Representatives an opportunity to point out many exclusive advantages the plan offers. Gentlemen; I understand the Stockholder . Profit Sharing Plan offers me as an ICT Group stockholder many exclusive, unprecedented benefits. I want to be among the first ICT stockholders to all about the Plan and receive my Allotment Certificate. So, please have a Home Office Representative call on me as soon al possible. Name Address City State Are Remember, Stockholder Profit Sharing Plan Is for ICt Stockholders only! Many of you may want to have the Plan explained to you in detail before a Home office Representative has a chance to contact you personally. At right is a coupon to be filled out and mailed if you would like to have complete facts on the Plan as soon as possible. ICT LIPS INSURAN4111 COMPANY ICT BUILDING, DALLAS THE WEEK IN TEXAS District Judge Dallas Blankenship uphelda Dallas ordinance thatcity employees can be fired for joining a union. Attorneys for complaining fire department members pointed out San Antonio and Dallas are the only Texas towns over 10,000 people in which firemen are not in unions; the city defended the ordinance as constitutional. An appeal is.on file. A Fort Worth grand jury called the . “concurrent sentence evil,” whereby sentences for different crimes run concurrently and “phoney” bail bonds that are uncollectable “shocking practices” permitted by the Texas criminal code. One out of nine of the farms in Texas in 1950 is now gone. Census figures showed a 1950 total of 331,567 compared to 292,946 in 1954. Cong. Wright Patman said in Dallas he is for breaking up “factory farms” that are squeezing small farmers out of their livelihood. He favors low-interest loans for farmers. Atty. Gen. John Ben Shepperd, addressing a Corpus convention of contractors, criticized “federal encroachment” in state affairs and saki the federal government should “leave us alone.” Cong -. Brady Gentry said in Kil gore that Senator Lyndon Johnson’s 13-point program for the Democrats “will appeal to everyone whether it is best for the nation or not.” He opposes four Johnson points: abolish the poll tax, federal aid to education, federal housing, and immigration liberalization. One out of three Texas farms has television, In Little Rock, Speaker Sam Rayburn said under the GOP, “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.” South Carolina Sen. Johnston says the congressional probe into alleged sale of postal jobs in Texas is continuing, despite reports that the evidence is inconclusive. In Houston, W. C. Czigan was indicted on charges of misappropriating $49,000 from his insurance company, which went into receivership April 25. Katherine Aiken, a former clerk in the Corpus tax-assessor’s office, has been indicted for misappropriating public f u n d .s. Shortages turned up, in October in the auto license and tax division of the office. In Houston, the Oscar Holcombe sweep became complete as four more anti-Hofheinz candidates for the TYLER D. C. Chapa collected half a million dollars in taxes for the Benavides Independent School District and never filed a report on it, the former school board president testified herebut a jury found Chapa not guilty of the state’s charge that he converted $1,400 of it to his own use. Octavio Saens, the former board official, said Chapa had a contract for a four percent commission on collection of taxes in the school district in Duval County but that he, Saens, never checked to see if Chapa took more or less than four percent. “You mean you let a man who didn’t get past the third grade collect half a million dollars of your money -and never file a report on it ?” Duval County District Atty. Sam Burris asked. _”That is correct,” .Saens answered. “That is what was going on.” Saens said Diego Heras had a similar tax collection contract. A former school official said she saw Heras jump out of the tax office window one The Texas Observer Page 8 Dec, 14, 1955 city council were elected. The Houston papers were unanimous against ex-Mayor Roy Hofheinz and his slate of councilmen. Holcombe announced he will hold weekly private sessions with the council, with the press barred. Formal decisions will be made in open meetings. Santa Fe Railway opened 61 miles of new track connecting the Fort Worth-Chicago line to Dallas 61 miles north of Dallas-Fort Worth. Houston and B ell Telephone ended a long fight over taxes when Bell agreed to pay 95. percent of what the city has demanded in back taxes. In Dallas, bond proposals of $20 million for a new water :supply lake on the Sabine River and $41 million for water, sewer, street, and other improvements have been announced. 24-year-old Jackson Davis, Cor sicana Negro, has accepted .$5,000 sash and what he has already Spent $60,000 he found beneath a Dallas house. He has dropped a $90,000 damage suit against Dallas law officers who confiscated the money and held him in jail eight days, he charged. Mexico announced it will seek ;At sitrance for braceros against all sickness in the next U.S.-Mexico bracer contract, In San Antonio, Mexican .Conseil General Ruben Riestra denied that he said “violence” would flare between braceros and U.S. native workers ; “there might be a fight here and there,” he concededcaused by. resentment at aliens getting the jobs. In Austin, the Permanent School Fund received $1.5 million from oil companies which purchased leases of 23,679 acres of school lands. Sinclair Oil was the top bidder. Associate Justice Will Wilson. of the Texas Supreme Court urged a mental hospital for the criminally. insane in the prison system, and a pro-7 bation systeM for first offenders, in a speech in Corpus Christi. Madison County ‘Deputy . Sheriff asked citizens to let him. know if they see any “gypsies.” He’d heard about some in adjoining counties, They tell fortunes, bless .Money, and wind kp with most of it, he said; they travel in ‘modern cars.” Plans to raise the fixed oil indus try price for crude . petroleum meeting resistance from oilmen who night just before some official minutes disappeared. The defense sought to suggest that Heras had as much chance and motive as Chapa to take any missing funds and that many had .access to Chapa’s desk. Dist. Atty. Harry Loftis of Tyler argued for the state that accounts for which Chaps was responsible showed shortages of $20,000 a year. W. N. Benson, Alice accountant who. worked on Chapa’s income tax returns, said the records .showed Chapa paid $17,952 to banks on loans but did not indicate the source of the Defense sought to show that Chapa sold a racehorse, “Indian Charley,” for $6,000, and that this was a source of the revenue. Benson testified proceeds from this sale were not reported ‘in Chapa’s income tax records. The jurors, four women and eight men, deliberated more than two hours. WHAT BETTER GIFT for Christmas than an original drawing, painting or sculpture by young Texas artists ? Why buy reproductions ? Everyman a Medici! RENAISSANCE GALLERY 624 Lamar Boulevard, Austin. Telma Evening Hours a to ti, fear the raise will jeopardize the drive to exempt natural gas producers from federal regulation and cause more foreignoil imports. Dr. John B. Truslow, University of Virginia medical college dean, has been named executive director of the U.T. Medical Branch at Galveston, succeeding Dr. Chauncey D. Leake. A Negro girl from Houston, Dora Lee Martin, has been elected sweetheart of the University of Iowa campus over 28 white candidates. Judge Oven Lord has instructed the current grand jury in Beaumont to investigate thoroughly reports of big-time gambling in Jefferson County. O. San Antonio Evening -News re ported a gambling den in Guadalupe County; but D.A. Paul Boethel and Sheriff Phil Medlin there denied it. A temporary injunction against a strike against Juneau’s Cafe in Port Arthur has been granted, pending trial on the merits of the case. In a court hearing, 26 employes said the union does not represent them; seven said it does. One of the 38 Valley . Transit strikers paid a “$50 fine after pleading guilty to an “intimidation” charge resulting from swerving his car near a bus. The Port Arthur Women’s Chris= tiara Temperance Union protested whiskey-company calendars with sacred pictures, including Christ’s Last Supper, on them. IF YOU BUY A CAR IF YOU BUY A HOUSE IF ANY OF YOUR POLICIES EXPIRECALL ‘BOW’ WILLIAMS Automobile and General Insurance Represents ICT The Company Owned by Union Members 624 LAMAR BOULEVARD AUSTIN, TEXAS TELEPHONE GReenwood 2-0545 “LET’S ABOLISH THE POLL TAX” CHAPA FOUND NOT GUILTY